Mind Your Reputation

20 July 2022
Sender score (SS) or sender reputation is basically a badge of quality for your email campaigns...

Listicles and How They Attract Traffic

29 June 2022
Today we are looking into such a topic as listicles or list-shaped articles, a popular form of...

Ad fraud Report by FraudScore: outcomes and aftermath of 2021

17 February 2022
Click the link to get your copy of FraudScore’s Ad Fraud Report. The new year of 2021 looked...

New Year in Marketing: Trends 2022

24 January 2022
To mark the new year and to take a closer look at marketing trends, ZorbasMedia team has...

Google Highlights Bargains in Search Results

26 August 2021
People like saving money even when they are not in reduced circumstances. Google reports that...

FraudScore Ad Fraud Report: 2020vs2019 for Zorbas.Media

23 February 2021
2020 saw a record upsurge in ad fraud with fraudsters stealing more organic traffic and faking...

Nutra Case Study: How to Drive Traffic and Sales from TikTok

8 October 2020
GEO: SpainOffer: IDEALICACampaign time period: 8.09-13.09 (6 days)Traffic source: TikTokGender:...

Driving traffic to push notifications in 2020 and staying in the green

15 April 2020
Hi! My name is Maria Dorvey, and I would like to tell you about my push traffic journey and share...

CPL vs. RevShare: Which Pricing Model is the Best Fit For the Essay Niche?

1 April 2020
Millions of students start their studies in high school, colleges, and universities every year....

The Man and the Traffic Reloaded. Season 2. Episode 1

27 March 2020
Hi there! Hope you remember me from the first part of our experiment “The Man and the...

Adult in Time of Plague

21 March 2020
As most companies are sending their employees home to work amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the...

Case Study: Driving Facebook Traffic to a Nutra Offer with a 181% ROI

7 February 2020
Offer: Erogan Funnel: Improved pre-landers and landings provided by the affiliate network CPA...

Zalo, a Vietnamese Telegram where you can launch your ads

27 January 2020
Xin chào! A lot of affiliates complain that it has become increasingly difficult to work with...

The Man and the Traffic: The Final Volume

18 December 2019
Hi there! This is the editorial team speaking. Our special project “The Man and the Traffic” is...

Anti-Case Study with a $4188 Profit: Driving Facebook Traffic to a Nutra Offer

30 November 2019
Affiliate network: Leadreaktor Offer: IDEALICA Poland Campaign time period: 19.08.19 –...

The Man and the Traffic: Running Install Campaigns

22 November 2019
Hi everyone! This is the editorial team speaking. What you have in front of you is the...

The Man and the Traffic: Approaching the Finish Line

25 October 2019
Hi everyone! This is the editorial team speaking. In this volume, Oleg decides to draw some...

How to test native traffic sources and compile blacklists

18 October 2019
Affiliates are often left wondering as to how many clicks their campaigns are supposed to...

The Man and the Traffic: Testing Various Hypotheses on Driving Push Traffic

9 October 2019
Hi everyone! This is the editorial team speaking.  In this volume, Oleg shares his hypotheses on...
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