TD Apps Upgrade — Transfer High-quality Audiences

4 October 2022
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Last year, the TD APPS app rental became one of the first teams who introduced a new audience transfer mechanics. In this article, our friends will share the details of this upgrade that allows for higher ROI and better traffic quality.

A quick reminder: an audience transfer is a process of sending conversions (registrations or deposits) to new applications that allows for instant optimization. You don’t have to wait for the app to learn through new conversions.

What is this upgrade about?

Previously, we have been working with “cumulative” audiences that were transferred from one app to another along with transferring the events. This approach resulted in a higher conversion rate stability and faster growth, as well as compensated for the CR fluctuations at the start of a campaign. Now we are ready to go further with this technology.

The recent upgrade means that now we can transfer only the high-quality events to a new app instead of all the events.

What metrics a needed for this transfer?

As before, we transfer all metrics that Facebook allows: country, region, city, phone model, age, interests, etc.

TD Apps Upgrade — Transfer High-quality Audiences

How do you define “high-quality” conversions (registrations/deposits)?

We have done research among a set of affiliate networks and gathered a significant pool of high-quality deposits. These were the main defining features:

  • Big average deposit
  • High percentage of repeat deposits
  • Traffic profitability

The database we have created during the research includes the data for most GEOs, while the expertise of our in-house media buying team allows us to get fresh data regularly. And now we are ready to share this update with our partners.

Contact your affiliate manager and contribute to our database with your high-quality conversions.

Have you compared the performance of apps with and without the database?

We ran an internal testing withing the Traffic Devils media buying team targeting Brazil. For this test, we have taken a set of similar creative + targeting + offer combinations and also developed three similar looking apps. We have compared the conversion rate and the quality of conversions for these three apps:

TD Apps Upgrade — Transfer High-quality Audiences

After the experiment, we have compared the results of a “fresh” app with two applications that featured “old” and “new” approaches to audience transfer:

“old” approach that involved a transfer of all conversions resulted in a 18% CR increase, while the “new” approach with only the high-quality conversions has shown a 27% growth in CR

Later, when the advertiser had some time to vet the traffic, it turned out that the third app with the new transfer technology had the best quality of traffic. This supports the efficiency of the new approach.

To find out more about the upgrade, get access to the features, and boost your ROI, check out Or reach out to TD APPS managers on Telegram —

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