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The Man and the Traffic Reloaded. Season 2. Episode 1

Hi there!

Hope you remember me from the first part of our experiment “The Man and the Traffic”.

I’m the Man, but you can call me Oleg. I’m 42 years of age. I’m married and have five daughters. I have been involved in SEO for the last 13 years. I have a degree in military radio engineering, which may seem rather close to the Internet, but back then I had to study computer technologies virtually in the literal sense of the word. I served in the army for 10 years, and it was an unforgettable experience. However, I reached a point when I got fed up with all that and retired. My first true Internet activity was selling pirated DVDs. I downloaded movies on the Internet, recorded them on blank disks and sold DVDs in bundles. The DVD era was drawing to a close, and so I started looking for a job and got a position at a web studio. It turned out to be rather easy, and soon I realized that it’s better to work directly with clients. This is how I got involved in SEO. Later on, while I was surfing one of the forums, I came across a thread on affiliate marketing and networks. I had never dealt with something like that before. I quickly got hooked. 

Let me quickly remind you what the whole point of the project was. The idea was to learn how to run profitable affiliate marketing campaigns all the while allocating only a couple of hours per day to it.

What is it all about? We will take one highly motivated man and provide him with all the resources he needs to run traffic. We will pay close attention to everything he does and share all the information with our readers.

ZorbasMedia will provide Oleg with $2000. He is willing to put the time and effort and allocate 2 hours of his time to driving traffic and working on campaigns. Everyday. No excuses.

So, you know pretty well what conclusions I arrived at. I started from push traffic, and if you want to know what offers I drove traffic to and what creatives, landings, and GEOs performed the best, check out the final volume of the first part of our project.

We decided to launch the second phase of our project, only that this time I will be able to dedicate my all to affiliate marketing.

I am going to use the following tools:

  • Spy service adplexity.com. I haven’t worked with it before, and so I will have plenty of opportunities to test this tool out and see how much value it can bring.  
  • Verticals: dating from zeydoo.com and nutra from everad.com. As for the offers, I would like to ask my readers to share their opinion on which offers I should test in the comment section below.     
  • I will drive traffic from native ad network kadam.net and push ad network propellerads.com.    
  • Tracker binom.org. I have used this solution at the very start and I’m not going to switch to another tracking software. By the way, follow the link above to claim your 50% bonus.

The project is going to last for about five months. I have a budget of $1000 for each traffic source.

So… In the near future, I’m going to pick up an offer, make creatives, link everything to the tracker, and launch a campaign!

That’s it for today, guys, next time I am going to discuss my first campaign results. Stay tuned and be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Rox Hypercentage
14 may, 06:18
Hello, Oleg! Congrats on your initiative and effort! I think it is great you are willing to be so transparent with everything. Should you ever wish to test offers in tier 2 and tier 3 from a direct advertiser, please let us know. We are one e mail away: team@hypercentage.com Best of luck!
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