Nutra Case Study: How to Drive Traffic and Sales from TikTok
8 October 2020

GEO: Spain
Campaign time period: 8.09-13.09 (6 days)
Traffic source: TikTok
Gender: males and females
Age: 35+
Revenue: $6218
Costs: $2323
Profit: $3893
ROI: 167.5%

I had been planning to test out TikTok ads for quite a while when I heard from some of my friends that nutra offers are killing it on TikTok if you know how to promote them and choose the right target audience. So, I decided to give it a try straight away because I started to grow weary of Facebook account bans for absurd reasons and other problems associated with this traffic source. More often than not, I prefer to promote LEADREAKTOR offers. This time my affiliate manager advised me to advertise a weight loss product called Idealica in Spain. 

Affiliate tools that I used: Binom Tracker and CLOAK IT. I also created a couple of TikTok Ads accounts. The good news is you don’t have to farm them and warm them up.

Here’s how to get started on TikTok

Sign up and log into your newly created TikTok Ads account. Here’s what the TikTok Ads dashboard looks like:

Overall, the platform’s interface is not very different from that of Facebook. TikTok ad campaign structure has three levels: campaigns, ad sets, and ads. To create a campaign, click the Campaign tab at the top of the page and then press the Create button.

The next step is to create an ad group and set up your ad placements, targeting, daily budget, and so on. Once you click on the Create button, you will see the following tabs:

  • Placements;
  • Ad Details;
  • Creative Type;
  • Targeting;
  • Budget & Schedule;
  • Bidding & Optimization.

Let’s go over each tab.


You can choose what platforms you would like to run your ads on. These include both TikTok and its entire app family. As I have launched my campaigns only on TikTok, I have no idea how other platforms perform in terms of traffic quality and volumes.

Ad Details

The tab name speaks for itself. Once you have selected your placements, you will need to enter the ad details to get your campaign running. These include your URL, display name, public image, and ad category. You can also enter ad tags to describe a product you are promoting and enable or disable user comments and video downloads.

Creative Type

Move the slider bar to the right if you want to enable automated creative optimization and allow TikTok to automatically generate the best-performing combinations of your creative assets. I have never tested this option because I prefer to have more control over my assets.


Specify the target audience for your ads. You can set parameters for interests, gender, location, age, language, user behavior, provider, OS, and connection type.

I don’t add any interests or run separate campaigns depending on user gender to get a lower price per lead. What I do instead is simply set up age targeting to get my ads in front of people in the 35+ age group.

Budget & Schedule

Choose your daily/total budget and the schedule for your ads.

The minimum daily budget at the ad group level is $20.

Here’s where things start to get interesting. Once you see that your campaign is profitable, you can ramp up your daily budget to reach up to $30,000. On the contrary, if you were to considerably increase your daily ad budget on Facebook, your account would be blocked for suspicious activity. While it is more difficult to get approved on TikTok, it’s unlikely that your account will be banned. It is also noteworthy that if you increase your daily budget on TikTok, it won’t affect your price per lead.

Bidding & Optimization

Set up the maximum bid price you are willing to pay. If you choose to optimize your ad group for Conversions, the algorithm will automatically suggest the recommended bid price. However, it doesn’t work correctly all the time.

Designing your ad creative

Running video ads is a mandatory requirement on TikTok. Available video formats include 16:9, 1:1, and 9:16. If you mess it up, the system will automatically adjust the resolution of your creative assets.

You can both upload a ready-made video or create it from your account page. However, ad creators on TikTok have access to fewer tracks than regular users. Also, I didn’t find the platform’s video editor convenient. That’s why I prefer to upload a ready-made video clip that I created myself or commissioned from a designer.

Once you upload your video, you can add a short description and specify your button text.

Now you are all done! The only thing left to do is get your campaign approved and top up your ad account.

Note that TikTok uses humans and AI for content moderation. Once your campaign starts running, it will be checked from time to time by bots and TikTok moderators. To get your ads approved, follow the rules below:

  • The ad copy and images on your pre-lander must reflect the message of your video creative (including if you cloak your affiliate links).
  • The language of your creative must be the same as the language of your landing page.
  • If you have already uploaded a certain video creative, it is unlikely that it will be approved once again.
  • If your ad gets rejected, try to use another track because you can get banned both for video and audio content.

Topping up your account

Note that you will need to have a separate card for each ad account. Moreover, if you use new parameters and campaign elements (such as IP, domains, creatives, etc.) every time you launch a new campaign, you are less likely to get banned. Ad accounts perform stably up to seven days, but then everything depends on how lucky you are.

Below, you will find the campaign stats and all the necessary screenshots. At the time of this writing, all my ad accounts were already deleted.


So, when it comes to campaign set-up, TikTok is very similar to Facebook. Its distinctive features include fewer bans, the ability to sharply increase your daily budget, manual moderation, and an audience that hasn’t grown weary of ads yet.

What I am planning to do now is to launch ads promoting other weight loss products and joint pain medications on this promising platform.

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