Quick Tips In Coming Up With Effective YouTube Video Angle

Coming up with angles. Something that is not only challenging on YouTube but indeed challenging to do, in general. Every social media platform has some specifics and you can’t make videos that fit all channels. 14 april 2020 0

Push Notifications on iOS. Push Traffic Revival. In-Page Push Review + Case Study

A review of In-Page Push, a new traffic type in the ad network PropellerAds inventory. We break down what In-Page Push was designed for, as well as its pros and cons. At the end of the article, you will find a case study comparing the effectiveness of In-Page Push versus conventional push ads. 13 april 2020 0

Facebook Updates Its Data Access Tools

In an effort to make its system more transparent, among other improvements, the social networking giant is now extending the functionality of its self-service data access tools. 02 april 2020 0

Nutra in Distress: How Coronavirus Affects Health and Beauty Product Sales

As the coronavirus pandemic is rampaging global markets all over, the nutra vertical too is facing turbulent times. While GEOs are getting stopped on a massive scale, most advertisers are announcing they will provide contactless delivery. ZorbasMedia decided to interview industry players acting on the three market sides, i.e. ad networks, affiliate networks, and media buyers. 24 march 2020 0

Adult in Time of Plague

As most companies are sending their employees home to work amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the media are churning out endless content on 101 things to do during your self-quarantine. However, in almost none of these articles did they suggest what we are going to talk about below… 21 march 2020 0

Protected: How good are you at guessing creatives? A test

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. 16 march 2020 0
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