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Driving traffic to adult games


We know sex sells. We know games sell. So, a game about sex should bring double the revenue, right? Yes, it’s actually the case! And that is the reason why adult games exist and why you can make money on them.

Historical background

Sexually explicit content is not something new in video games. Back in the 1980s, the adult gaming industry started in Japan, but in recent years it’s been gaining speed in Europe and America (South America as well). It goes without saying that adult games enjoy high popularity in Asia. The blossoming of the adult gaming market was made possible thanks to the prolific penetration of mobile devices and the Internet.

As we have already mentioned, adult gaming can bring double the revenue. And here is the reason why: there are a lot of offers with a high conversion rate in the adult vertical, the audience there is diverse and has an abiding interest in such content, while gaming itself is one of the biggest verticals. Everybody seems to enjoy playing games that now exist in great variety. Moreover, they are available on all devices.

Defining adult games

It’s more or less clear what adult games are. Interactive sex scenes can be either an in-game reward or simply the entire gameplay. There are thousands of settings, subjects, genres and game formats available on the market (remember about Rule 34) ranging from Tetris-like games where you get scores and then can see naked girls as a reward to adult analogs of such game franchises as GTA and Call of Duty. Such games belong to a specific genre: adult.

Browser adult games are promoted online. Banners offering to play mature games are placed on adult websites (images displaying rhythmically moving girls are most often used as creatives). A user follows a link, pushes the “Play” button and the game opens right away. An action can be qualified as a conversion if a user completes a tutorial.

After that, a user is offered to purchase an in-game currency or a subscription to continue playing. Webmasters are paid out on a CPL (SOI/DOI) or RevShare model.

Who promotes adult games

Today there are platforms that specialize only in adult games. For instance, such platforms as Nutaku and DMM have more than 10 million registered players. All these sites and some game developers have their own affiliate programs. 

Some affiliate networks such as Adcombo, Alfaleads, Big Bucks Revenue, CrakRevenue, Profit Social, Paysale and TopOffers has adult gaming offers (GrandFuckAuto, CallOfBooty).

The main traffic sources for adult games are various porn tubes: Pornhub, XVideos, YouPorn, XNXX etc.

TrafficFactory, ExoClick, TrafficStars, and TrafficJunky are the largest platforms for buying adult traffic.

To find out what you should bear in mind if you are planning to promote adult gaming offers, we reached out to our friends from Gaming Adult, a company that develops and promotes adult games.

First of all, you should thoroughly analyze your audience and put a lot of time and effort into it. Of course, the majority of adult game players are males between 18 and 34 years old, and different age groups are interested in different things. To promote adult games effectively, you should focus on a certain audience segment and know for sure what these people are interested in. The adult gaming market is now rapidly gaining ground in the USA and most European countries.

If you want to work directly with game developers, you should bear in mind that usually people who run games are not the same who are involved in affiliate marketing. It is probably not a good idea to contact game developers directly. Besides, it is worth noting that a lot of people who are driving traffic to adult gaming offers are using nicknames and are very secretive.

Moreover, Google has very strict regulations in place when it comes to advertising adult content and therefore you will have to get traffic from adult traffic sources. If you are already working with these sources, then you should definitely try to drive traffic to adult games, as in this case you will be running campaigns whitehat.

What kind of promo to create?

While creating your promo, please use specific animated characters with the minimum of text. To select a hero, refer to the most frequently requested game characters on Pornhub, and use the most popular ones. There are different adult games niches, so when creating your promo design, please take into account that there are adult games for gays or transsexuals. In addition, adult games promos are often made in hentai style.

Good luck and profitable campaigns to all of you!

This article was written jointly with Gaming Adult.

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