9 Neural Network Tools for Affiliate Marketers

5 June 2020
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9 Neural Network Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Innovative tools based on neural networks are designed to perform a variety of tasks, from data analysis to deepfake creation. If you happen to think that neural network tools (NNTs) are of no use to a run-of-the-mill affiliate, this is not exactly the case. 

Here are our picks for the best 9 NNTs that will come in handy for affiliates and will help you create a converting landing, make creatives that will definitely be approved by moderators, or generate a signature style for a news website you have just saved.  

Image retouching 

Nvidia InPainting allows you to edit images with a smart retouching brush. The tool will be a nice addition to the arsenal of those affiliates who often need to remove someone else’s logo or image from their creatives or generate an “after” photo. 

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

9 Neural Network Tools for Affiliate Marketers

A younger version of Judi Dench

9 Neural Network Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Removing a logo

Removing image background 

Remove.bg allows you to remove the image background in a matter of seconds.  

9 Neural Network Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Face swapping

Reflect provides for a seamless realistic face transfer. The AI app also retains emotions of the face being transferred to.

9 Neural Network Tools for Affiliate Marketers

She is mad about her dragons or climate change or something…

Generating a photo of a fictional person

If you need a lot of pictures of people that have never existed in the first place, then ThisPersonDoesNotExist will definitely help you with that. The tool generates a random realistic photo of a fictional person.    

This will come in handy if you need photos of happy clients for your product reviews. 

Creating a logo

If you happen to need a logo (for a fan page, for instance), you can use Looka. The tool creates a custom logo based on your design preferences. We have generated a couple of logos for our media project and fell in love with one of them:

9 Neural Network Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Guys, do you think we should make a rebranding?

Image cloaking 

If you need to cloak an image so that Facebook won’t be able to understand what it depicts, you can use Prisma, a photo-editing mobile app based on AI. 

The app applies different artistic effects to your image to transform and customize it. You just need to choose what effect you want to apply to your app. Then, you can download the resulting picture or share it on social networks. 

The app is fee-based, but there is a free trial period.  

Free image cloaking

Artisto — a free photo editor with art filters for those who don’t want to pay. The app allows you to manually color photos and videos. The algorithm is simple: just choose one out of 14 color templates and apply it to your image.

9 Neural Network Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Improving low-resolution photos

Let’s Enhance improves image quality, removes JPEG artifacts, and increases the resolution. Moreover, the tool allows you to recover smaller details and enhances image clarity. 

Creating an audio file 

If you need a human voice for your video creative, you can use WaveNet, a generative model for raw audio. The service speaks English and Chinese. 

The scope of application of these tools is almost limitless if you show some wit and imagination.

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