The Man and the Traffic. Season 2.0 — Promoting nutra, dating, and physical products
20 June 2020

Hi everyone!  

A couple of months have passed since I shared the results of my campaigns. Running traffic while being stuck inside with four kids is not an easy job, and so my article comes a little late. However, I didn’t waste my quarantine time, and so today I’m going to share with you the results of my marketing campaigns in April and May, as well as some important affiliate insights.  

1. I decided to test out a new nutra offer for Europe on Kadam teaser traffic

My Everad manager advised me to consider running traffic to the Dialine offer (diabetes medication). The offer has been recently added to the network’s database, and so I jumped at the opportunity to be among the first affiliates to drive traffic to this product. The payouts for Italy account for $23 per conversion, for the Czech Republic — $15.

The first thing I did was to open AdPlexity and take a look at the most popular ads that were run in the last 30 days.

Obviously, there were a lot of weight-loss and prostatitis treatment offers, but I derived some ideas and best practices for my creatives, which I would like to share with you: 

Creatives for the Czech Republic:

Creatives for Italy:

We didn’t spend a cent on translation, because the guys from Kadam helped us to localize ad image and copy. Everad provided us with landing pages and pre-landers that we decided to put to a split test. 

Pre-landers for the Czech Republic:

Landing for the Czech Republic:

We also selected two pre-landers and one landing page for Italy:

We were running only desktop traffic because we were targeting older users who prefer to consume content on their computers. 

Now, let’s get down to numbers: 

Czech Republic: 

  • Clicks: 247 
  • Money spent: about $4 
  • Leads: 1 


  • Clicks: 3027 
  • Money spent: $41 
  • Leads: 1 

Both leads were approved and generated about $30 in total, and I spent an average of $45 on traffic.

Conclusions: As much as I would like to win the Everad race and claim a cool car, unfortunately, I still lag behind top affiliates. I failed to get into the top 200 to participate in the race and win a BMW car, although I did try my best. But I’m sure that next time I will succeed. 

To be honest, I don’t even know what conclusions can be drawn from 1 generated lead… I will continue spying on my competitors using AdPlexity. Also, I’m going to test out a weight-loss offer on teaser and push traffic from Kadam and scale up my campaigns in the Czech Republic.  

2. Money amulet for Thailand, Everad, Kadam push

In addition to a nutra offer, my manager also recommended me to drive traffic to Money Amulet (Thailand). My choice fell on push traffic from Kadam.  

I found the following creatives in the spy tool:

However, my Everad manager told me that it is prohibited to run creatives featuring Thais, as well as the country’s state and religious symbols.  

So, I decided to make simple creatives like these: 

Kadam helped us to translate the ad copy, and so we were able to test out 5 creatives in 3 days. The Kadam team also shared with us a couple of creative angles and ideas for this particular offer, for which we are very grateful. 

Thais are very superstitious people, and so offers like Money Amulet are in high demand. In the ad copy, we emphasized the idea that it is easy to get rich, the only thing you need to do is to buy this amulet. For example, “This amulet will make you rich”, “Luck will be with you if you wear this amulet”, “The rich know this secret”, and so on.  

Then, we used a pre-lander describing how a girl got incredibly rich:

Generally, this offer converts very well on Facebook traffic, but push notifications also brought some revenue.

We generated about $374 in 5 days and spent $293 on traffic. The overall profit accounted for $81. 

Also, there is the Nine Eyed Dzi Bead Amulet offer in the Everad’s database that we are going to test out on push traffic because we got a payout bump. This is a private offer that the network gives only to trusted affiliates, and we have proved to be a reliable partner.

We are going to use the same creative angle and emphasize that this amulet can bestow wealth on its owner. So, I think that push traffic will work well with this offer. Perhaps we should also test out teaser traffic. In the next article, I’m going to tell you how this idea has turned out.

3. Dating, Zeydoo, PropellerAds push

In the last issue, I tested out the Girls Chats offer from Zeydoo with the click2sms flow. It turned out to be rather difficult to generate profit with this offer. Nevertheless, I gained valuable experience.  

So, I decided to test out the Ugetlaid dating offer from Zeydoo. The payout is $2.72 per conversion, and as the offer flow is SOI (single opt-in), it will be much easier to generate conversions. 

There are no caps on this offer, and the user is only required to enter their e-mail address in the sign-up box. However, it must be taken into account that this offer accepts only Tier 1 traffic that is rather expensive. Obviously, I will spend more money on testing, but if I manage to score a winning campaign, the scaling-up process won’t be limited by caps. 

So, let’s try to find the best creatives using AdPlexity.  

There are a lot of dating ads on push notifications, and I need to find out which creative angles are killing it right now in Tier 1 GEOs (GB, US, CA, AU).  

Choose “Last 30 days” in AdPlexity:

And the second question we need to answer is what creatives generated the most traffic:

Now, let’s move on to studying our competitors’ ads.

So, I found some creatives that were rather popular among users, and now I can spy on the best-converting landing pages:

For instance, the landing page below was often used by my competitors:

Also, we need to find out what traffic sources performed the best with these creatives and landing pages:

I’d also like to tell you a little bit about how I made and tested my creatives. In the last issue, I have already described an approach where a push alert looks like an Instagram notification. This time, I decided to test out something similar and imitate notifications from other apps. And again, we are making creatives designed to make the user believe that a girl wrote a message to them. 

So, let’s start with an icon. According to the push network’s rules, I can’t use WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook logos in my creatives. However, I can try to make logos that will look similar to those I have enumerated above and hope for the best. 

For example, here are the icons similar to those used in notifications from social networking apps (marked in red):

So, you can take a couple of icons, open them in Photoshop, and then add notifications… 

Depending on the network, you can split test several creatives. PropellerAds allows you to test out 8 ads simultaneously. So, this is what I did: I put 8 creatives to a split test and then disabled those that failed to generate conversions. 

The creative with a hottie and a telephone number produced the best results. Before putting it to a test, I googled the UK mobile number format to make my ads more convincing.

There are several different pre-landers for the Ugetlaid offer. I discussed this with my manager and left only one page (609 offer in Zeydoo):

I tested out two GEOs, US and UK, one pre-lander and 8 creatives.

One of my mentors advised me to test different user activity targeting settings in PropellerAds, and so I split my campaigns based on GEO and user activity. So, I had 6 campaigns in the first test iteration.

Each user activity group has its own rates, and the higher the activity, the higher the CPC. 

I set up a daily budget of $30 and launched my test campaigns. 

Overall, I spent $231 on traffic and generated 21 conversions ($56.7). The cost per conversion varied, but the optimum one was $6 on medium user activity in the US. Also, the cost of registration on low user activity traffic in the US was $7, and so I decided to continue running ads with these parameters (Medium and Low User Activity) in this GEO. 

Then, I started optimizing my ads by Zone_id. I selected the zones that converted the best in the US and relaunched the campaigns. 

  • I spent $107.38 on medium user activity traffic and generated 17 conversions, which brought me $46.24.  
  • Also, I spent $106.11 on low user activity traffic, which brought me 8 conversions and $21.79. 

Of course, I was disappointed with the conversion rate on low user activity traffic because I expected I would be able to generate more sign-ups. At the same time, medium traffic performed better from the very onset. 

So, I picked up medium user activity level for my next campaign and also selected the best-converting Zone_ids and creatives. 

The overall results were as follows: money spent: $38.77, conversions: 8, money earned: $21.76. The price per conversion accounted for $4.75, which is great but still not enough to climb into the green.

4. Conclusions

I’m happy I was able to generate some profit on Money Amulet. The experience I have gained will definitely prove to be useful when I get down to promoting Everad’s Nine Eyed Dzi Bead Amulet offer. 

Also, I decided to continue testing nutra offers on Kadam traffic. I’ll need to spend more time on market research by GEO using AdPlexity and google up some case studies showing how to promote nutra successfully. 

Dating — a lot of details you need to pay attention to (I hope I’ll get some recommendations on winning campaign settings). The SOI offer turned out to be much easier to promote than click2sms. I wasn’t upset about negative campaign results. Testing out new offers in Tier 1 GEOs is always pretty expensive, but it pays off in the end because payouts are generally very high. 

My plans for the future:

  • Most certainly, I will launch a push notification campaign promoting a weight-loss offer.
  • I haven’t decided yet whether I will run ads in Europe or in Asia.
  • I will definitely test out Everad’s Nine Eyed Dzi Bead Amulet offer.
  • I will also continue running dating offers.
  • Moreover, I’d like to test out sweepstakes and game installs, which I will probably write about in my next article.

Mentors’ advice:

I see that you have listened to my recommendations and tested out all the three user activity levels and 8 creatives. 

As I have noticed, there was no call to action in some of your creatives, and the text was also somewhat misleading. So, you have generated quite a few non-target clicks as the push notification text didn’t match the landing page. I would recommend using an ad text with a clear call to action, which will warm up the users and guide them smoothly through your landing page until they take the desired action. 

You also did the right thing by optimizing your campaigns by zone. You have improved your performance considerably, but there is still a lot to work on. 

First of all, to lower your CPC, I would recommend testing out less expensive GEOs. Also, I would consider testing other landing pages if possible. 

Secondly, it may be a good idea to split test different devices to find out which converts the best: mobile or desktop. You can also test different browsers and launch a separate campaign targeted at Google Chrome users, for example.  

And finally, I suggest you try to improve your CPC. For example, if your price per lead is too high, you can try to reduce your CPC bid. This will help you to lower the lead price, but it can also affect traffic volumes: if your CTR or eCPM is too low, you will receive less traffic. Vice versa, you can raise your CPC bid to get more traffic if you have an adequate lead price. 

Good luck with your next campaigns!

Alexander Shovkun 

Senior Account Strategist, PropellerAds

Your approach to testing is quite logical and sensible. It would be great to maximize your conversions by changing your CPC bid and picking up the best-converting zones. Also, you can test out more creatives. For instance, you can add banners with more natural-looking girls. Such images often convert better because they are more native. 

As for the landing, I would split test 609 offer (free registration, limited offer) and 636 offer (free registration that has already been activated). In addition, you can take an offer without an in-built pre-lander and add your transit page with the highest CTR. This will allow you to warm up users before they hit your landing page.  

As for click2sms dating offers, the countries I mentioned in the last article are still killing it right now. So, it primarily depends on the competition in each particular GEO. If you need more detailed information, just reach out to us and we will provide it. 

If you want to generate installs, we can give you CPI offers such as 760 Helix VPN (if you are able to build a pre-lander) and 761 Helix VPN Prelander (with an in-built pre-lander). There are also Free Trial offers: 534 VPN P Prelander Landing 1 and 533 VPN P Prelander Landing 2 with a more complex conversion funnel, but the payouts are higher and the offers accept traffic from a variety of GEOs.

Anastasia Loseva

Head of Sales, Zeydoo

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