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Advertising gambling offers in Portugal. A special project by ZorbasMedia and Pin-Up Partners

Hi everyone! You’re reading the final issue of our special project, and this time we’re focusing on Portugal. First of all, here are the questions we’re going to provide a detailed answer to in this article: 

  • Why did we pick up this GEO? 
  • How to choose the right target audience? 
  • What KPIs to pay attention to first and foremost? 
  • What creative angles convert? 
  • Are app reviews crucial to your success and how to use them to your advantage?  
  • And, of course, we will share a couple of tried-and-true recommendations on how to run profitable campaigns in this GEO.  

Why Portugal?

To begin with, Portugal is a developed EU country, and so the payout Pin-Up Partners for the first deposit accounts for $50. Moreover, the purchasing power of the population in Portugal is much higher than in the CIS. However, running offers in Europe is both more profitable and more difficult: the population favors betting, an online service they have long been familiar with, and there are hundreds of available solutions on the market. To make things even worse, most betting products in Portugal are not WebView-friendly, while betting itself has been put on hold over the coronavirus crisis.  

How to choose the right target audience? 

Portugal is a GEO where you should clearly segment your audience. 

The target audience that is bound to be effective: 

  • males aged 23+; 
  • females aged 20-22+. 

We recommend you split your ad campaigns by placements, and all the more so if you’re running your ads on Audience Network.  

Everything is more or less clear when it comes to the male audience because it converts just the same as in any other GEO. As for women, the situation is much more complex.   

We came across female players almost accidentally at first when we launched a campaign targeted at a wider audience. Later, we figured out through tests that the best idea would be to target females aged 20+. If you target those aged 25-30+, the price per install will spike dramatically, while your KPIs will stay at the same level. 

What KPIs to focus on?

One of the major drawbacks of this GEO is instability. The same creatives and angles can produce totally different results. Therefore, the price per install is very erratic, and especially so in the long-term perspective. You can be hitting the right target audience for a couple of days and demonstrate decent KPIs, but then the next day the users can stop making deposits altogether, and your price per install can double. This is exactly why we can’t run larger traffic volumes in this GEO yet. 

If you have come across this problem or probably know how to solve it, please be sure to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. This GEO is big and profitable enough for all of us. 

On average, you’ll need to focus on the following metrics if you want to stay in the green: 

Price per install — $0.5-0.8 

  If your price per install exceeds $1, analyze all the other metrics carefully because your reg2dep rate can be higher than the average on some placements, and in this case the price of $1+ will pay off.  


  • Install2dep — 1 to 3-3.5 
  • Reg2dep — 1 to 12-14  

What creative angles convert 

In Europe, gambling is primarily associated with entertainment, excitement, and emotions. This is partially true, and this angle is quite effective. In your creatives, you can use slots and play on emotions, as well as focus on bonuses provided by the casino, etc.  So, consider testing this angle out before launching your next campaign.  


The creatives that we broke down in our previous issues are more expensive and difficult to make, but they also convert better. We won’t attach any screenshots and stuff because you can easily find these creatives almost in any spy tool database. 

What does this have to do with app reviews?

App reviews are a topic for a separate discussion. Those of you who are familiar with this market know that reviews on Google Play are displayed depending on the user’s GEO. Some of these reviews, and especially negative ones, can affect your KPIs. So, don’t hesitate to secure positive app reviews for a product you’re advertising and constantly monitor them using a VPN service to stay on top of your game.


When advertising gambling in Portugal, we arrived at a few conclusions:

  1. This GEO is marked by instability. Bear this in mind and if your first campaign turns out to be a disaster, just give it another go. 
  2. It may take some time for Portuguese users to spend the money they have just deposited. If you have generated 50 deposits a day, don’t expect that the users will spend their money at one go and then instantly deposit some more. Be sure to assess your traffic quality not until a week after you launched your campaign.
  3. You can secure a 100+ ROI if you constantly test and improve your creatives, but focus on 50+ ROI if you’re running considerable traffic volumes. 
  4. Most deposits are generated from 8 to 9 p.m. and from 2 to 3 a.m. Moscow time. 
  5. Split your campaigns by placements. You will be surprised when you find out how differently they convert.  

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