Viral Marketing Strategy: How to Infect the Whole Internet

28 April 2023
In the world of offer promotion, we all struggle with competitors day in and day out. Sometimes you...

Geography Lesson to Boost Your Campaigns: Geotargeting vs. Geofencing

27 April 2023
In affiliate marketing, GEO is one of the key factors in promoting campaigns. Even beginners...

Why You Need Affiliate Tracking and What Can Go Wrong

23 March 2023
With the development of marketing, many new promotion channels and ways of interacting with users...

Ad Fraud Trends by FraudScore: 2020–2022

16 March 2023
Changes that happened in the world in 2022 were as drastic as during two previous years. Global...

Know Your Fraudster

14 March 2023
Do you know that 29.39% of all mobile traffic is fraudulent? Fraud is a plague of affiliate...

Guide to Drive Traffic with TikTok Stitching

3 March 2023
TikTok is one of the most popular social networks in the world today. Having established itself...

Generational Theory for Online Shopping: Bad Habits

22 February 2023
In our last piece, we already talked about the importance of generational theory in marketing in...

Retargeting vs. Remarketing: Which Is Better?

1 February 2023
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,  Who’s the Most Effective of Them All? Or maybe they are a reflection...

Things To Ask Your Affiliate Manager About

16 January 2023
When you start working with a new affiliate program or affiliate network, you get a standard...

Difference Between Proxy, VPN, and TOR

13 January 2023
Browsing on the internet can be troublesome at times. First, there might be GEO restrictions,...

Efficient Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

22 December 2022
In previous articles, we have already covered the history of the affiliate marketing industry and...

PIN-UP’s comprehensive guide to making a profit during FIFA 2022

23 November 2022
As the biggest sporting event is already here and apparently betting is all the rage, it’s...

Affiliate Marketing Terms Glossary

21 November 2022
If you’re a newbie in affiliate marketing, you’ve probably already encountered a lot of...

Discover Pop-Under and Monetize Traffic Better

10 November 2022
Pops, pop-unders, one-click, click-under or any other combination of the words “click“,...

Influence Marketing: Verticals and Campaign Flows

13 October 2022
In the previous article, we have discovered the defining characteristics of influence market as an...

Top-3 Unexpected GEOs for Dating

6 October 2022
Dating niche is the bread and butter of the affiliate marketing, which adapts new trends and...

TD Apps Upgrade — Transfer High-quality Audiences

4 October 2022
Last year, the TD APPS app rental became one of the first teams who introduced a new audience...

The Tale of the Double-Edged Sword Labelled Consumer’s Psychology

3 October 2022
A famous ancient philosopher Plato once said that human behavior flows from three main sources:...

Partners.House Push Monetization Platform

16 September 2022
Partners.House is an international marketing platform that allows for monetization of push traffic...

Casino Review Sites

8 July 2022
Today’s online environment is highly competitive for both consumers and service/product providers....
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