Gambling in Asia

21 October 2021
Asian countries are not a homogenous entity, neither in terms of culture nor when it comes to...

Making Top-Notch Creatives

23 August 2021
Affiliate marketing is a rapidly changing industry, and we have to adapt and overcome new...

Affiliate marketing and media buying: similar but not the same

12 August 2021
Getting your head around these terms may be difficult at first, though some subtle nuances...

Tips for Landing Page Optimization to Increase Affiliate Sales

29 July 2021
In affiliate marketing your landing page is usually your best shot at converting a slightly...

Proxies for Affiliate Marketing and Why They Are Important

24 February 2021
The CPA market is growing day by day as hundreds of marketers flood in to claim their place at...

Guide to targeted ads on Spotify

28 July 2020
Ad formats on Spotify Ads, targeting settings, creating, and running ads. Spotify, the streaming...

A Not-So-New Way to Recognize and Track Users Without Cookies

9 July 2020
Web marketers have relied on third-party cookies to track website visitors for over 25 years. One...

Case Study: Mobile App Promotion on Google Play

12 June 2020
As the number of active Android users continues to grow globally, mobile app promotion on Google...

Case Study: Mobile App Promotion on Google Play (копия)

12 June 2020
As the number of active Android users continues to grow globally, mobile app promotion on Google...

Affiliate Marketing Versus Media Buying

2 June 2020
If you’ve been around the block in the affiliate marketing world, you may have heard about another...

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Running Push Traffic

12 May 2020
Our partners at Vimmy wrote an article breaking down the most common mistakes made by affiliates...

5 Mistakes Beginner Facebook Affiliate Marketers Make Most Often

23 April 2020
Those who are only starting their affiliate marketing journey often ask the same questions in...

Mobile Content Market in CIS Countries and Beyond: How to Pick Up the Right Offer for Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

21 April 2020
Mobile money  What is it that affiliates running nutra offers and those who promote gambling,...

5 Things You Need to Account For Before You Launch a Facebook Ad Campaign

31 March 2020
In this article, I’m going to talk about five things to consider before launching Facebook Ads...

Driving Facebook traffic to high-payout financial offers. Experiment by ZorbasMedia. Episode 3

20 March 2020
Hi there! The third episode of our special project will be no less interesting than the previous...

Everything You Need to Know About Google Ads Lead Forms

12 March 2020
Google offers a lot of advanced ad tools, such as Display Network, ads in search results, video...

How to Protect Your Landing Page from Theft and Hijack Free Traffic to Your Website

11 March 2020
Building a winning landing page is already challenging enough without having to think about...

Getting Started with Google Ads Remarketing: How to Choose the Right Audience and Create an Ad

10 March 2020
Remarketing is an ad strategy that allows you to deliver personalized ads to people who have...

The Right Amount Of Videos To Upload On YouTube Every Week

9 March 2020
The article was initially published on iAmAttila blog on January 8, 2020. I guess a lot of...

Getting Started With Twitter Ads

5 March 2020
Our today’s article deals with setting up ads on Twitter. So, let’s skip the long introduction...
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