Placing a Bet on Betting

11 September 2020
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Placing a Bet on Betting

Those who know how to drive traffic to casino offers successfully would say that Facebook will never be the same anymore and that lucrative marketing efforts on Facebook are becoming a thing of the past. Then, they would get into their Maybach and drive off, all the while passing out tasks to their team members and resolving other issues on the go.  

But, after all, you can run not only online casinos but also betting offers. 

Placing a Bet on Betting

But why would you switch to some other vertical if your gambling campaigns generate good results? Well, there may be a couple of reasons for that. Our media buying team has decided to share their journey of building a marketing strategy for promoting betting offers on Facebook based on the approaches the guys used when they were driving traffic from the social media giant to apps. So, today, we are launching a special project featuring ZorbasMedia media buyers and the Pin-Up.Partners affiliate network.

Why would a gambling media buying team start promoting betting offers? 

*The ZM team responds* 

First of all, we have been running gambling offers in the CIS countries for over a year already, and we have started noticing that the market is getting overheated.  

Secondly, no matter what anyone says, gambling and betting target audiences are very different in terms of LTV, traffic quality, and offer availability. (Who would have thought that the betting industry is legalized in the CIS countries contrary to online gambling.)  

This is something we found out based on our test campaigns rather than theory.  

Thirdly, we would like to start running ads in the CIS again. Yes, the market is overheated. Yes, it is not that lucrative. So what? After all, our plan is not to boast a 200+% ROI, and this market obviously still holds some potential.  

So, we decided to start running betting offers. 

Hence, the question naturally arises: what offers to pick up? 

Basically, there are two options:  

White label— long registration forms, identity verification, and tax returns.  

Gray label — telephone number, email address, and credit card number.  

We opted for gray label solutions because they allow the user to effortlessly sign up on the platform and start placing bets on sports events right away. 

As far as affiliate networks are concerned, we didn’t have to pick up any because we are already working with Pin-Up.Partners, and their database includes both gambling and betting products.  

Marketing strategy 

So, what are we actually going to do?

There is a lot of testing ahead: 

  • Targeting settings.  
  • In-app events.  
  • Creatives. 
  • And finally, we will have to scale up the most successful campaigns to drive huge traffic volumes and skyrocket our profit. 

Placing a Bet on Betting

The opportunity to climb into the green is by far not the only reason for us to start promoting betting products.  

As already mentioned, driving gambling traffic through apps is a very popular marketing strategy nowadays. And there is enough place for everyone in this market.  

Of course, you can also try running betting offers in European countries using this strategy, but it will involve more complicated processes and marketing techniques. So, the CIS market is a choice to make. Are we affiliate marketers or not? We can just copycat some effective marketing strategy and then extrapolate it into other verticals, along with the relevant skills, techniques, and creative angles. Flex your brain muscles!  

Stay tuned, and we will do our best to generate at least 100 deposits a day. The goal is quite achievable, but we have plenty of work ahead of us.   

By the way, we have already launched a couple of test campaigns and can say with all certainty that you can successfully adopt the marketing strategy we discussed above to promote betting offers successfully.

Placing a Bet on Betting

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