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Staying in the green with Azerbaijani gambling offers. The second issue of the special project by ZorbasMedia and Pin-Up Partners

Salam məniməziz dostum — this is how we would like to greet our readers in the second part of our report. 

Straight to the point. We’ve been driving traffic to Azerbaijan for quite some time with varying success from ROI 100+ to ROI -100%, i.e. with no deposits. There may be many contributing factors, we will talk about them later. Right now we will answer the questions we have posed in the first issue.

First, the question about the pictures. The approach did not work, although the price was fairly low, about $0.2-0.4 per installation, it did not bring any deposits at all. Maybe we didn’t manage to “hook” the audience or didn’t get a good placement. So many questions – but no answers. However, even now we sometimes set such tests for Kazakhstan, and they often yield good results, considering that i2reg always works worse (but the price per installation is lower). Therefore, we will not dwell on that. Anyone willing to conduct their own experiment is welcome to share the results.

Test results for creatives and hypotheses

  1. The use of Russian language in creatives – the results were less than impressive. Creatives performed worse than those translated into Azerbaijani. But there is one small detail — we also used creatives voiced in Russian with Azerbaijani text inside — this approach works perfectly. Apparently people in Azerbaijan know Russian by ear but can’t read in it. 
  2. Target 30m+. This audience converted well.

    We used 3 similar creatives, slots+emotions with text in Azerbaijani. This audience is of high-quality, with a good LTV for casinos (they gamble and spend money), but for this target the price per installation is about 1.5 times higher than for the M23-25+ target. Perhaps the creatives made the difference. The price of installation stays about $0.7-1+ for the volume, sometimes it is higher. It has become noticeable recently, with Facebook changing the Ads Manager interface, impression settings, etc. 
  3. Creatives that work for sure. We usually target M25+, as it provides an acceptable quality for a casino and minimizes non-payment risks. It has never happened to Pin-Up, but the chance is still there. Especially when you target M18+ and MW18+ with creatives promising heaps of gold for just one installation. So be prepared for such a turn and accept this possibility. We got sidetracked, let’s move on. Slots with emotions and text do work. The text should emphasize bonuses and big winnings in the casino. It is also advisable to record the slots yourself, and not those that were used 10-20-30-40 times, the same goes to emotions.

A spy-tool example:

In this approach, the most important thing is the text that you can create to your liking, and this will affect both the result and the quality.

Approximate numbers to focus on:

  • install2reg – 1 to 3-4
  • reg2deposit – 1 to 10-15

The price per installation varies. The change in Facebook algorithms, competition, targeting and text in creatives – make the price fluctuate from $0.3-0.4 to 1 and higher. But if the price is in the range of $0.6 +, ROI will be positive.

Please note that it is now the Muslim fast of Ramadan is in progress, this means that gambling activities go down, and it affects all the indicators.

Special features of driving traffic to Azerbaijan 

  1. Only Azerbaijani language in creatives;
  2. Analyze the performance in a span of at least 5-10 deposits per creative and for a period of 5-7 days. We use Binom tracker for that. We link the deposit to the date of installation and get a decent number of deposits for the past few days;
  3. The most active time is 8.00-22.00 UTC+3:00;
  4. Push ads should be in Azerbaijani language;
  5. The optimal target is M25+;
  6. Always keep an eye on the quality of the traffic in order to avoid problems. 

In the next issue, we will take a look at Portugal and discuss our tests. May the profit be with you. See you soon!

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