Affiliate marketing case studies

Case studies are indispensable for beginner affiliates because they allow you to figure out the logic behind affiliates’ work and basic principles of setting up ad campaigns. Case studies also help newbies avoid grave mistakes.

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Case Study: Running Gambling Offers on TikTok with a $7000 Profit

  Traffic source: TikTok Ads GEO: RU Offers: Fresh Casino, Sol Casino, Maxbet Slots Campaign time period: 15.12.2020–20.01.2021 Costs: $3280 Revenue: $10493 Net profit: $7212 ROI: 219% Our first bet was to promote nutra offers on TikTok. However, there were some scaling issues, and so we decided to give gambling a try. NB: When our […] 17 february 2021 0

Case Study: How to Make $443.85 Promoting Dating Offers on Google Ads

Promoting dating offers is always a good idea. But it is not that easy to advertise such offers, since the topic itself is perceived as controversial. However, it is possible and realistic to have a profit from promoting dating on Google Ads, and this case study shows how you can achieve it. 15 february 2021 0

Case Study: Canada, Gambling, CPL Offer. +$5000 (ROI ~$140%)

This case study shows how to run profitable gambling campaigns based on CPL and shares a few lifehacks to make your marketing efforts a little easier. 10 february 2021 0

Case Study: A Three-Month Adult Nutra Campaign. 176% ROI. CIS

This case study shows how to promote an adult nutra offer in 2020-2021 successfully by optimizing your sales funnel and regularly changing your creatives. 27 january 2021 0

Case study: popunder to adult subscriptions with 46% ROI

The author of our today’s case study shows you how to monetize popunder traffic in ZA with adult subscription offers. 16 november 2020 0

Case: driving Facebook traffic to women’s footwear offer. Or how to earn $ 2500 in 2 weeks

Affiliate Program: Umgid Traffic source: Facebook Offer: “Women’s sneakers KEDUKI” Geo: Ukraine Campaign period: 20.01.2020 – 03.02.2020 Spent: 8.688 $ Earned: 11.190 $ Net profit: 2502 $ ROI: 29% Hello everyone, My name is Vladimir, I have been working with UMGID for more than a year. Recently I have decided that it’s high time to […] 02 november 2020 0
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