SWEET.TV White-Hat Streaming for Facebook and TikTok Promotion

6 February 2023
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2023 is already upon us — a year bringing major changes not just globally, but for affiliate marketing specifically, too. Major media buyers predict the following:

In the coming year, most affiliates will be looking to whitewash their product, since sneaking around Facebook’s moderation is becoming more of a challenge. If you’re looking for ideas on how to shift from a Black hat niche to a white-hat one, read this article till the end.

Today the Dragons are here to tell you all about a white-hat product called SWEET.TV.

Make yourself a cup of coffee, we’re getting started.

What’s SWEET.TV?

As you’ve probably noticed, TV is losing its audience at an alarming rate. Television, with its avalanche of ads, no longer meets the needs of the modern user — people want a video service that’s convenient to use, quality content, and an unlimited selection of movies, shows and programs. 

SWEET.TV is a national online cinema that provides access to television, the best shows, Ukrainian and international movie hits. In short, this is a large-scale streaming platform like Netflix, Megogo, Apple TV, Oll.tv, Amazon Prime Video, Divan.tv, IVI, and others.

SWEET.TV White-Hat Streaming for Facebook and TikTok Promotion

What makes users pick the SWEET.TV streaming platform

This platform is very flexible, with the service providing 260+ TV channels in HD and 4K. Subscribers also gain access to ad-free cinema rooms: 10,000+ various movies, shows, cartoons, and a convenient live TV channel management feature. 

What devices does SWEET.TV work on?

SWEET.TV is a completely interactive streaming platform that works on TVs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, as well as PCs. What’s crucial is that SWEET.TV works not only in any part of Ukraine but also abroad.

Which countries have this server?

SWEET.TV currently operates in three countries: Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. How come these specific European GEOs were chosen? To answer this question, the Dragons decided to dig a little deeper and analyze the statistics. 

According to our data, at the end of 2022, the population of the Czech Republic was 10,721,315 people, having increased by approximately seven thousand over the course of the year.

Similarly, in 2022, the population of Slovakia increased by approximately 3,881 inhabitants. Considering that the population at the beginning of the year was estimated at 5,466,088 people, the annual increase turned out to be 0.07%.

After analyzing this data, we became curious to find out what part of the population of the Czech Republic and Slovakia watches TV and found that 6.9 million Czechs watch TV every day.

Monthly TV broadcasts cover up to 95% of viewers. The most avid TV viewers are middle-aged people and seniors, with the number of young viewers noticeably decreasing.

How come? Low quality of content, most of it being news. That’s why SWEET.TV is a great solution to this problem and will be in high demand among Czechs and Ukrainians that have now migrated to the Czech Republic en masse, fleeing from the hostilities in their country. The Ukrainian audience has long been familiar with this brand, meaning they are highly likely to not scroll by and purchase a subscription.

SWEET.TV White-Hat Streaming for Facebook and TikTok Promotion

Source: lupa.cz

Similar to the Czech Republic, Slovenia’s central channels are rapidly losing their audience. The reason — the content is entirely political and the variety of TV shows.

Požareport reports:

The main and key channel — TV Slovenija (TVS1) from 7:00 to 23:00 is watched on average by a mere 3% of all viewers — that’s only 56,900 people.

This data suggests that both countries are facing TV channel-related problems, with the audience being open to offers that would satisfy consumer demand.

SWEET.TV client base growth prospects

According to Interfax Ukraine, in 2021 alone, the SWEET.TV app was installed on 6 million devices, including TVs, smartphones, tablets, and Xbox. 

In December 2021, SWEET.TV hit 2.5 million web users.

In a recent interview, the director of SWEET.TV shared his views on the growth prospects of the streaming platform.

Answering the question: How many users are already your potential subscribers, but not yet covered by your service? And how exactly can you reach them in order to boost your growth?

Alexander Rezunov said:

We already mentioned the 4.5 million paid users in Ukraine. Basically, that’s the people we’re attempting to win over. Because potentially each of these paid users can become an OTT service subscriber.

Based on this reply, we can conclude that the service has a bright future and constant growth ahead of it. 

The main advantages of working with SWEET.TV offers for affiliates

  • The brand is recognizable and highly-trusted
  • An impressive selection of content to use
  • This is a Ukrainian platform, with Ukrainian products gaining great popularity and receiving support from all over the world thanks to the current situation surrounding the country
  • The product is entirely white-hat, which automatically makes passing ad and social network moderation easier
  • A high CR and competitive payouts

When using TikTok as a traffic source, best to do it through apps.

This is quite a specific tool. In short, the app acts as a pre-landing. The choice of topic is extensive: you can make an app with video content, downloadable topics, or one that’s as closely relevant to the service as possible. 

The key objective of a pre-landing page is to lure users into a marketing funnel and stimulate them to keep going. Apps are most often used when promoting gambling offers, but in our case with SWEET.TV, this tactic will work just as well. 

Options for working with apps for affiliate marketers

If you decide to drive TikTok traffic using apps, there are several ways to do it:

  • Get apps from an affiliate program
  • Developing them from the ground up
  • Buy them directly from the developer
  • Rent them

Facebook’s another story. We all know that FB mods are fiercer than the hound of Baskerville. But! SWEET.TV offers pass moderation easily thanks to the product being trustworthy. 

Right now, the Dragons will grant you backstage access to their work activities with SWEET.TV offers and show you the results of their FB and TikTok ad campaigns:

PIN flow оффер — to become subscribed, the user must enter a PIN code they get from a text message. The ad campaign utilized apps.

Easy flow — high CR, 0 fraud, net profit.

SWEET.TV White-Hat Streaming for Facebook and TikTok Promotion

SWEET.TV White-Hat Streaming for Facebook and TikTok Promotion

SWEET.TV White-Hat Streaming for Facebook and TikTok Promotion

As you can see, the result is an impressive one, with exceptional CR and profit levels. 

The product is as clean as a whistle. Forget about non-stop account farming and bans.

The offers are definitely worth your attention and testing.

Swing by the Dragons and launch your campaigns right now! 

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