Push Marketplace by AdsKeeper — All push providers in ONE platform

2 September 2020
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Push Marketplace by AdsKeeper — All push providers in ONE platform

AdsKeeper, an ad recommendation platform, has rolled out a push ads marketplace supplied by 273 push providers.

AdsKeeper clients can get access to both the top providers of push notifications, including Propeller Ads, Dats Push, AdMaven, ClickPush, and RealPush and to all 273 push providers available on the market. Now, the ad inventory from all these traffic sources is easily accessible from the AdsKeeper dashboard, with no hidden domains.

AdsKeeper’s marketplace enables you to scale up your campaign in just a few clicks and achieve faster real-time optimization with minimal losses. For top-performing verticals, such as iGaming, Dating, Health & Beauty, it would be possible to increase ROI up to 40% with the same traffic and frequency capping up to 5.0. From now on, you can reach the highest performance by optimizing your campings and sorting out push providers and subscribers’ lifetime. 

About AdsKeeper

AdsKeeper is a global native advertising network with more than 5k premium publishers and 15+ billion content recommendations DAILY. AdsKeeper delivers high results in such verticals as iGaming, Dating, and Health & Beauty products. With AdsKeeper, you get access to:

  • Worldwide traffic for almost any offer of your choice
  • Native ads from 0,01 cents and Push Ads from 0,003 cents
  • 24/7 support and campaign optimization services
  • Wide targeting options and retargeting
  • Real-time statistics & selective bidding optimization

Only till the end of September, you can receive $250 + $250 to run your push campaign in AdsKeeper. Follow the link to receive this exclusive bonus and find more about this offer. 


AdsKeeper is your key to tailored ad recommendations.

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