Best Infographic Software Tools in 2023

19 May 2023
Infographic software can help you to simplify complex data sources through visual representation....

Situational Marketing: the Art of Quick Response and Referencing

5 May 2023
Any social event gives a brand a chance to remind its clients about itself, even if the event is...

What Creatives Retain Users and How to Create Them

26 April 2023
Traditional methods and formats in advertising campaigns are getting less and less effective —...

25 Best Animation Software Apps In 2023

20 April 2023
Animation software apps are tools that allow people to create dynamic graphics using various types...

20 Best Adobe Illustrator Alternatives (Free & Paid)

19 April 2023
Adobe Illustrator is vector graphics software for print, web & mobile design. Its features...

Ad Libraries for Affiliate Marketing: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

14 April 2023
Grey-hat and black-hat affiliate marketing often raise issues of spy services to obtain information...

Types of Video Advertising in Affiliate Marketing

15 March 2023
Remember when we talked about generational theory in promotion? One of the most important insights...

Creator Marketing as a Competitive Advantage

23 January 2023
Content creators, as the name suggests, make some kind of product, like books, music, art, etc....

Real-time Marketing vs. Event Marketing: which Suits You Best?

28 November 2022
Ever wondered why so many affiliates make a choice of one vertical or another, depending on the...

Discover Pop-Under and Monetize Traffic Better

10 November 2022
Pops, pop-unders, one-click, click-under or any other combination of the words “click“,...

Affiliate Marketing Micro-Level Miscommunications

26 October 2022
Affiliate marketing is just a subset of marketing in general, yet it can be as complex as rocket...

Adults Coming Through, ACT now!

24 October 2022
They say that the internet is for porn: among well over a billion websites 4% are pornographic,...

The Meaning Behind Slot Design

19 October 2022
The basic character set of any slot is about 10–12 images. Clear and familiar icons make the slot...

Influence Marketing: Verticals and Campaign Flows

13 October 2022
In the previous article, we have discovered the defining characteristics of influence market as an...

The Tale of the Double-Edged Sword Labelled Consumer’s Psychology

3 October 2022
A famous ancient philosopher Plato once said that human behavior flows from three main sources:...

iGaming and dating on Pinterest

18 July 2022
An average user knows Pinterest as a time-sucking platform full of nice pictures that just...

Turn Players Into Buyers

15 June 2022
As an industry, gaming is ever-growing and increasingly popular. There are many reasons why games...

Promote Gambling Without Saying Casino

1 June 2022
Gambling is one of the so-called evergreen verticals, which means that it does not lose its...

App Optimization Insights

25 May 2022
Today we would like to touch upon such topics as app store optimization (ASO) and product page...

Free Pictures for Your Ads

11 April 2022
Stock image websites or services usually have photos, drawings, and pictures in a plethora of sizes...
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