iGaming and dating on Pinterest

18 July 2022
An average user knows Pinterest as a time-sucking platform full of nice pictures that just...

Turn Players Into Buyers

15 June 2022
As an industry, gaming is ever-growing and increasingly popular. There are many reasons why games...

Promote Gambling Without Saying Casino

1 June 2022
Gambling is one of the so-called evergreen verticals, which means that it does not lose its...

App Optimization Insights

25 May 2022
Today we would like to touch upon such topics as app store optimization (ASO) and product page...

Free Pictures for Your Ads

11 April 2022
Stock image websites or services usually have photos, drawings, and pictures in a plethora of sizes...

Text Placement Strategies for Landing Pages

1 April 2022
First of all, why do you need to bother with science, psychology, and all that stuff if you are a...

Power of User-Generated Content

29 March 2022
User-generated content or UGC is a powerful marketing tool that is most often associated with...

Flash Mob Marketing

25 March 2022
By definition, a flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place,...

Top 15 Spy Tools For your Campaigns

21 March 2022
Table of...

Spy Services for Affiliates

11 February 2022
Why do we need to spy? Sometimes it may be difficult to decide where to start, especially with your...

Running Dating Campaigns on YouTube

9 February 2022
Dating, nudity, or any kind of adult content is banned by YouTube policies, yet you still notice...

Drawing Leads with Magnets

8 February 2022
Attracting prospective customers or leads is the major aim of many marketing campaigns, this is...

Your Creative Language to Be in 2022

19 January 2022
Trends come and go with every new tide, that’s true. But if you want to stay ahead of the curve,...

Making Top-Notch Creatives

23 August 2021
Affiliate marketing is a rapidly changing industry, and we have to adapt and overcome new...

19 Things That Facebook Algorithm Loves

29 June 2020
Facebook’s ad algorithm is notoriously unpredictable and not always correct. However, there...

The Man and the Traffic. Season 2.0 — Promoting nutra, dating, and physical products

20 June 2020
Hi everyone!   A couple of months have passed since I shared the results of my campaigns. Running...

Free Photo and Video Editors for Your Creatives

10 June 2020
If you happen to need a free-of-charge photo or video editor but you don’t know which one...

9 Neural Network Tools for Affiliate Marketers

5 June 2020
Innovative tools based on neural networks are designed to perform a variety of tasks, from data...

Advertising gambling offers in Portugal. A special project by ZorbasMedia and Pin-Up Partners

28 May 2020
Hi everyone! You’re reading the final issue of our special project, and this time...

Staying in the green with Azerbaijani gambling offers. The second issue of the special project by ZorbasMedia and Pin-Up Partners

21 May 2020
Salam məniməziz dostum — this is how we would like to greet our readers in the second part of our...
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