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Gambling Approaches for European Countries

24 September 2021
Europe is an alluring destination for our marketing campaigns mostly because of the high standard...

Case Study: Running Gambling Offers on TikTok with a $7000 Profit

17 February 2021
  Traffic source: TikTok Ads GEO: RU Offers: Fresh Casino, Sol Casino, Maxbet Slots Campaign time...

Case Study: Canada, Gambling, CPL Offer. +$5000 (ROI ~$140%)

10 February 2021
Our today’s case study shows how to run successful gambling campaigns based on CPL. Check...

Advertising gambling offers in Portugal. A special project by ZorbasMedia and Pin-Up Partners

28 May 2020
Hi everyone! You’re reading the final issue of our special project, and this time...

Staying in the green with Azerbaijani gambling offers. The second issue of the special project by ZorbasMedia and Pin-Up Partners

21 May 2020
Salam məniməziz dostum — this is how we would like to greet our readers in the second part of our...

The Streamer Always Wins

19 May 2020
Turns out gamblers enjoy both playing at games of chance and watching how others do it. This...

Promoting gambling offers in CIS and beyond. A joint project by ZorbasMedia and Pin-Up Partners

14 May 2020
Hello there! Today, we are launching our new special project on driving Facebook traffic to...

eSports in Russia and Beyond: How to Monetize Betting Traffic

8 May 2020
There is no offline sport to bet on due to the coronavirus pandemic. Confronted with the loss of...

Coronavirus and Sports Betting: The Impact So Far

18 March 2020
This article covers how the recent coronavirus outbreak has affected the sports betting market in...

Anti-Case Study: The International 2019

13 December 2019
Hi everybody! This is Ti Tao, and today I’d like to share with you my experience in working with...

Case Study: Driving Facebook Traffic to a WebView Android App. $2700 profit

3 December 2019
Campaign time period: October 24-October 31, 2019 GEO: Russia Traffic source: Facebook Affiliate...

Content marketing and motivated traffic for gambling promotion

30 October 2019
Although online gambling raises many an eyebrow and is barred from some countries, it still...
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