How To Create An Effective YouTube Ad: Useful Tips and Tricks

Videos are the most popular type of content on the Internet. You probably heard this statement everywhere. Marketing experts insist that you need to use video in your online ads, social media posts and so on. Statistics all over the Internet are backing them up. So it is a fact and video is constantly gaining in popularity. 10 february 2020 0

12 Tips on Creating Mobile Ads That Convert

How to make your ads stand out among other ads offering similar products or services? How to make them not only visible but also effective? In this article, we’re sharing 12 tips on creating and setting up mobile ads. 05 january 2020 0
reading time: 7 minutes

From toxic paid SMS and fraudulent WAPclick to something new and yet profitable

My name is Andrey Rumyantsev. I’m 36 years and I come from Minsk, Belarus. I have been involved in mobile traffic and mobile content monetization for 13 years already. The projects that I built or helped to develop have gone global and involved various traffic monetization models and mobile payment systems. Today, I’m going to tell you how I came up with a new mobile payment model, Click2Call. 06 december 2019 0
reading time: 8 minutes

Instagram promotion services

Today we will discuss the topic of automation on Instagram and why it's a useful tool for affiliates. It is extremely hard to work with a multitude of accounts, very soon you plunge into routine. The best solution here is the use of special tools. 11 october 2019 0
reading time: 10 минут
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