Limited options for targeting minors

17 August 2021
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Limited options for targeting minors

If you run campaigns for a younger audience, specifically those under 18 y. o., then you should be aware of the onslaught of changes brought about by the big digital corporations.

The Internet’s giants are on the move once again: Google and Facebook push their child safety policies further by restricting the targeting options when it comes to audiences under 18. The changes are yet another chapter in the “safer online experiences” movement.

This August Facebook, Instagram, and FB Messenger will implement changes on how you can target minors (under 18–21 for different countries). The previously available options for targeting by interests and online activity will be reduced to age, gender, and location. This is part of the efforts to make the online environment safer for teens who are not yet capable of making the right decision when confronted by an avalanche of targeted advertising.

Google has also announced its decision to limit targeting options for ad campaigns that concern younger audiences by eliminating targeting by age, gender, or interests. The change will be implemented across all Google products globally during the following months. This attempt to “put people in control” may well result in more hurdles for ad campaigns, as Google and Facebook services cover a big share of traffic.

In terms of affiliate marketing, this means more tinkering with your “youth” campaigns. Seeing that many companies nowadays follow the lead of the big players, it is better to bring your creative side up to scratch to ease reaching and winning the youngsters over despite the limitations.

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