140 Instagram Bio Ideas to Make Your Own in 2023

15 April 2023
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Instagram Bio is a small block of text under the avatar and the beginning of the Instagram profile. You can add up to 150 characters of any kind there. A bio is an Instagram profile summary, which is what users see first when they look through your profile. In this article, we will talk about how to create a powerful Instagram profile description to form a personal brand of your profile and will offer ideas for this.

What is the Secret of a Good Instagram Bio?

The answer to this question is subjective because the concept of a good biography is a matter of taste. It is important for someone to see the general dry information about the profile, while another likes an association or a quote that presents the user’s worldview. We offer you to get acquainted with different approaches for compiling an Instagram profile description and choosing the right one for your taste.

Types of Instagram Bios Depending on the Content

Depending on what information and with what Tone of Voice you will present your profile to followers, the account description could be conditionally divided into several large groups. Let’s consider the main ones.


In such types of bios, you can put information briefly telling about who you are and what you do. For example, an informative bio might represent something like “Cambridge Graduate + Teacher + Baking Lover + Surfer”. 

So, in the example of the Instagram bio below we can see a brief description of all the positions and statuses of the person.

140 Instagram Bio Ideas to Make Your Own in 2023


This approach for Instagram bios construction attracts the audience the best. You should remember that Instagram is a social network, the purpose of which is mostly entertainment. The use of witty quotes, puns, and comic “living mottos” is a winning way to attract the audience’s attention with your bio.

140 Instagram Bio Ideas to Make Your Own in 2023


Humor appeals to the audience. The line between wit and humor is thin, but what they have in common is an indelible impression that sets the user up to study your account and remains after leaving your page. The undoubted advantage of this is that a positive take contributes to the fact that the user will return to your page again.

140 Instagram Bio Ideas to Make Your Own in 2023

Easy to read

Instagram could be your business card, and in this case, profile description plays a big role: it must form as complete an image of you as possible. Usually, this type of Instagram bios is resorted to by people who have their own business or hold different positions in many companies. The Instagram bio in this case should be short and easy to read. Some resort to using bulleted lists or adding emojis to separate blocks of information. Sometimes a meaningful phrase is added to such bios, which also serves as a motto for life, like in the example below.

140 Instagram Bio Ideas to Make Your Own in 2023


Often such profile descriptions are used, as in the case of “Easy to Read”, by entrepreneurs. However, it does not aim to systematize information, but rather to make an impression, to identify your main positions. Well-composed profile descriptions sell your experience without advertising.

140 Instagram Bio Ideas to Make Your Own in 2023

List of Ideas for Instagram Bios in 2023

Here we have selected the top Instagram bios for 2023. Look through this list: maybe you will find your favorite bio description here!

Cool and Self-Descriptive Instagram profile description List

  1. I got into a fight with a dog for a place on the bed, I go offended. 
  2. Shhh, I went somewhere.
  3. These photos will then be sold for millions of bucks. 
  4. Hereditary lover of seals. 
  5. I’ll edit it later. 
  6. My new hobby.
  7. I am inspired by humans. 
  8. No need for words — see for yourself!
  9. People are energy.
  10. I don’t know how to write posts. That’s my beauty. 
  11. Swearing is an exceptional dialect for the elite. 
  12. I looked over the cat when he asked to eat. 
  13. Have you ever noticed that if a woman is offended, she could not only demolish the house, but also built a new one? 
  14. In order not to bite the whole metropolis in anger, I go for kinder. 
  15. Rushing through my way with a bag of green energy.
  16. I love people for their actions. For example, when they bring me coffee to bed.
  17. Instagram bio currently loading.
  18. What a nice day!
  19. What’s interesting to come up with…
  20. I apologize for everything I put in the feed when I’m hungry.

Business Instagram Bios List

  1. Live to help people. Work to help people. Write to help people.
  2. Creating the best since **** year.
  3. See the profile if you want to start consuming the best.
  5. Always near with you since **** year.
  6. 🌎 Free worldwide shipping.
  7. With care for you, **** brand.
  8. Official instagram page ****. Go to our website for the best updates at the link below. **** link
  9. Travel in Stories. 
  10. Creating beauty since **** year.
  11. Tag us to get into our feed!
  12. The leader in the field of **** according to experts. We produce the best for you.
  13. We’re a [type of company] focused on [field] based in [city].
  14. Enjoy your life, and we will help you with this.
  15. Join our community and become the A+ in your niche!
  16. We work for your comfort.
  17. We are cultivating leaders since **** year.
  18. Do natural things for you.
  19. We create values.
  20. New items every day!

Inspirational and Motivational Instagram Bios List

  1. Begin today. Now.
  2. Light, and you’ll see the light yourself.
  3. The truth is in kindness.
  4. No one said it would be easy. 
  5. Teach your kids to be the best version of themselves. 
  6. By wishing anyone the best, we ourselves become better. 
  7. Be kind. You don’t know about someone else’s battle.
  8. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  9. The world won’t change until you start changing.
  10. Take a step, and the world will step towards you.
  11. My goal is to make life such that I don’t need a vacation to recover.
  12. Cry a river. Build a bridge. Walk over it. 
  13. We can outgrow ourselves.
  14. The true being is not about waiting out the storm, it’s about dancing in the rain.
  15. You can.
  16. Let’s save the world with kindness.
  17. Confidence is a state of mind. 
  18. Hope is a life-giving fire.
  19. The one who knows how to lose is already on the way to victory. 
  20. You’re doing great. 

Brief and Catchy Instagram Bios Ideas List

  1. The power is in the truth.
  2. You want – you can.
  3. Have no fear.
  4. Appreciate.
  5. Climb higher.
  6. Instagram Bio Emperor.
  7. Catch your Moment.
  8. You’re thriving. 
  9. Everyone is an Artist.
  10. Love yourself and the World around you,
  11. Listen up!
  12. Human. Living. Loving. 
  13. Thank everything you love. 
  14. Remember who you are.
  15. In fact, eternity is near.
  16. Your chief judge is you. 
  17. Mantra: Don’t worry.
  18. We are all close.
  19. Start is an Essential.
  20. Hold on, warrior!

Clever and Sharky Bio Ideas

  1. Don’t send me directs. Only telepathy!  
  2. Loving the world around me is my profession. 
  3. I’m going to come up with a cool bio. 
  4. I’ll tell you how to make a cool bio. Portfolio enclosing.
  5. I attract attention with frivolous actions.
  6. Our Earth way is precious. We are constantly traveling around the Sun.
  7. Snap your gaze to the sky.
  8. Going to the exit, leave completely. 
  9. Wine does not age. It’s getting stronger.
  10. Change the blue color of the “subscribe” button to white.
  11. Who said: “The pics are cool”?
  12. Don’t you really get bored?
  13. And what should I post here
  14. You came here. A strange combination of circumstances, isn’t it?
  15. Leaving the page without likes is prohibited.
  16. Bright days will come. Friday night is just around the corner.
  17. We met at a strange time of my way. 
  18. I would joke about chemistry. But I know I won’t get a reaction.
  19. And now your imaginary friends are with us too?
  20. Oh, you again.

Confident Instagram profile description Ideas

  1. God bless this chaos!
  2. One day everything will be back to normal.
  3. We shape our own Destiny.
  4. Love the moment.
  5. Don’t measure the other by your yardstick. 
  6. Any twist of fate is a lesson.
  7. We are worthy and invincible.
  8. Don’t remember the bad moments. Free your thoughts for thinking about the great.
  9. Who is your authority? And what’s worse about you?
  10. Don’t drown in the flow of your thoughts.
  11. Existence is strange, but understanding it is even stranger
  12. No one knows about your duel. Prove that you won it.
  13. It’s for the Best.
  14. The eyes are afraid, but the hands do the thing.
  15. What if this beast is not so scary?
  16. You’re on the right track.
  17. Do what you burn with. Burn with what you’re doing. 
  18. Wisdom is not about age.
  19. We are all aliens in this world.
  20. Create a home in yourself.

Quotes by Famous People in Instagram Bios

  1. Remember yourself a year ago. A lot of things have changed. Some got closer, others left. — Mark Levy
  2. Do not be afraid of happiness. It passes quickly. — Romain Gary
  3. You need to find the main thing in yourself, wherever you are. — E. Hemingway
  4. In my soul, as in the ocean, There is a load of broken hopes. — M. Lermontov
  5. The point of the optical sight on your forehead is also someone’s point of view. — Lee Harvey Oswald
  6. Sooner or later everything will become clear, everything will fall into place and line up in a single beautiful scheme, like lace. It will become clear why everything was needed, because everything will be right. — Lewis Carroll
  7. Time lost with pleasure is not considered lost. — John Lennon
  8. Life requires movement. — Aristotle
  9. Everything that money could buy is already cheap. — D. B. Shaw
  10. Everyone lives as he wants, and pays for it himself. — Oscar Wilde
  11. Anything is possible — the impossible just takes more time. — Dan Brown
  12. Any of the states is a thought. Don’t like the condition? — Change the thought. — Amu Mom
  13. Every thing has beauty, but not everyone could see it. — Confucius
  14. The holy science is to hear each other. — Bulat Okudzhava
  15. One of the advantages of adulthood is that every year you don’t care more and more about the opinions of others. — Tibor Fischer
  16. When you meet your man, you will understand why it didn’t work out with others. — Friedrich Nietzsche
  17. I would rather die of passion than of boredom. — Vincent Van Gogh
  18. To love someone means to wish happiness first of all to him, and then to yourself. — Elchin Safarli
  19. Change happens only when we go against what we are used to. — Paulo Coelho
  20. To do something that gives pleasure is to be free. — Voltaire


A great Instagram bio can make all the difference in attracting new followers and keeping your current audience engaged. Whether you’re a business owner, influencer, or just someone looking to spice up their profile, our list of top Instagram bio ideas for 2023 has got you covered. So why not give your profile a fresh new look and show the world your unique personality with a catchy and creative bio?

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