Instagram Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

18 October 2023
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Instagram has firmly established itself as a social media giant, with over one billion active monthly users and 500 million daily Instagram Stories. Instagram marketing involves creating and curating content on Instagram to engage with the platform’s user base, expand reach, build brand awareness, and ultimately achieve marketing goals. The platform’s immense popularity is reflected in the fact that it’s the second most accessed network, just behind Facebook.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of Instagram in affiliate marketing, covering its advantages, how to build a marketing strategy, creating a business account, post types, best practices, and using Instagram analytics effectively.

Advantages of Instagram in affiliate marketing

One of Instagram’s primary advantages for affiliate marketing is its visual nature. If your business relies on showcasing visually appealing products or services, Instagram is the ideal platform. The ability to share videos, images, and illustrations creates a seamless fit for promoting affiliate products. Instagram’s visual appeal aligns perfectly with your marketing strategy, allowing you to engage and captivate your audience.

Instagram Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Building your Instagram marketing strategy

Before delving into Instagram marketing, it’s essential to establish a well-defined strategy tailored to your business goals. This involves several crucial steps:

  • Set your goals for Instagram: whether it’s promoting products, sharing your portfolio, building brand awareness, or encouraging user-generated content, having a well-defined purpose ensures you can measure your performance effectively.
  • Determine your target audience: leverage data from your existing marketing strategies to maintain consistency in your efforts. Consider factors like age, location, gender, income, interests, motivations, and pain points when defining your audience.
  • Conduct a competitive analysis: review their Instagram profiles to understand their posting patterns, content types, and engagement strategies. Identify opportunities they might have missed setting your brand apart.
  • Configure an editorial calendar: use this calendar to plan your posts, captions, hashtags, and posting times. You can also include key events, such as product launches or special offers.
  • Build a consistent brand on Instagram: your content should reflect your brand personality, values, and unique style. Whether your brand is bold, playful, gritty, or adventurous, your posts should consistently resonate with your brand’s narrative.
  • Grow your follower base: avoid shortcuts like purchasing followers, as they won’t drive genuine engagement. Focus on these key steps instead:
    • Ensure your username is recognizable and searchable.
    • Fill out your bio with essential information.
    • Start with 10-15 high-quality posts before actively engaging with others.
    • Follow accounts related to your brand.
    • Interact with accounts you follow.
    • Encourage others to share your content.

Instagram Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

By following these strategic steps, you can establish a strong presence on Instagram and connect with your target audience effectively. Instagram’s visual appeal, coupled with a well-defined marketing strategy, can take your affiliate marketing efforts to the next level, harnessing the platform’s vast potential for growth.

Affiliate marketing hacks for Instagram

To harness the power of Instagram in affiliate marketing, businesses need to go beyond establishing a follower base and converting them into paying customers. We’ll explore the strategies to promote your business on Instagram effectively, with a focus on promotions, contests, charity, teasers, and live launches. Furthermore, we’ll delve into optimizing your Instagram brand account to ensure you’re making the most of this dynamic platform.

Strategies for success

  • Deals, discounts, Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers, and promotions are effective in driving first-time sales on Instagram.
  • Clearly outline the steps followers need to take to avail the offer, and include a deadline to create a sense of urgency.
  • Running contests that require users to follow your account or post with a specific hashtag to participate can turn potential customers into loyal followers.
  • Making a public commitment to charity can significantly build affinity for your brand and help convert followers into customers.
  • Many millennials expect companies to support social causes, making this an essential strategy for businesses. For example, Gap’s partnership with The Global Fund has raised over $130 million to fight AIDS in Africa.
  • Instagram is a fantastic platform to offer glimpses of new products or services before they’re officially available.
  • Avoid overwhelming your followers with product images but strategically use teaser images to build excitement.
Live launches
  • Consider using Instagram Live to showcase new products or services.
  • Encourage users to purchase by including a purchase link in your Instagram bio for a seamless shopping experience.

Optimizing your Instagram business account

Create an Instagram Account

  • Download the Instagram app from the App Store or Google Play Store if you don’t have it already.
  • When creating an account for your business, sign up with a business email to keep it separate from your personal Facebook account.

Profile basics

  • Choose an easily recognizable profile picture consistent with your brand. Consider using your logo or another familiar image.
  • Create an engaging Instagram bio with a concise summary of your business, adding a hint of personality.
  • Encourage users to take specific actions, such as using a particular hashtag or visiting your website in your bio.
  • Use a link shortener to keep your profile from appearing cluttered and to track the traffic Instagram drives to your website.

Managing account settings

Adjust your account settings to ensure it’s set up for success. Features to focus on include:

  • Managing story settings to increase engagement.
  • Switching to a professional account for advanced features.
  • Switching to a business or creator account and linking your Facebook Page.
  • Maintaining a public account to ensure your posts are visible.
  • Using the comments setting to filter or hide specific keywords or phrases.
  • Adding and managing multiple Instagram accounts.

Exploring Instagram post types

The variety of content types you can leverage on Instagram is as diverse as the community itself. From captivating image posts to behind-the-scenes revelations, employee-curated gems, and educational nuggets, this platform provides a canvas for limitless creativity.

Image posts

  • Image posts are the most common and versatile form of content on Instagram.
  • Variety in your image posts helps showcase your brand’s diversity and engage followers effectively.
  • Balance product-focused images with lifestyle shots and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your brand’s culture.

Example: Nike’s Instagram combines product photos with real athletes, concerts, and content that promotes the brand’s personality.

Behind-the-scenes posts

  • Authentic behind-the-scenes content offers a glimpse into your business’s inner workings.
  • Ensure authenticity, as staged posts can deter your followers.

Example: Aeronaut Brewing Company’s behind-the-scenes posts showcase employees at work, offering a genuine look at the company culture.

Instagram Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Reposts from employees

  • Reposting images from your employees’ Instagram accounts can humanize your business and curate authentic content.
  • Encourage audience engagement with your brand and promote a connection between your followers and employees.

Example: Fenway Park often reposts images shared by the grounds crew, creating a sense of connection with its followers.

Educational posts

  • Educational posts provide bite-sized tips or instructions on various topics.
  • Present instructions in a quick and easy-to-follow format.

Example: Buzzfeed’s Tasty recipe video series is both educational and entertaining, offering easily replicable instructions.

Influencer posts

  • Collaborate with influencers or celebrities to promote your brand.
  • Influencer posts typically feature the influencer using or interacting with your product.
  • This strategy can expand your reach by tapping into the influencer’s audience.

Example: Goal Zero showcases rock climber and photographer Alex Honnold using one of its products, reaching both its followers and Alex’s 500,000-plus followers.

Instagram Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Motivational posts

  • Motivational posts combine visuals with uplifting quotes or text.
  • These posts amplify your brand’s values and inspire your audience.
  • Use them in moderation to avoid appearing insincere.

Example: Foundr shares motivational posts to encourage its base of entrepreneurs, aligning with its mission as a business media company.

User-generated content

  • Curate content from your fans and followers, showcasing their posts with your products.
  • It demonstrates that you value your customers, leading to increased engagement.
  • Always credit the original post, either with a tag or in the caption.

Example: WeWork’s annual #DogsOfWeWork campaign gathers user-generated content and generates substantial reach and engagement.

Newsjacking (trending holiday posts)

  • Engage with trending holidays or events to create humorous and light-hearted content.
  • Participate in local, national, or global trends to boost engagement.

Example: Corridor Brewing celebrated the Cubs’ Opening Day, aligning with a popular American pastime.

Instagram Marketing: The Ultimate Guide


Instagram is a dynamic force in the realm of affiliate marketing. With its vast user base and visual-first approach, it provides businesses with an unparalleled opportunity to engage, promote products, and foster brand recognition. Success on this platform hinges on adopting a well-defined marketing strategy, understanding your audience, analyzing your competitors, and maintaining brand consistency. By taking a strategic approach and growing your follower base organically, you can unlock Instagram’s full potential, driving growth and success in your affiliate marketing endeavors. So, embark on your Instagram affiliate marketing journey today and join the thriving community of businesses on this dynamic platform. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

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