Getting Your Nutra Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Approved on Facebook

12 March 2021
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Getting Your Nutra Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Approved on Facebook

Hi everyone! In this article, we are going to describe a number of sure-fire ways to get your nutra campaigns approved on Facebook. The offers were taken from the ProfitPay CPA network. Being a keen affiliate marketer, I have always been particularly interested in the nutra vertical. Promoting nutra offers on Facebook has always been considered a notoriously hard endeavor associated with endless account bans. No wonder this particular niche has a high entry threshold but also allows affiliates to generate a lot of profit.

Although nutra is more of a grey hat vertical, Facebook treats it as a black hat niche and cracks down relentlessly on accounts that are used to advertise nutra. There is one thing, though: Facebook is such a giant company that only its algorithm that is getting smarter all the time is capable of monitoring all the ad campaigns launched on the platform. Facebook moderators are not involved in the approval process most of the time, which means that we can safely bypass all restrictions and show users any ads we want (illegal stuff excluded).

First of all, let’s enumerate what things can get you banned on Facebook:

  1. Overused creatives;
  2. Poor-quality white page;
  3. Aggressive ad copy;
  4. Using white pages that don’t match your ad copy and creatives;
  5. Low-quality accounts, proxy servers, etc.

If you know everything you need to know about Facebook’s ad policy and what can get you banned, you will be able to keep ahead of the game and eliminate account bans. So, let’s start with the basics and discuss each item on the list in more detail.

Overused creatives

The very first thing that the algorithm pays attention to is your creative, be it an ad image or video. The rules concerning what creatives you can and can’t use have always been very strict. Given the recent US election, Facebook has decided to clamp down on affiliate creatives even more. In this paragraph, we will discuss what you should and shouldn’t do to avoid getting banned on Facebook, as well as the most common mistakes made by affiliate marketers.

  • Each new creative you upload to Facebook has to be unique. It should bear no resemblance to the creatives you uploaded before. Otherwise, all your ad account will be banned one by one. You can use the following software to uniqualize your creatives:

    – Adobe Premiere for video creatives. With this video editing software, you can change video speed, soundtrack, resolution, add video effects, etc.

    – Adobe Photoshop for photo creatives. Use this graphic editor to change image background and resolution, add graphic effects, etc.
  • You must avoid being too explicit about the offer you are promoting. Facebook’s algorithm is called smart for a reason and is perfectly able to detect aggressive creative angles and consequently ban you for it. 

You can use Google Vision to find out what your creatives look like from the point of view of a machine learning tool. Here’s an example:

Getting Your Nutra Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Approved on Facebook

As you can see in the screenshot, Google Vision rated our creative as “Adult” and “Racy”. 

Facebook’s algorithm is not that different from Google’s algorithm, and if you are planning to upload your creative to Facebook, consider analyzing it with Google Vision first. The main scores you should pay attention to are “Adult” and “Racy”. The lower the score, the higher your chances of getting approved. We can see now that this creative featuring a banana is very unlikely to be approved by Facebook.


As far as video creatives are concerned, the algorithm decides whether it’s safe to show your video to the users or not based on the preview.

You should adopt a roundabout creative angle. In my experience, comic book-like dialogues generally deliver the best results. Here are the creatives that I used to advertise ProfitPay adult nutra offers in Poland:

Getting Your Nutra Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Approved on Facebook
These creatives perform great on Facebook CTR-wise (up to 20–25%).

Getting Your Nutra Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Approved on Facebook

This creative is a uniqualized version of the one given above. Facebook treats them as two completely different ad images, and therefore the probability that you are going to get banned is very low.

Poor-quality white page

The same principle applies here: the more transparent and clear-cut your white page is, the more chances you have to get approved. There are two ways how you can get a white page: you can either create it yourself or rip it. Given that accounts today don’t last longer than a couple of days (or even hours as far as nutra is concerned), I definitely recommend you opt for the second way and download someone else’s white page.

Here’s a service that I use every time I’m in need of a new white page: web2zip.  This solution enables you to save any website in the .zip format. To find the required website, go to Google Maps, specify the country you need, enter “cafe” or “gym” and download their website. So, you have a white page now, and the only thing left to do is to upload it to your hosting service provider and set up link cloaking.

Getting Your Nutra Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Approved on Facebook

Ad copy

Avoid using trigger words such as “fat”, “weight loss”, “libido”, “prostatitis”, “lose 15 lb in a week”, “medication”, etc. Sensitive topics and vocabulary are closely monitored by Facebook. Use positive language instead and try to come up with a somewhat ambiguous ad copy that only your target audience will be able to understand.

For example, phrases like “You will definitely like our product” or “You will definitely appreciate our product” are considered 100% white hat. 

Using white pages that don’t match your ad copy and creatives

Your white page message must match that of your ad copy and creative. For instance, if you are promoting a weight loss offer, use a gym white page, whereas if you are advertising some adult product, then use a massage parlor white page, etc. 

Low-quality accounts, proxy servers, etc.

Everything is crystal-clear here, I guess: the higher the quality of your cloaking solution, accounts, etc., the higher your trust score. Here are the solutions and services that I recommend:

  1. High-quality socially active account registered no less than half a year ago;
  2. Mobile proxies;
  3. Anti-detect browsers, such as Indigo, Aezakmi, and Samara;
  4. Cloaking solution, such as IM KLO; 
  5. Payment method. It is advisable to use either virtual or plastic bank cards. 

It can be concluded that if you adhere to the simple rules described in this article, you will be able to get your nutra ad campaigns approved on Facebook. I wish you all a high ROI and successful nutra campaigns! 

This article has been written jointly with ProfitPay, an affiliate network with in-house nutra offers for Europe.

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