WhatsApp Rolls Out Digital Payment Option in Brazil

16 June 2020
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WhatsApp Rolls Out Digital Payment Option in Brazil

On June 15, Facebook announced it was bringing digital payments to WhatsApp users in Brazil. People are now able to send money to each other without leaving the messenger. To ensure transaction security, a six-digit identification code or fingerprint verification is required to process a payment.

Since payments on WhatsApp are enabled by Facebook Pay, people and business will soon be able to use the same card information across Facebook’s app family, the company noted.

Sending money or making purchases is a free option for WhatsApp users, but businesses will be charged a processing fee of 3.99%.

As for now, the payment option is available only to WhatsApp users in Brazil, but the social networking giant obviously intends to roll out a seamless payment service across its app family any time soon. These plans were initially announced a year ago when the company was about to launch its cryptocurrency and was testing out the payment option in India.

So, probably it’s the right time to stop driving Brazil traffic to landing pages and start converting it directly on WhatsApp.


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