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Case: driving Facebook traffic to women’s footwear offer. Or how to earn $ 2500 in 2 weeks

  • Affiliate Program: Umgid
  • Traffic source: Facebook
  • Offer: “Women’s sneakers KEDUKI”
  • Geo: Ukraine
  • Campaign period: 20.01.2020 – 03.02.2020
  • Spent: 8.688 $
  • Earned: 11.190 $
  • Net profit: 2502 $
  • ROI: 29%

Hello everyone,

My name is Vladimir, I have been working with UMGID for more than a year. Recently I have decided that it’s high time to drive traffic to my beloved Ukraine. For quite some time I’ve been nursing the idea of working with “Clothing and footwear” offers. The conversions are higher, the creatives are simpler, and Zuckerberg is more lenient, right? I chose the female audience from the start — in this I was following tips from my colleagues and information found on the Internet.

Umgid has 64 offers in the “Clothing and footwear” category! And each of them has a choice of 3–10 landing pages. There was plenty to choose from. Personally, I love working with offers that are not available in other affiliate programs, and this particular program has many exclusive offers. 

We chose the “Women’s sneakers KEDUKI” offer, which promises authentic leather shoes of Italian making at a bargain price. The value proposition is brilliant yet simple. Many people would love to snatch a “made in Italy”, and under the wrapping of discounts, bright banners, and Italian branding — it will be all too easy to sell.

This is the 1st frame of the selected landing page. Don’t pay attention to the variables, the price of the product on the landing page was changed, obviously. The layout has already been optimized, we only compressed the images to match the standard. 

The audience was very wide: Women 25+. We started with a budget of $50. Next, we created a flow in the affiliate program. We launched 2 accounts with different creatives on the first day. We used verified Facebook accounts from our database, so they didn’t need any warming up.

Here is an example of our creative:

The cost per lead was about $3–4. The price for this offer is 1285 UAH. The excellent work of the call center also made a contribution providing us with high approval rates.

All the content in the campaign was in Russian as Ukraine features a significant share of the Russian-speaking population. 

First of all, we copied the link from the Umgid CPA network, then we added the link from Keduki into the tracker as the main offer. When the tracker generated the link, it needed shortening. To do this, we used Bitly, a special service for shortening links. 

We planned our budget for 2 weeks, and all further processes were determined by the test run of the offer. The most appropriate advertising phrases for creatives gave us the opportunity to quickly get across the main value of the offer. 

We monitored the leads via Umgid statistics. Here’s the picture after 2 weeks of running:

In total, we received almost 2,400 leads. Of these, 77% passed approval. Thus, we made $2502 in profit over 2 weeks. With all the advertising costs, the ROI amounted to 29% exactly. 

Main conclusions:

  • Find an affiliate network that can supply you with the widest possible selection of offers in the category you are working with;
  • Check the layout for all devices;
  • Change creatives often and try new advertising approaches;
  • Work with advertisers directly. 

It is profitable to drive social networks traffic to Ukraine when working with women’s footwear offers. This market is not yet oversaturated, Facebook accounts live longer and get banned on fewer occasions compared to gambling, nutra and other campaigns.

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