What Creatives Retain Users and How to Create Them

26 April 2023
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Traditional methods and formats in advertising campaigns are getting less and less effective — people are just fed up with them. Digital marketing, where video content plays a central role, needs “new blood”. Lately, consumers themselves dictate trends to businesses (for example, through such social networks as TikTok and Instagram). So let’s find out what creatives are now considered effective and promising, and most importantly — how to create them?

The creative-centered approach

The creative-centered approach in marketing means regularly generating hypotheses, testing, and launching new versions of creatives. This approach is becoming more and more popular. We are talking about daily testing, where up to 50 creatives can pass through the advertising department per week. This is expensive because investments in constant production and testing of ideas and creatives are necessary. But this method allows for catching onto the chaotic trends and adjusting to the audience’s media consumption and their reaction to advertising.

What Creatives Retain Users and How to Create Them

What types of video creatives are trending right now?

  • Testimonials — customer reviews, with a demonstration of the product.
  • Behind the scenes — clips that show behind the scenes of the business.
  • Spokesman videos — company representatives talk about the brand, its values, plans, etc.
  • Interviews — conversations and discussions with experts and bloggers are very popular now, especially on YouTube.

These formats capture a consumer’s attention right from the start, so they are more likely not to skip the video. Such ad formats often feature storytelling, results, or personal opinions, all of which have a positive effect on the consumer, making them more attracted to the product.

What Creatives Retain Users and How to Create Them

And don’t forget about the rules that are still working when creating video creatives. First of all, now, in the era of millennials and zoomers, it is trendy to use short videos: from a minute to 10 seconds. Remember to stay on point!

Also, add interactivity to social media videos so that users can click on the icon in the video to go straight to the site. 

Important elements of video advertising

Use a “hook”

The purpose of this method is to keep the user engaged and prevent them from skipping the ad. Often images or videos are used for the “hook”. So you need something surprising or even shocking that captures and retains attention.

Spark their interest

To activate and reinforce a deeper interest, you need to reveal the consumer’s problem in the creative. This helps to evoke empathy in them. And don’t forget to present the product, emphasizing its unique selling proposition.

Solve their problems

Ok, you’ve named the problem, what’s next? Now you need to explain how your product helps solve it. And in this part, the commercial can follow two scenarios:

  1. Not native, but a pronounced head-on presentation of the product’s capabilities. This approach will be appreciated by the adult audience age 55+, because they grew up in a time when direct presentation (on TV) was popular.
  2. A neater, not frontal presentation, for example, when the character of the video ad shares their impressions, how they solved the problem and the product’s work (closer to the format of a testimonial).

It is important to clearly highlight the benefits and value of the product. Testimonials convince a potential customer that your product is what they need.

There are several options for creating this part of the video:

  • Use an extended testimonial from one customer/participant in the video.
  • Show a snippet of several reviews (emphasize the most important).
  • Shoot a product review with an influencer and then use part of the video in the commercial.

What Creatives Retain Users and How to Create Them

A little extra

To push the consumer, you can include a promo code or discount on the first order at the end of the commercial and make a vivid call to action to inspire the consumer as much as possible.

It is better to develop the problem activation first, because it is the backbone — it is responsible for the sale. Then different hooks are tested with the most winning option. After that comes the development of suitable testimonials and the inclusion of bonuses. If some part of the creative burns out, it is not necessary to change the whole clip, you can update some elements.

Summarizing all of the above, there are a few tips for creating video creations:

  • Write a content plan with scripted videos, think about your tone-of-voice right away.
  • Highlight the strengths of the product (unique selling proposition).
  • Try to speak the language of your target audience (don’t try to flatter them or insinuate on the contrary).
  • Personalize the content and recommendations (so that every user feels they are treated in the video).
  • Do not forget about the usefulness of content (a consumer should understand from advertising about the problem and how your product can solve it, and if it is also given through an expert — a separate joy).

Why is there so much talk about video advertising?

User interest in the video format continues to grow. According to the latest statistics from Hubspot, 40% of marketers say that the main advantage of video is the ability to convey the value of a product or service to the user. In addition, 36% believe that this advertising format guarantees greater human engagement with ads than a static version. And given the trend toward clichéd thinking and the fact that video is an easier format for consuming information, the popularity of this format will definitely only increase.

By the way, it’s also worth keeping in mind the current rise in mobile traffic when making videos. That means you should create videos that look spectacular not only from a PC screen, but also on a smartphone.

Among the main parameters of an effective video are: your content should be relatable, short and attention-grabbing from the get-go.

What Creatives Retain Users and How to Create Them


If you’re looking for new creative solutions, then video ads are your choice. This advertising format is now considered the most promising, and users’ interest in videos is only growing. At the same time, video does not limit your imagination and approach to consumers. But making a converting video is an art that requires a content plan and thoughtful, step-by-step work.

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