Types of Video Advertising in Affiliate Marketing

15 March 2023
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Remember when we talked about generational theory in promotion? One of the most important insights in this piece was that the Generation Z segment has the shortest average attention span, so advertising for them must be bright and eye-catching. It is also relevant for people with clip thinking. They absorb information predominantly through visuals and video clips. For Gen Z, users with clip thinking, and many other customer segments, video advertising would be an excellent promotional channel.

The statistics agree with our opinion on the viability of video marketing. According to Elite Content Marketer, 66% of users prefer to watch a short video to learn more about a product. And an Invespcro study claims that 85% of marketers believe video advertising is a profitable way to reach audiences online. In this article, we look in detail at the benefits and types of promotion through videos.

Types of Video Advertising in Affiliate Marketing

Benefits of video marketing

When an affiliate is faced with a choice between different channels to promote an offer, it is essential to understand the benefits of each and prioritize his budget. We have compiled a list of the key benefits of video advertising.

Increased ROI

Video ads are a great additional lever of pressure on a consumer in making purchasing decisions or completing an application. According to Forbes, more than 90% of buyers say the video pushed them toward a purchase.

High level of engagement and clickability

Video commercials can be placed on virtually any digital channel and are easy and straightforward to share — especially if there is interesting content inside. Invespcro says that on social networks, posts with videos have 48% more views than posts without videos. Users are more interested in videos than in reading promo texts.

Conversion rate growth

Texts and pictures are viewed less often than videos because of the more engaging format. A video can clearly describe the product and the company, show how the product works, and how to use it. All of this is clearer and easier to understand than text. With video advertising, it is easier to win the favor of potential customers and convey brand values, features, and benefits of the product or service.

Opportunities to reach the audience

Video advertising can be launched on TV, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, apps, and other platforms. With it, they attract a lot of new customers and motivate certain groups of consumers to interact, thanks to the targeting possibilities on different platforms. Video content is also highly viral. Carefully designed and well-crafted ad creatives stand a good chance of gaining popularity, as well as the highest number of reposts on social media and views on YouTube.

The typology of video advertising

Another beauty of video marketing is the variety of advertising types. We will cover the two most important categories of video advertising: placement and content.

Based on the ad placement

When working with video advertising, the interaction of the advertising ad clip with the main source is crucial. Depending on how the affiliate connects them, four key types can be distinguished.


In-stream is a direct imitation of a TV commercial. The clip is played automatically, inside the viewing of other video content. This format is divided into four types depending on the place of integration:

  • pre-roll — before the start of the main video 
  • mid-roll — in the middle 
  • post-roll — after the end of the viewing
  • pause-roll — after leaving the pause mode

In-stream clips also have the option of skipping (immediately or after a few seconds of viewing).

Types of Video Advertising in Affiliate Marketing


Native advertising within video content. Particularly popular with bloggers because it elicits a live emotional response, builds trust in the product, does not interrupt the user journey, and is not annoying. It is the element of ambassadorship and Influence marketing that are quite popular in the affiliate market.

Types of Video Advertising in Affiliate Marketing


Video ads in pop-up format on the main page. The peculiarity is that it is usually impossible to skip such an advertisement. Thus, it can be annoying. Therefore, a good visual impression and an attractive, catchy presentation should be the key here.

Types of Video Advertising in Affiliate Marketing

Rewarded video

It’s pretty straightforward — a user literally gets rewarded for watching a video ad. This format of video advertising is particularly popular in games and mobile apps and enjoys high user loyalty. Rewards usually include in-game currency, discounts on subscriptions, etc.

Types of Video Advertising in Affiliate Marketing

Based on the format of the content

Once you have chosen the type of integration of video advertising, you need to understand the format in which you want to make the content of the video. Selecting the right format in this category depends on the creative trends in the chosen vertical, the target audience, and your capabilities.

Animated videos

A short video clip was created using graphical tools. Suitable for any scenario and allows you to beat any plot: from advertising of children’s goods to complex technological processes. Average timing: 20–80 seconds.

Staged video

Lively, realistic story filmed on location with a cast. It usually works well in this format to simulate stories from everyday life, close to the average user. Average timing: 40–120 seconds.


A colorful presentation of the offer through vivid images and entertaining diagrams. Video infographics always have a good viral effect, concise presentation of information, and beneficial description of your brand concept. Average timing: 20–40 seconds.

Documentary content

Footage of real people and events. This is a great chance to engage your audience, as personification is an evergreen trend in marketing. Best suited for product reviews, presentations, social and motivational videos, and B2C/C2C service advertising. Average timing: 50–100 seconds.

Combined advertising

Combination of several types: animation with infographics, animation with staged video, etc. Especially popular on social networks and video hosting. Easily goes viral and quickly sells offers. Average timing: 20–50 seconds.

Final thoughts

Video advertising is a very promising channel for attracting the attention of users to the offer. In addition to the many benefits such as increased conversion rate and powerful audience expansion opportunities, video ad types are very versatile and can be implemented with different levels of capabilities and budgets. Diversify your marketing channels, use all your creativity, and increase your ROI with video ads!

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