How to find free traffic sources

2 August 2019
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How to find free traffic sources

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to discuss how to find free traffic sources (websites, applications) for working with the dating vertical.

The major objective is to find a web resource where you will be able to post your creatives, whether a comment, a post, your account description with a link, or send a personal or email message.

You should continuously search for new traffic sources, as you are always going to need a new audience, while web resource administration is on the constant lookout for those who engage in bulk messaging. So, it is next to impossible that you will be able to work with one traffic source for a long time.

There are lots of approaches to searching for new sources. The most important thing is to find a web resource used by the population of a particular country. You don’t have to be limited by the dating-related web sites, as you can also acquire traffic from other platforms: car forums, gaming and news portals. As regards apps, pay attention to social networks that are growing in popularity.

So, how to search for free traffic sources?

Google Advanced Search

As is well known, not all websites show up in search results on Google. Lots of factors affect Google search results: language, country, region, resource popularity, the lunar phase and so on.

To get more relevant results corresponding to your query, you can use Google’s advanced search tool. Here, you can enter a whole range of specific search terms or limit search results by language and even by a DNS zone.

How to find free traffic sources

Setting up a search query

How to find free traffic sources


Other search engines

It would be a bad idea to search for regional web resources using only one search engine. Therefore, you should use search engines that are most popular in certain countries. Yandex search results will differ from Duckduckgo search results (Duckduckgo allows you to see search results for a particular country), not to mention the results shown by the Google Search Engine.

How to find free traffic sources


To find out what search queries a German man types into search engines and what results he gets, you should actually be this German man. In this case, search engines will show you web resources that the population of a particular GEO uses most often. Spheres such as Tenebris will surely help you with this task. Use a proxy to set up the GEO and time zone you need and pass yourself off as a 35-year-old Munich resident.

Enter any password. Choose a tab and create a new “account” (you will be able to use it for different countries).

How to find free traffic sources

How to find free traffic sources

  1. Name the tab.
  2. Enter a proxy server name.
  3. Choose the time zone.
  4. Choose the language you need.
  5. Save the settings.

Then, type your query into Yahoo and Google. It’s most likely that you will get different search results.

As an alternative to spheres, you can use VPN apps or browser extensions. However, bear in mind that the IP addresses of some VPN services can be blacklisted, which may result in bans. It’s also possible that in this case you won’t be able to access a particular website.

Searching for apps

Searching for apps should be considered separately. The approach here is similar to that used to look for web resources. You can find the apps you need not only in Google Play but also in other app markets such as Aptoide, microG and so on. If you are looking for iOS apps, then you should use the App Store. You can also use the Appannie service to search for apps most popular in a particular GEO. On this website, you can download APK apps.

Traffic sourse analisys

After you have found the necessary web resources, you should analyze whether they are meeting your objectives. For this purpose, you can use such services as SimilarWeb, SEMrush, and Serpstat. These tools offer information on your competitors’ websites and provide website analytics and statistics.

I’m going to break down how to analyze a web resource using SimilarWeb.

How to find free traffic sources

1. Enter a website’s name

2. Now, you can see its main GEO and rating

How to find free traffic sources

3. You can also see what devices people used to access the site in the last 6 months

4. Total visits

5. Average visit duration

How to find free traffic sources

6. Other GEOs

How to find free traffic sources

7. Choose the Competitors section and analyze your competitors’ websites one by one

These services enable you to analyze user engagement and traffic by countries, thus allowing you to filter out dead websites with Tier 3 traffic.

If you already have a good traffic source, you can analyze its efficiency and find similar websites or your competitors’ sites worth paying attention to.

To streamline the testing of traffic sources, I recommend you create a sheet or a separate file where you will note down the key parameters and metrics: URL, GEO, registration via SMS, what email address you can use, how traffic is acquired. This will allow you not to get confused and not to forget important details.

I would recommend using two accounts for testing in order to analyze various actions (sending an SMS, poking, adding to friends and so on).

Nota bene: if you come across a creative or get a message with it, it’s a good sign. It means that money can be made here. However, it also means that you have competitors.

That’s it. Bear in mind that once you’ve found a few good traffic sources and automated the routine tasks (we discussed automation in this article), don’t stop and keep on searching for new sources, platforms, web resources, apps and whatnot. You should always have a few extra platforms up your sleeve.

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