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The best articles of 2019 on ZorbasMedia

Hello there! As we are embarking on 2020, let us wrap 2019 up with the selection of our best articles. Spend the remaining holidays productively and check them out if you haven’t done it already.

1.VR Porn for affiliates

In this article we cover the basics of VR porn and how can an affiliate run such offers and make money on the porn format of the future!

Check it out here.

2. The current state of the sweepstake vertical

Sweepstake offers can be considered one of the most profitable verticals in 2019. If you still don’t know how to earn money on sweepstakes offers, then our long read will come in handy for you.

It’s packed full of useful tips and advice on how to enter the market, what sources to drive traffic from and what approaches to use to secure a sustainable income.

To find out more follow the link.

3. Mundo Media financial crisis. Before and after

At its peak, Mundo Media had more than 100 employees in its offices worldwide. At the same time, the company also owed approximately $25.7 million to the Royal Bank of Canada. Huge volumes of bot traffic and the loss of major advertisers are cited as the underlying causes of the ensuing difficulties.

Click here and learn more.

4. Uber is suing ad networks for fraudulent advertisement

Uber is suing five ad networks that promoted Uber App.

The major transportation company also strives to hold accountable solo affiliates that generated app installs and allegedly resorted to fraudulent advertisement.

Check out our independent investigation to find out what has actually happened and whether affiliates that worked with Uber should expect a subpoena.

Check it out here.

5. Case: “$1800 profit with a 65% ROI after a month of push-notifications on one offer.”

Our affiliate team prepared a real case for you, with a 1800$+ profit after a month of push-notifications. The case is still working! Also, inside you will find a pleasant bonus — we’re revealing traffic sources that are rarely mentioned online. How were we able to do it?

Click here to learn more.

6. ZorbasMedia Workshop on native traffic monetization with dating offers

Check it out to learn more about native traffic monetization with dating offers.

During this workshop, we talked about creating and launching ad campaigns and answered your questions!

The workshop is available here!

7. Top 5 pharma networks with nutra offers

A lot of affiliates have been advised to drive traffic to nutra offers.

What affiliate network to choose? What converts best? What GEOs to drive traffic from? To answer all these questions at once, we made a rating of the best nutra networks.

Here you’ll find top-performing offers and GEOs and find out a lot of valuable information. Check out our today’s article and start driving traffic to nutra!

Check it out!

8. Case: driving push traffic to desktop offers. $20k profit

We would like to show you the case presented earlier at the KINZA’19 affiliate conference.

To find out more follow the link.

9. CPM and CPC. A case on how to choose a more cost-effective pricing model (+$1900)

When offering push traffic, ad networks often give you a choice between two pricing models: CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per impression). Many affiliates, and especially beginners, wonder which pricing model is more preferable.

At first sight, the only decisive indicator here is the CTR (Clickability) of your ad. We have tested both these pricing models while running a campaign and found out that it’s actually not that simple. All the details can be found in this case ($2000 profit).

Check it out here.

10. XCash: A major dating affiliate program on making dating convert

Dating. An evergreen vertical where you can use a variety of approaches and methods to make money. Some time ago we met with William Soares Pinto, Head of Business Development at XCash, to talk about the dating vertical and find out how they make a profit in this highly competitive and yet very lucrative industry.

Click here to learn more.

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