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Case: “$1800 profit with a 65% ROI after a month of push-notifications on one offer.”

Hello, friends! ZorbasMedia speaking.

Our affiliate team prepared a real case for you, with a 1800$+ profit after a month of push-notifications. The case is still working! Also, inside you will find a pleasant bonus — we’re revealing traffic sources that are rarely mentioned online. How were we able to do it?

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Location: Indonesia

Partnership networks: ClickDealer, Toro Advertising

Offer: [WEB+MOB] FBS – BONUS $50 /ID DOI

Advertising networks: MegaPush, PropellerAds, AdMaven, AdSterra, DatsPush, HilltopAds

Time period: 12.10.2018-10.11.2018

Spent: $2,855.87

Received: $4,693.60

Clean profit: $1,837.73

ROI: 64.35%

In the beginning of October, manager of ClickDealer advised us to launch a forex-offer in Indonesia. This geolocation was a popular place to send traffic to in october, so there was a reason to be cautious about traffic prices. Indeed, some networks overcharged. We decided to use simple creatives — a few from the advertiser, and pictures with money for others. And, of course, we indicated a $50 registration bonus in the title. The traffic was sent directly to the offer’s landing.

The text creative that worked the best:

Title: Bonus $50 Anda sudah siap
Description: Klik untuk mendapatkannya SEKARANG!

Speaking of the creative. A fascinating story: neither the text nor the pictures expired after a whole month, and all showed a relatively consistent result throughout the whole case. It’s likely that networks are experiencing a change in the audience, and the offer itself, to be frank, was good. A $5.6 payout in Indonesia provided a lot of profit.

Let’s examine every campaign in separate advertising networks, analyze the mistakes and check out the end results:


Time period: 15.10.2018-16.10.2018
Spent: $130.26
Recieved: $179.20
Clean profit: $48.94 (ROI 37.57%)

The first network with which we tried Indonesia. Back then we were “jumping into a moving train” — despite the increased rates on traffic, we put Top Bid during the trials. Even with all these things, the campaign immediately turned a profit. For our next trial we were putting a minimum bid and optimizing the campaign further. The end result of two days:

Afterwards it was decided to temporarily stop the traffic and wait until hype in Indonesia dies down. Unfortunately, the offer expired before that could happen.


Time period: 16.10.2018-07.11.2018
Spent: $1,160.46
Recieved: $1,844.60
Clean profit: $684.14 (ROI 58.95%)

It was easier to buy traffic in PropellerAds, possibly because it’s less popular there. Average CPC throughout the whole time turned out to be $0.009 (traffic included). The creative latched on from the very beginning and performed well the whole time. Target settings — as wide as possible:

On good days, ROI went up to 110-130%. Obviously, all platforms were subjected to optimization, and in the end the compiled blacklist consisted of 30+ areas. The end results in the tracker:

And as a bonus, the creative that we used:


Time period: 16.10.2018-07.11.2018
Spent: $1,355.17
Recieved: $2,412.80
Clean profit: $1,057.63 (ROI 78.04%)

On AdMaven, despite a relatively high cost per click, Indonesian traffic turned out to be unexpectedly good. The highest profit we managed to turn in a day — $262.69 (ROI 170%). AdMaven’s admin panel is a bit confusing, and the recommended CPC isn’t always a good representation of reality. That caused some difficulties during the work itself, but in the end we were satisfied by the results:


Time period: 16.10.2018-29.10.2018
Spent: $103.51
Recieved: $205.80
Clean profit: $102.29 (ROI 98.82%)

Adsterra doesn’t yet offer the opportunity to create push-campaigns with a click-based payment through a SSP-platform, so everything had to be done through a manager. On top of that, if you pause the campaign, the creative loses its place in the auction and stops bringing traffic if the CTR isn’t high enough. At that time we were focused on other sources, so we couldn’t get much traffic from Adsterra despite the highest ROI:


Time period: 19.10.2018-21.10.2018
Spent: $50.86
Recieved: $28.20
Clean profit: -$22.68 (ROI -44.55%)

In DataPush, the convert wasn’t going well from the very beginning. Additionally, at that moment Indonesia had the highest price rates — which is why we paused the traffic for two days, deciding to wait until the prices go down. As we mentioned before, that didn’t really work:


Time period: 19.10.2018-21.10.2018
Spent: $20
Recieved: $11.60
Clean profit: -$8.40 (ROI -42%)

HilltopAds at that point only had one payment format — CPM (cost-per-thousand views). Minimal price —  $1, which is very expensive for Indonesia. We didn’t raise our expectations too much, but we tried to spend our trial $20 and see how it works out. The results were surprising — the CR was a few times higher than average. Although because of the high click price, we couldn’t turn a profit regardless:

Now HilltopAds is incorporating the CPC format, and they also lowered their minimal CPM rates. Try it out!


At first we thought that forex is a pretty complicated vertical for push-traffic, but under good conditions (low traffic price, a convertable offer, large quantities) it works perfectly.

Things to consider:

  1. Forex-offers have a KPI — it’s necessary for users to put a deposit
  2. Don’t drive bad traffic — invalid and duplicate leads are denied and aren’t paid for
  3. Don’t jack up prices during trial runs
  4. Look for a grasping creative, if it dies — try to change it a little instead of switching to a new one
  5. Optimize the campaign on all platforms, wherever possible
  6. Complete a split trial in all available advertising networks, and focus on those that tested best (if your resources is limited).

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