Why Affiliate Marketing Conferences Are a Must

15 November 2022

What do you imagine when you think about affiliate marketing conferences? A hobby club meeting? A party in a loft with beer and music from someone’s phone? Probably you would be correct in both cases, but maybe ten years ago or even more, when everything was at its beginning stage, as even global events start with something small. Today, affiliate marketing conferences appear as really large business events attracting participants from different countries. There could be different topics for each event which attendees prepare for, e.g.:

  • Gambling
  • Mobile
  • E-commerce
  • Crypto
  • Betting
  • SEO, etc

In this article, we will try to explain why attending conferences is essential to managers and marketers alike. We will also take a look at the largest and most recognized events of our industry, just to demonstrate what conferences can grow into if they have the attention from attendees and speakers. Because people are the gold of our industry, and they make affiliate marketing events what they are.

Conferences for your go-to list

Here we have a list of full-scale international events for markets that will make a true investment of the time and money you spend on visiting them.

Affiliate Summit

First, there are Affiliate Summit events, such as the upcoming Affiliate Summit East in Las Vegas, US (January, 23–25, 2023) and Affiliate Summit West in New York, US (July, 31–August, 1, 2023).

Why Affiliate Marketing Conferences Are a Must

Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, who have been in affiliate marketing since the late 90’s, founded the summit in 2003 to provide educational sessions on the latest industry issues, aiming to arrange a productive networking environment for affiliate marketers. Today, there are six main categories of the events’ attendees: affiliates, affiliate management, advertisers, OPM/agencies, solution providers, and network.

Affiliate World

Then, there are Affiliate World conferences, for example, Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok, Thailand (November, 30–December, 1, 2022) or Affiliate World Dubai, UAE (March, 1–2, 2023) and Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona, Spain (July, 12–13, 2023).

Why Affiliate Marketing Conferences Are a Must

The project organizes gatherings that focus on affiliate and e-commerce marketing. The conferences have greatly grown since 2015 and have become globally recognized.

Eventus International 

Eventus International also introduces several events, such as SPiCE India in Goa (March, 1–2, 2023), SPiCE Sri Lanka in Colombo (July, 26–28, 2023), SPiCE Philippines in Clark (September, 27–29, 2023), etc.

Why Affiliate Marketing Conferences Are a Must 

The organization positions its projects as meeting platforms for the entire gaming ecosystem, connecting owners, regulators, providers, investors, payment gateway providers, and affiliates from all over the globe. 

The conferences we have just mentioned are not even one third of the affiliate marketing events. The fact is, there are really a lot of different conferences in the area in different locations, with different formats, topics, ratings and stages of their development.

A special something from us, with love

And since we’ve undertaken the job of providing you with a list of top affiliate marketing conferences, let us also introduce you to ZM CONF. It is a conference organized by ZorbasMedia and ZM TEAM — one of the largest media buying teams in the niche of iGaming. Our conference is for those who want to get relevant knowledge about how to get started in different affiliate marketing verticals. Our viewers are treated to know-how and insights of media buying teams, design trends, and promotional approaches that come from practicing experts.

On the 2nd of December 2023, we will hold our 7th conference. It will take place online in order to unite and support our community: experts and colleagues from all over the world will join us for ZM CONF 7. What we really want is to provide real benefit to the community despite the circumstances.

Why Affiliate Marketing Conferences Are a Must

What we really wanted to say is…

By now, we’ve said that conferences are entertaining and full of insights, they cover different topics and formats, so you can choose what is more convenient for you. But we haven’t mentioned what you miss not attending any conferences. Let’s fix it!

Networking. Affiliate marketing is all about connection and communication. At the conferences you don’t just listen to the smart thoughts of the speakers (which importance is out of question of course), but you meet your potential partners, the competitors, professionals who are in the industry longer than you. Conferences are the environment where you can interact with all those people, ask questions, make connections, explore who is in the field and maybe give your own advice to someone building your reputation in the community.

Why Affiliate Marketing Conferences Are a Must

Insights. As conferences are events where you get a lot of new information, new knowledge, and meet new people, they can bring you some different levels of understanding things. After conferences you have so much to reflect on that you will surely come up with some ideas which have never come to your mind before. Thus, conferences are great tools for your career and self-development and breakthrough. 

Content-making. “Hi, everyone! I am at ZM CONF 7. Will share my thoughts about it with you soon!” — Yes, attending conferences is something you can share with your audience for two next months (especially if you have a lot of photos and notes from it). Such life content is essential for your business. Your partners/potential partners must know that you are constantly growing as a specialist, that you are really passionate about what you do. It makes them trust and respect you.  

Experience and emotions. Making new connections, building a reputation, meeting new people, getting new useful knowledge, having insights and, of course, after-parties — all that brings you positive emotions. It’s like fresh air — good vibes for your mental health and professional functioning. New emotions and new experiences can motivate you if you start to think that you are stagnating, and it is a dead end. And don’t forget about the parties and meet-ups that surround all big conferences!


Long story short, you miss so much not attending conferences that it would be against the law. But we are not the bad cops, we are the good ones. So we will leave you in peace if you promise to attend a conference in the near future. And, of course, we will be happy to welcome everyone at ZM CONF 7 on December 2.

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