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Top 5 pharma networks with nutra offers

We decided to make a rating of affiliate networks specializing in nutra offers. Our correspondent Darya agreed to undertake this task.

She made a rating of nutra networks based on affiliates’ feedback and tried to get as much information as possible about each network. Apart from the number of offers and payment options, which is actually easily-accessible information, she managed to find out some valuable data on what converts today, what bonuses you can get and what GEOs these networks work with.

Darya, we give the floor to you!

Top 5 best nutra networks*

*according to a host of no-name affiliates from Telegram chats

You have already embarked on your affiliate career but still don’t know where to start? Webmaster from a chat claim that you should drive traffic to nutra, but there are so many networks out there that you don’t know where to go (and you don’t have enough money to register in all networks)?

Take it easy, bro. We have selected the top 5 best nutra networks (backed up with feedback) that affiliates recommend most often.


Dr.cash is one of the 5 networks most highly praised in affiliate chats, it’s also included in the top 3 best pharma networks according to the russian site great-world.

It’s a CPA network from a major dietary supplement manufacturer. It was established in June 2016. The network is working exclusively with the best health and beauty offers and has its own production facility where the majority of physical products are produced.

Advantages and disadvantages of the network


  • A fast and modern platform.
  • 2690 nutra offers.
  • 50 health and beauty niches.
  • The approval rate accounts for from 15% (India) to 100% (payout for every lead).
  • 105 GEOs.
  • 5 options of money withdrawal: WebMoney, ePayments, Capitalist, PayPal, wire transfer.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $50.

Disadvantages (based on online feedback)

  • A year ago some comments were posted where webmasters expressed their suspicions that the network had started deliberately underreporting their income over time.
  • There are some complaints regarding a lengthy hold period that hasn’t been specified.

What offers convert well? (according to the network)

Adult and weight-loss offers convert best.

The top GEOs are Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic.


The network doesn’t provide promo materials such as ready-made banners, but it does provide pre-landers and landing pages. Moreover, you can have your creatives translated free of charge.

Perks and bonuses

  • Toy store: you earn points and pick up toys.
  • When transferring money to teaser networks Oblivki and Clickscloud, you receive bonuses (+5% and +10% respectively).
  • No commissions on transfers if you use any payment option mentioned above.

Webmaster’s feedback


  • Support   8
  • Technologies   9
  • Offer quality   10
  • Reliability   8

Dr.cash, a very cool network. They have in-house solutions for working with foreign and Russian traffic. I have run traffic in both markets but was more successful in the Russian segment as I’m not good at languages. The approval rate is the same as mentioned on their website, give or take a few percent. So, you can be sure that you will generate profit that will depend on the approval and conversion rate.

February 14, 2019

  • Pros: Offers, GEOs, contests.
  • Cons: WMZ withdrawal.

Comments: I run email and push traffic. Dr.cash has great Asian offers, especially Indonesia, the approval rate for pre-landers is rather high, payouts upon request, support recommends approaches that are actually effective. So, I think it’s a good network to work with.


Everad is an international affiliate network that used to be closed. It was founded in 2011 and since then has gained considerable popularity. If you ask what nutra network you should choose in any affiliate chat, Everad is most likely to be recommended. It’s also included in the top 3 best networks according to the site conversion.im , whereas on Partnerkin( website about affiliate marketing)  it’s rating accounts for 7.7 out of 10.

Advantages and disadvantages of the network


  • A well thought through interface.
  • The network has been around for 8 years and it has been developing exponentially throughout the years.
  • The average approval rate is 69%.
  • 42 GEOs in the CIS countries, Europe and Asia.
  • 9 in-house call centers.
  • More than 5 options for money withdrawal: WMR, WMZ, ePayments, PayPal, Wire, etc.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 (upon request after the first payout of more than $16).

Disadvantages (based on online feedback)

  • Rumor has it that the network can refuse to make a payout.

What offers convert well? (according to the network)

The top GEOs are the Russian Federation, Romania, Thailand and Hungary.

As regards Asia, start with Thailand. This GEO is supported by one of the biggest call centers with local agents that provide for the maximum approval rate. This region can also boast an optimal ratio between traffic prices, the population, and consumer demand.

When it comes to Europe, pay particular attention to Hungary. This Eastern Europe nation has almost the same mentality as the CIS countries, and so you can use identical approaches in your campaigns. The average income in Hungary is higher, and so is the purchasing power. Eastern Europe and South-East Asia are now witnessing a COD boom, as credit cards do not enjoy a universal presence, but people still want to buy wow products.

As regards the CIS countries, it’s advisable to start with Russia. It’s a country with a huge population, and therefore you can generate huge traffic volumes and scale up. 

In Russia, high-converting offers include Urotrin ($3), NormaFit ($0), Unitox ($3), Sunstalife ($3).

Arthrolon converts well in Poland.

Chocolate slim — in Romania.

Dietonica, Intoxic — in Thailand.

Varius, Libido drive — in Hungary.


The network provides you with ready-made promo materials such as transit pages and landings, you can also get a package of promo materials for each offer. Webmasters can have promo materials translated free of charge.

Perks and bonuses

Webmaster’s feedback

May 19, 2017

  • Support   8
  • Technologies   7
  • Offer quality   10
  • Reliability   7

I have been working with Everad for quite a while. It’s a cool network with lots of offers. I also like the detailed stats and a user-friendly personal account. If you have good white hat sites, you can send them to Everad. I earned quite a lot of money on Byanshi and Dominator offers.

January 14, 2019

  • Pros: extensive GEO, in-house call center, high approval rate

Comments: I have been working with this network for more than 2 years already. It can boast one of the best interfaces there is or even the best interface among all networks. It’s user-friendly, and when I brought 5 of my friends to this network, it was easy for them to start working with this interface. The network also has one of the best call centers where you can find information on the time and date of a call and even listen to a phone conversation. Of course, there are some controversial issues in the work of the center, but if they are to blame for a certain trouble, they will compensate for it. I also like the recent update that allows you to look at the number of processed leads and see when their final status will be determined. Overall, I can recommend this network.


AdCombo is an affiliate network specializing in worldwide wow products. The network was founded by the CTR.ru team in 2014. It’s one of the five most often recommended networks as regards driving international traffic to nutra offers.

Advantages and disadvantages of the network


  • A user-friendly platform.
  • 40 GEOs.
  • 12 health and beauty offer niches.
  • Affordable prices for translating your texts to one of the 40 languages supported by the platform.
  • 5 options for money withdrawal: PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, ePayments, Webmoney and a wire transfer.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $50.
  • The network has been around for 5 years .

 Disadvantages (based on online feedback)

  • Slow support.
  • Paid landing translation services.

What offers convert well? (according to the network)

The top GEOs include Romania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, and Malaysia 

We can recommend the following mainstream offers:

[17755] Black Latte – RO.

[15822] Black Latte – NL, BE.

[3473] Power Factor Saver – TH.

[12621] Black Latte – SK.

[17757] Black Latte – HU.

Recommended adult offers are:

[18090] Xtrazex – NL, BE.

[3398] Titan Gel – CY, GR.

[14568] Hammer of Thor (caps) – MY.

[14624] Forex – MY.

The company’s representatives claim that these offers are 100% effective. They can boast a decent and stable approval rate if the traffic quality is good and high popularity among AdCombo webmasters.


Text translation, although such services are not free of charge.

Technical support at all stages.

Landings are provided for all offers.

Perks and bonuses

  • Educational conferences throughout the year and parties.
  • Landings are provided in several versions.

Webmasters’ feedback

June 24, 2019

  • Pros: a variety of offers, payouts are made in dollars.

Comments: I started working with this network because it has lots of offers from various brands throughout the globe. One-third of all offers can be used to monetize Russian traffic. A major advantage is that the cash flow is in dollars. However, there are certain limitations on the minimum withdrawal amount. I generated quite a lot of profit from promoting weight loss and health enhancement products.


Shakes is an affiliate network focusing on traffic from the CIS and foreign countries. The network was founded in 2013. It’s often recommended by webmasters as one of the best networks for working with mobile traffic. The network specializes in wow products.

According to the site Partnerkin, the network’s rating is 9 out of 10. In the general rating, it ranks fourth.

Advantages and disadvantages of the network


  • 50 GEOs.
  • Options for money withdrawal include Webmoney, ePayments, Yandex.Money, Qiwi, a Rubank card, a teaser network account or a Yandex.Direct account.
  • The minimum payout is $47.
  • Exclusive offers: OneTwoSlim (weight loss drops), Bacterfort (an antiparasitic medication), Stabilin (a liver recovery medicine), ReCardio (an antihypertensive).
  • Call centers in 30 countries.
  • Swift support.
  • Even competitors say that they always pay you.

Disadvantages (based on online feedback)

  • Support works only in the daytime.
  • Excessive bureaucracy when it comes to withdrawing traffic and checking its quality.
  • The first payment may take a week, but later you won’t encounter any delays.

What offers convert well? (according to the network)

Now webmasters drive huge traffic volumes to three GEOs, namely Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.


Crystal Eyes $0,039 — eyesight recovery.

ProPatent FREE OF CHARGE — male libido enhancement pills.

Nerosistem 7 $2.35 — weight loss pills.
Ecodar $2.32 — hybrid mini-trees.

MaxiSize UZ $2.32 — penis enlargement cream.
Fatality UZ $7.74 — weight loss pills.


Every offer in a personal account has ready-made promo materials such as pre-landers and landing pages.

The network does not always provide ad creatives. Webmasters usually make their own creatives.

Perks and bonuses

  • The network’s site has a “Bonus” section where you can find discounts on certain services, plugins and so on.
  • The company has agreements with teaser networks that have agent accounts. When topping up an account in these teaser networks, you will get from +5% to +25% as a bonus.

Webmasters’ feedback

Webmaster: Bolas, guest

  • Work experience: Over a year
  • Rating: Good
  • Review date: 09.05.2019, 00:00

I work primarily with the Baltic states and drive traffic to pharmaceuticals and beauty products. The network’s offers are of high quality and perform well in the long run, there have been no signs of efficiency deterioration so far, and the conversion rate has been stable. I’d like to start working with other GEOs such as Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, there are some promising sources of local traffic, but the network doesn’t have a great variety of offers for these GEOs. 

5 months ago

The only disturbing factor was waiting for the first payout coupled with traffic screening. Overall, it took more than 3 weeks. Support was responding that they were checking the traffic quality. I finally received the money and since then there have been no delays. I like this network, as it has a rare combination of profitable offers and seamless withdrawal.


LeadBit is a CPA network and direct advertiser. It ranks sixth according to the site Partnerkin, the network’s rating is 8.9 out of 10.

Advantages and disadvantages of the network


  • Payouts from $10 for a lead.
  • Trafficback and Postback links.
  • Round-the-clock technical support.
  • The average approval rate accounts for from 15% to 65%.
  • 5 payment options: ePayments, PayPal, WMZ, Paxum, Capitalyst, a bank card.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $30 (wire — from $1000).
  • Sophisticated analytics tools.

Disadvantages (based on online feedback)

  • Slow support.
  • Sometimes it takes a lot of time to activate an offer after it has been requested.
  • Bureaucracy.

What offers convert well? (according to the network)

Major categories that webmasters work with are adult, joints and weight loss pills. All three categories enjoy a stable demand. However, we are witnessing a gradual shift from adult to white hat niches.

The top GEOs are Indonesia, Columbia, Romania, and Italy.

Top-performing offers: Erogan, Erofertil, Dietonus, Artroveх.


The network can provide a partner with private pre-landers and landing pages if they have found samples of promo materials they want to receive online or submitted a Terms of Reference document.

The network can also share information on top-performing landings and pre-landers available when launching a campaign.

Perks and bonuses

Affordable translation services.

The network’s site has a “Bonus” section where LeadBit partners (traffic sources, affiliate software) give promo codes and bonuses.

Webmasters’ feedback


  • Support   10
  • Technologies   10
  • Offer quality   10
  • Reliability   10

LeadBit is a top network for working with European traffic, they have lots of offers and promo materials, all landings and pre-landers are pre-tested, but you can carry out your own tests. Support gets an A-minus. You can drive context traffic to some offers if you pass moderation. I drive traffic primarily to white hat offers, and so I don’t have any problems with moderation even as regards Facebook. I have all product documents.


Comments: Overall, my experience of working with this network is positive, although I have some minor remarks. For instance, sometimes it takes a lot of time to activate an offer after it has been requested. Isn’t there a way to interact with advertisers more efficiently? At that, I run high-quality Adwords traffic. But these are only minor remarks, as a serious network has serious requirements, and that’s perfectly understandable.

So, it’s high time now to choose a network and an offer and start planning your campaign, even more so that the networks have already given their recommendations on where to drive traffic to. 

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