Content Audit

24 May 2023
A content audit involves evaluating and analyzing existing content assets on a website. It aims to...

Geography Lesson to Boost Your Campaigns: Geotargeting vs. Geofencing

27 April 2023
In affiliate marketing, GEO is one of the key factors in promoting campaigns. Even beginners...

Priming Effect and its Uses in Marketing

13 April 2023
It is no secret that marketing has at all times used various psychological techniques and traps to...

Guide on the Key Customer Experience Metrics in Affiliate Marketing

6 April 2023
Are you confident in having a good understanding of your audience, their needs, and their pains?...

Conference Networking Tips: How to Be an Efficient Communicator

5 April 2023
Even if you are an extrovert and offline communication doesn’t scare you in general, an...

Customer Profile vs. Customer Avatar vs. Buyer Persona

4 April 2023
The main mistake in affiliate or classic marketing is to focus on your business rather than the...

End-to-end Analytics in Affiliate Marketing

24 March 2023
Relying on intuition is not an option in any business. And when it comes to marketing, where there...

Why You Need Affiliate Tracking and What Can Go Wrong

23 March 2023
With the development of marketing, many new promotion channels and ways of interacting with users...

Business Model Canvas to Boost Your Conversions

22 March 2023
Marketing is an art and science of promoting a product to an audience. But before promoting...

Ad Fraud Trends by FraudScore: 2020–2022

16 March 2023
Changes that happened in the world in 2022 were as drastic as during two previous years. Global...

How to ROFL and LMAO in a Business Way

7 March 2023
Good marketing campaigns tend to favor strong emotions, like a sense of nostalgia, justice, fear,...

Retargeting vs. Remarketing: Which Is Better?

1 February 2023
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,  Who’s the Most Effective of Them All? Or maybe they are a reflection...

Clip Thinking in Marketing and How You Can Monetize It

26 January 2023
Psychology is now an integral part of sales and promotion. Nowadays, marketing professionals are...

Choose Your Fighter: Direct Advertiser vs Affiliate Network

20 December 2022
At the beginning of the affiliate path, there is always a choice to work with an affiliate program...

How We Choose the Vertical: Analyzing Consumer Behavior

19 December 2022
Many affiliates value the niche they work in to an extent when they avoid testing any other...

Real-time Marketing vs. Event Marketing: which Suits You Best?

28 November 2022
Ever wondered why so many affiliates make a choice of one vertical or another, depending on the...

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter in 2022

22 November 2022
While we’re munching on popcorn (or sipping sedatives) and watching Elon Musk play with his...

Fingerprinting in Affiliate Marketing Explained

17 November 2022
Traditionally, fingerprinting has been a part of biometrics. Human fingerprint is a unique...

Discover Pop-Under and Monetize Traffic Better

10 November 2022
Pops, pop-unders, one-click, click-under or any other combination of the words “click“,...

Sending Traffic to Nutra Offers via PWA Apps with 110% ROI

9 November 2022
Hello everyone! This is PWA.Market — the most convenient tool for creating PWA apps for ad...
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