Clip Thinking in Marketing and How You Can Monetize It

26 January 2023
Psychology is now an integral part of sales and promotion. Nowadays, marketing professionals are...

Choose Your Fighter: Direct Advertiser vs Affiliate Network

20 December 2022
At the beginning of the affiliate path, there is always a choice to work with an affiliate program...

How We Choose the Vertical: Analyzing Consumer Behavior

19 December 2022
Many affiliates value the niche they work in to an extent when they avoid testing any other...

Real-time Marketing vs. Event Marketing: which Suits You Best?

28 November 2022
Ever wondered why so many affiliates make a choice of one vertical or another, depending on the...

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter in 2022

22 November 2022
While we’re munching on popcorn (or sipping sedatives) and watching Elon Musk play with his...

Fingerprinting in Affiliate Marketing Explained

17 November 2022
Traditionally, fingerprinting has been a part of biometrics. Human fingerprint is a unique...

Discover Pop-Under and Monetize Traffic Better

10 November 2022
Pops, pop-unders, one-click, click-under or any other combination of the words “click“,...

Sending Traffic to Nutra Offers via PWA Apps with 110% ROI

9 November 2022
Hello everyone! This is PWA.Market — the most convenient tool for creating PWA apps for ad...

SEO 101

8 November 2022
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two completely opposite strategies of...

Analyze New GEO Before the Launch

3 November 2022
Hi! We are the team of the Playfina Partners affiliate program! We work in the iGaming niche with...

Misunderstanding in a Media Buying Team

31 October 2022
Miscommunication is some sort of interruption during the complex flow of communication. Sometimes,...

Essential Tools for Teams

27 October 2022
The functioning of any system depends on various factors where excluding even one small detail...

Affiliate Marketing Micro-Level Miscommunications

26 October 2022
Affiliate marketing is just a subset of marketing in general, yet it can be as complex as rocket...

What content appeals to different audiences

20 October 2022
Without understanding your audience, you will not achieve the goal for which you create the content...

TD Apps Upgrade — Transfer High-quality Audiences

4 October 2022
Last year, the TD APPS app rental became one of the first teams who introduced a new audience...

What Makes a Good Website

1 September 2022
Looking good is a must if you’re a website that needs to attract visitors and smoothly convert them...

Emojis Attract Users

3 August 2022
If you feel that your campaigns have hit the ceiling and can’t grow anymore or in case you struggle...

Outrank Them All

22 July 2022
If you know a thing or two about search engine ranking, you probably wish your sites would take the...

Little Pain for Big Gain

8 June 2022
In marketing one hears a lot about the so-called pain points and that marketers are supposed to...

Magic Numbers to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

6 June 2022
To start off, there is no magic button that will make your campaigns convert like crazy. But, we...
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