Words To Boost Conversion Rates

20 May 2022
There are certain expressions and words that are sometimes referred to as power or trigger words...

Text Placement Strategies for Landing Pages

1 April 2022
First of all, why do you need to bother with science, psychology, and all that stuff if you are a...

Tools for Market and Audience Analytics

31 March 2022
Market analysis is a necessary part of any marketing strategy, whether you wish to enter a new...

Ad fraud Report by FraudScore: outcomes and aftermath of 2021

17 February 2022
Click the link to get your copy of FraudScore’s Ad Fraud Report. The new year of 2021 looked...

Faster, Higher, Stronger → Profit. Betting and the Winter Olympic Games

4 February 2022
The Olympics is one of the biggest sports events, and we can harp on about its cultural and...

New Year in Marketing: Trends 2022

24 January 2022
To mark the new year and to take a closer look at marketing trends, ZorbasMedia team has...

Snatch ‘Em While They Rest

5 January 2022
Marketers and entrepreneurs usually divide the year in 4 parts — these quarters are referred to as...

Search engines for affiliate marketing campaigns

13 December 2021
Why do affiliates need search engines A search engine is a software system that operates thanks to...

What Has Changed With iOS 15

13 October 2021
Over the last few years, Apple has been on a roll to bring massive changes to the digital...

Gambling in European Countries

24 September 2021
Europe is an alluring destination for our marketing campaigns mostly because of the high standard...

Less User Data For Marketers

25 August 2021
Why do we need cookies Cookie files and other means of collecting and transmitting user data on...

Making Top-Notch Creatives

23 August 2021
Affiliate marketing is a rapidly changing industry, and we have to adapt and overcome new...

Limited options for targeting minors

17 August 2021
If you run campaigns for a younger audience, specifically those under 18 y. o., then you should...

FraudScore Ad Fraud Report: 2020vs2019 for Zorbas.Media

23 February 2021
2020 saw a record upsurge in ad fraud with fraudsters stealing more organic traffic and faking...

Finance Offers in Vietnam: Market Research by CPAlab

13 November 2020
Vietnam is a GEO with an estimated 95 million inhabitants. Although 95 million people account for...

Fraudulent traffic in the first half of 2020

10 August 2020
2020 turned out to be quite a year, and it’s far from over. With the help of our partners at...

Most Common Errors in Landing Page Design and How to Fix Them

5 August 2020
A landing page describes the USPs of a product or service and encourages users to perform a...

How to Measure Your Bounce Rate Correctly: Active Time and Scrolling

11 June 2020
There are three main metrics in Google Analytics reports that show user behavior patterns:...

Checklist for Google Play App Optimization

4 June 2020
Artem Tkachuk, ASO Manager at and ASO Expert at ASOdesk, discusses the main principles...

AI Technologies For Affiliate Marketing Creatives

13 May 2020
Affiliates have to come up with tons of creatives on a regular basis. However, marketers,...
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