How to Become a Better Marketer

2 March 2023
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The key to marketing omnipotence is knowledge: the more you know — the better you are prepared. No, really, that’s it, go get your cookie. However, if you are dissatisfied with this short answer, then keep on reading the article to learn why it is important to read the news, have a hobby, solve puzzles — broaden your horizon in a nutshell.

Knowledge saves resources

How to Become a Better Marketer

Time is money, and being knowledgeable saves both of them, plus your efforts and nerves. As a marketer, you have to be experienced in many spheres to keep up with the competition. First and foremost, you want to know as much as possible about affiliate marketing

Second, your language proficiency complements the creatives you make, because no creative is complete without a compelling message. No matter how awesome your banner is, it will never save your conversion rate from those repelling grammar mistakes that make your ads look unprofessional.

Third, psychology matters a lot in marketing. It applies to user’s psychology and interpersonal relationships within a team. In other words, both at the external and internal levels of communication. For example, knowing how to leverage human biases can skyrocket your ROI to the moon and ease the burden of creating promos.

However, the same biases can backfire on you, because every human is biased by default. This in turn can make you opt for suboptimal decisions while optimizing the campaigns. Alternatively, there is a danger of getting accustomed to ever-stellar performance, therefore, seeing all the subsequent results as stagnation. 

Knowing that bias, and similar phenomena, are akin to fire that can warm you up or burn you down makes you more prepared. This in turn helps to grow confidence, skill, positive attitude — all the qualities you need to succeed not only in affiliate marketing but life in general.

Literacy enables creativity

Once you stop googling everything related to affiliate marketing, language, and psychology, you can focus on a more important thing: crafting new creatives. But what’s even funnier, with the diverse knowledge you can stumble across good ideas or make a set of creatives right off the bat, adjusting the previously obtained knowledge to current goals.

They say there is nothing new under the sun for a reason. Most of the ideas are universally applicable. For instance, your interest in origami can yield the ideas that can be copied, tweaked, and used for promoting home improvements or finances, e.g., our houses might be made of (credit) cards, but they never fold.

How to Become a Better Marketer

Search for the news articles, read classic literature, hone your skills in a hobby, try out new spheres, observe the surrounding landscapes — the sources of information can never be too many. The main point here is that any piece of information can accidentally spark that lightbulb over your head with a bright idea:

  1. Pick a field of activity and devote yourself to it (e.g., art)
  2. Learn a new phenomenon (colorology)
  3. Get to know your hobby in-depth (Itten’s color circle)
  4. Pick something that is related to your problem at hand or go back to the first point and try again (the best combination of 4 colors).
  5. Adjust and apply the potential solution to your problem (creative landings)
  6. PROFIT!

Potential sources of inspiration

How to Become a Better Marketer

So far we have been talking about sources of useful knowledge in general. Time to elaborate on that and name a few channels, as well as their potential contribution:

  1. Mainstream news — all the journalists hunt for sensations. You probably have heard about the trial of Depp vs. Heard (pun not intended). Why not to capitalize on the event and make a reference to it while promoting dating or gambling offers. For example: “Learn from Johnny: try out your luck in our casino — play it safely” or “Why make Johnny’s mistakes, when you can go for one-night stands — save your nerves and your wallet”.
  2. Holidays of all kinds — if you are aware of the main holidays in a GEO you work with, you can adjust your creatives accordingly. Holidays can be local, festival, personal, niche-specific, or self-care related. For instance, knowing when the Super Bowl Sunday is due can help you to prepare accordingly and in advance, before the fun part starts. Keeping the information from different spheres of life can help you to make wild connections, which boost your creativity immensely.
  3. Forces majeures” — although the acts of God are predominantly destructive, they can be become a subject to memes at times. Do you remember the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland in 2010, which disrupted the air traffic for more than a week? You can even find some pieces of poetry dedicated to this vis major.
  4. Politics & Economics — Whether it is just a piece of news or some historical event, both politics and economics impact our lives drastically. And if knowing Maslow’s hierarchy is just a nice boon to understanding your consumer’s psychology, the information about revolutions, wars, or elections can affect your campaigning efforts for better or worse.
  5. Culture of all kinds — it’s not only about museums, architecture, or great artists. They say the culture starts once people begin to bury the deceased and spans to everything made by a human being. Therefore, all the following sets belong to and shape the culture simultaneously:
    • Sports: football, boxing, racing, poker, cybersport
    • Hobbies: musical instrument, computer gaming, jogging, car tuning, LEGO
    • Science & Engineering: research and development, writing, handmade, literature
    • Personal expertise: wine connoisseurs, city guides, librarians, music composers, polyglots
    • Proverbs & Sayings: you can’t make bricks without straw, it’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness


The more you know — the more you can do on the fly. Life is full of surprises that won’t last forever, and the skill of improvising can help you leverage any opportunity that comes your way immediately and naturally. Keep in mind that good improvisation is the one that has been rehearsed.

So go for it, start a hobby, read an article, do something outside the affiliate marketing — all for the sake of complementing your vocation in the most diverse ways possible. Remember, being creative is about leading the way, not following the trailblazers.

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