iAmAttila Speaks About His Marketing Journey

27 June 2022
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Have a good day, partners 😉

Profitov.Partners have interviewed one interesting person not so long ago and we look forward to sharing it with you.

So, we shall not buy time — our guest is Attila O’dree. 

iAmAttila Speaks About His Marketing Journey He started with SEO in 2008, switched to Paid Advertising focused affiliate marketing in 2012 and never looked back. iAmAttila made over $xx,xxx,xxx in profit, and spent over $50 million dollars on advertising since switching to paid ads in 2012. He has done all kinds of offers over the last decade: dating, app installs, nutra, crypto, drop-shipping, and now 100% focused on financial & home improvement lead gen in 2022 and beyond.

iAmAttila shared secretly with us that he has a waterproof notepad on the wall in the shower. So many questions and so few answers…

Therefore, let’s find out about it in an interview!


Profitov.Partners: Hi Attila! Tell us about the most memorable case in the top income/ROI

iamattila: Hi Alice! Well, when the bro marketers were all running “she died” and Dr Oz “secret sauce” angles, I was running diet&skin trials in European GEOs, with little to no competition and pulling in crazy ROI because of it.

P: Haha, it was really thoughtful. What about a case where you lost a lot of money?

A: I lost a lot of money when my tracker crashed, iMobiTrax back in 2014. Was running WhatsApp Pin Submits then. Lost like $4000 because the server crashed due to the load.

P: It’s not like A LOT but it’s unpleasant. Have you ever had the most unusual offer and traffic source which you work?

A: That is what it is, yes. Hmm, an unusual offer. Oh, I used to do pet insurance lead generation. I was one of the first people to run it, it was super hard to find, now it’s on a lot of networks. Great to have the 1st movers advantage. What about traffic source. If I told you, I’d have to kill you *laughs*. The unusual traffic source we use is so good, I don’t want anyone to know about it.

P: Haha, let this pass. Move on, which traffic sources in affiliate marketing do you consider the best in your opinion?

A: I think it is FB, YouTube, Taboola, Outbrain, TikTok.

P: This is a burning question now. Have you ever worked with the Russian market? What is the difference between the Russian community and the western?

A: I worked with Russian CPA Networks and loved the blunt to the point communication. In terms of running offers in the magical CIS region, no never. I was always a EURO & ASIA affiliate. The difference is they don’t speak a word of English, whereas the international “foreign” community all talks to each other in English.

P: Yes, it’s a big problem with English, but I hope the situation will get better soon. What is missing in foreign market in your opinion?

A: Russian networks throw the craziest parties with the most wild dancers and actors and scenery.

P: Yeah, Russia was successful at this. So I read you have three of your brands. Tell me about your team, how did the team develop? How is the workflow organized? And what is the secret of successful work?

A: The trick to having multiple brands is to have great procedures in place and training. Then we have a designated team leader and then support staff to help as needed. The secret to successful teamwork is having the right synergy.

P: But why did you start working on the development of these particular brands?

A: The brands were born out of necessity, following my “shoestring budget” approach to starting a business. Example: when I needed a full-time designer, in order to cover their salary so the designer costs me $0. I’ve started offering design services and BannersLanders was born.

P: I read on your website you earned a lot of money on the events. Now, this money still seems “a lot” to you when you work in affiliate marketing?

A: Yea, it’s still a lot. I used to make a profit of $100,000 in 1 day during an event. But it took 1.5 months to organize an event like that, so I guess 100,000 divided by 45 days… That’s like $2000 a day. Still pretty good since most affiliate marketers don’t even make $2000 a month 🙂

P: Has somebody ever let you down and how much?

A: I’ve been let down many times, backstabbed and screwed over by people I trusted and who believed in me. But these things made me stronger each and every time and helped me become successful overall. I had people say, if they stop working for me — I’ll go broke. I had someone screw me over, steal clients, only to fall on their face after the fun ended and be back to being broke. People are short-sighted. They don’t understand success is a marathon, and honesty and integrity is what will help you get to the finish line.

P: What about the most silly purchase?

A: I had no idea, so I asked my wife. And her reply was «You never make silly buying mistakes, because you always think 10x about what you will buy, then you will spend another few days to find the very best price by using price finding sites and making sure you don’t get ripped off». You really practice what you preach: «Every dollar saved, is a dollar made!»

P: What is the most memorable purchase?

A: The land of our amazing home in Budapest is built in. Put in a bid, on a closed auction. 6 months later, the phone rang, they said the bank accepted your bid. At this time, the land was worth twice as much as we bid. Was super excited. Now the land is worth 5x more than what we paid. Most memorable purchase, for sure.

iAmAttila Speaks About His Marketing Journey

P: Oh, yeah. It’s claim to be the best of the best purchase. Actually, how much do you travel?

A: We travel a lot, probably 4–8 times per year on foreign land, and internally probably 10–12 times for long weekend getaways with my kids and wife.

P: Have you ever been to Russia? If not, would you like to visit it?

A: No, I haven’t been to Russia. I wanted to visit, but the “special military operation” really fucked this up.

P: I read you started working in affiliate marketing because of your wife. Did she help you in any way at work?

A: Yes, when I started, she helped me a lot with adding content on my WordPress sites and formatting the posts and adding images. Also helped a lot doing link trading and link building. That was back in 2008/2009 before our son was born.

P: Also you told about your mother-in-law. Did she use what you advertised?

A: Yes she did. LOL

P: Speaking of a little secret. Why do you have a notepad on the wall in the shower?

A: Showers are proven to be a safe place that provides high dopamine release in a relaxed state and helps focus the mind. They are an amazing source of creativity and idea generation for me. That’s why I have a notepad that’s waterproof in the shower. Insane ideas just randomly come, and if I don’t write them down, I forget by the time I get out of the shower and dry myself and dress up.

P: Thank you so much for talking. Your achievements are really incredible. I wish you to do what you really love and never give up!

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