Unlocking Affiliate’s Creative Genius: 10 Tips and Tricks

27 February 2023
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Being creative might be hard, being creative at will is even harder, but being creative all the time is the real challenge. As a marketer, you always have to cherish, hone, and expand your creativity. We are going to cover some of the most fundamental, interesting, and recent ideas of how to remain creative no matter the exhaustion.

Science facilitates creativity

Unlocking Affiliate’s Creative Genius: 10 Tips and Tricks

Let’s start with something precise, robust, and proven – science. One of the most common techniques to enable one’s creativity is to arrange mind mapping or brainstorming. Check out an article dedicated to brainstorming for an in-depth look at the technique.

  • Brainstorming – whether you are getting creative solo or in a group, write down every solution to a problem that comes to your mind. No matter how wild, absurd, or gibberish the solution may look like – just write it down. Dash out the ideas afterward, not before the think-tank is at work, even if it suggests walking to a nearby shop around the Moon.
  • Mind mapping – draw a central idea in the middle of a piece of paper. Next, branch off sub-ideas and all the related concepts. This way, you can establish connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. Mind mapping can be used to relate all the stages of your funnel, including the offline ones, understand the crucial stages in your campaigning, and select the most suitable attribution model.
  • Physical exercising – mind and body are intertwined closer than you think. Stimulating one of them activates the second half as well. If your mind refuses to cooperate, why not to approach differently and take a walk, visit a gym, play a team-based sport, or dive into a swimming pool?

Art is the definition of creativity

Unlocking Affiliate’s Creative Genius: 10 Tips and Tricks

Not only scientifically proven methods can help you out. Creativity can be found in many activities and arts:

  • Semantic analysis – if you like refining the words you use in your creatives, then this is the exercise for you. It is similar to mind mapping, but applied to linguistics. Pick a word you like, e.g., blue. Then look for its hypernyms (superset), synonyms, antonyms, hyponyms (subset), and co-hyponyms (same set). The goal here is just to force your brain into thinking by any means necessary.
    • Source word: blue
    • Hypernym: color
    • Co-hyponym: red
    • Synonym: sea-like
    • Antonym: orange
    • Hyponym: navy
  • Associations and story making – stage actors go through many exercises before becoming professionals. One of which is to come up with an association to any given object, for example, a coin. What does it look like: a shield, a lantern, or perhaps a planet? Now imagine this coin plunging into the universe of your wallet with thousands of peer planets. What makes your coin to stand out? Why is your planet special? Tell yourself a story about its origins, aspirations, future prospects. Will your metal coin become a Bitcoin one day?
  • Have a hobby – they say the best mathematicians are music players. Drawing is the real life representation of what’s going on in your head, so paint the canvas with the roadblocks you have in your mind. Try to express your problem using only colors and no words, because communication is not only about language.

The creative power in many

Unlocking Affiliate’s Creative Genius: 10 Tips and Tricks

You are not the only one who can be creative. In fact, the more people you can involve in your think-tanking, the better. Here are some more methods for your creativity to become unstoppable:

  • Work in groups – lonely wolf is not about creativity. People share different values and visions. So inquire anybody to share their opinion on your idea or creation. Or better yet, use the Cunningham’s Law fallacy and make a wrong statement deliberately to get the right feedback with a bigger chance.
  • Read more literature – fictional books are a great source of wisdom and creativity. Most of the classic literature was written by well-literate people that had many valuable insights in their minds. They also knew how to choose proper words.
  • Use brute force – turn upside down the lightbulb or the painting in your hands for new variants and ideas. Resize, rotate, reskin, duplicate, triplicate, cut, repaint – manipulate the objects before you in the most primal and elementary way. Being creative is about irrationality, madness, recklessness; forget about logic and start experimenting.

The ultimate solution to creativity

In December 2022 ChatGPT made it to the public release. In a nutshell, this is a super powerful AI, capable of writing and editing native-sounding texts, generating keywords for neural networks to make an image out of them, making and checking countless lines of code at lightning speed, composing songs and poetry – practically anything. 

It might not be available for all the GEOs, so use VPN if you have to. Plus, you will have to provide an eligible phone number. But once those obstacles are mitigated, your possibilities, not only in terms of creativity, become endless. For example, you can learn 5 bad habits any respectful affiliate marketer should avoid.

Unlocking Affiliate’s Creative Genius: 10 Tips and Tricks


Creativity sources are all around us, you just have to pay a bit more attention. Initially it might be difficult, but then it will turn into the second nature of yours. With the 10 strategies we have listed so far, you will be able to stay creative almost indefinitely.

Unlocking Affiliate’s Creative Genius: 10 Tips and Tricks

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