The Streamer Always Wins

Turns out gamblers enjoy both playing at games of chance and watching how others do it. This interest has spawned numerous YouTube and Twitch channels dedicated to gambling in all its forms. Our today's article touches upon online gambling streaming, a growing trend within the Internet casino industry. 19 may 2020 0

Nutra in Distress: How Coronavirus Affects Health and Beauty Product Sales

As the coronavirus pandemic is rampaging global markets all over, the nutra vertical too is facing turbulent times. While GEOs are getting stopped on a massive scale, most advertisers are announcing they will provide contactless delivery. ZorbasMedia decided to interview industry players acting on the three market sides, i.e. ad networks, affiliate networks, and media buyers. 24 march 2020 0

Make India Hard Again. Part 3: Improving Lead Quality

Today, I’m going to update you on what I was doing in the last couple of weeks. Last time I wrote on this subject, my ROI was approximately 0% and it turned out that I had generated a high percentage of trash leads. 19 march 2020 0

Make India Hard Again. Part 2: The First Test Results

Hopefully, you have already had the opportunity to read the first part of our special project on driving traffic to India. Today, we are going to discuss how we picked up an offer and creatives and launched our first ad campaigns. We will also touch upon our first results. 28 february 2020 1

Make India hard again. Part 1: getting started

Hi everyone! We have an in-house media buying team in ZorbasMedia that tests various offers and traffic sources. We have decided to launch a special project where one of our team members will test GEOs and traffic sources he hasn’t worked with before. We would like to show that an affiliate with any experience under […] 18 february 2020 0

Around the globe for profit. Mobile traffic on different continents

Revenue-wise, the leadership position in today's affiliate marketing belongs to structured teams that work according to clear regulations and constantly analyze their target markets with all tools at their disposal. This is an ever-accelerating race that is getting increasingly harder to win. 28 january 2020 0
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