Partners.House Push Monetization Platform

16 September 2022
Partners.House is an international marketing platform that allows for monetization of push traffic...

XXX Profit on Push Ads in 2022

30 August 2022
Push ads are a traditional ad format that has seen its ups and downs and stays profitable...

CPC, Smart CPC, or Custom Bidding?

21 February 2022
As you may know, RollerAds is a high-performance advertising network with several ad formats...

New Year in Marketing: Trends 2022

24 January 2022
To mark the new year and to take a closer look at marketing trends, ZorbasMedia team has...

Push Marketplace by AdsKeeper — All push providers in ONE platform

2 September 2020
Sponsored AdsKeeper, an ad recommendation platform, has rolled out a push ads marketplace...

Mobile Content in Affiliate Marketing

17 August 2020
Definition of mobile content offers Types of mobile content offers Mobile content business...

Case Study: How I Made Over $1000 on Dating Offers with Push Traffic

14 August 2020
This case study has been written exclusively for ZorbasMedia. The author’s Telegram...

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Running Push Traffic

12 May 2020
Our partners at Vimmy wrote an article breaking down the most common mistakes made by affiliates...

Driving traffic to push notifications in 2020 and staying in the green

15 April 2020
Hi! My name is Maria Dorvey, and I would like to tell you about my push traffic journey and share...

Push Notifications on iOS. Push Traffic Revival. In-Page Push Review + Case Study

13 April 2020
Hi there! Today, we are breaking down In-Page Push, a brand new type of traffic added to the ad...

The Man and the Traffic Reloaded. Season 2. Episode 1

27 March 2020
Hi there! Hope you remember me from the first part of our experiment “The Man and the...

The Man and the Traffic: The Final Volume

18 December 2019
Hi there! This is the editorial team speaking. Our special project “The Man and the Traffic” is...

The Man and the Traffic: Running Install Campaigns

22 November 2019
Hi everyone! This is the editorial team speaking. What you have in front of you is the...

The Man and the Traffic: Approaching the Finish Line

25 October 2019
Hi everyone! This is the editorial team speaking. In this volume, Oleg decides to draw some...

The Man and the Traffic: Testing Various Hypotheses on Driving Push Traffic

9 October 2019
Hi everyone! This is the editorial team speaking.  In this volume, Oleg shares his hypotheses on...
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