Conference Networking Tips: How to Be an Efficient Communicator

5 April 2023
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Even if you are an extrovert and offline communication doesn’t scare you in general, an offline affiliate marketing conference can still be an overwhelming and exhausting challenge in terms of networking, especially if it’s your first conference.

You may feel excited by the prospect of meeting new people in the field. But it turns into an absolutely different emotion when you walk into a room full of experienced and well-known professionals: senior media buyers, heads of departments, team owners, affiliate marketing strategists, etc. Confidence goes out the window and confusion arises. 

The Prejudice that Ruins Networking

Very often, newcomers in any niche have the impression that there are tight clusters of people who gather in seemingly impenetrable circles at networking events, who seem to already know each other and don’t want to let newcomers in.

To a certain extent, this is true. But do not allow yourself to think that this is all a part of some dark conspiracy designed to keep you out. It’s unproductive, you’ll only intimidate yourself.

Conference Networking Tips: How to Be an Efficient Communicator

Openness is the Key

Networking is all about openness, being generous with your professional knowledge, and helping each other succeed. If it sounds childish to you, maybe you are not ready for productive networking. Yes, affiliate marketing is not the sphere where people willingly share their key knowledge (because it’s worth a lot of money, duh). But if you can’t, for example, share your general approach to generating conversions, there are many other ways in which you can show your openness and generosity. Answer the question: What can I do to welcome people into my space?

Show You’re Valuable

The idea is simple: if you show your network you are valuable, they are more likely to turn to you for opportunities or introduce you to their contacts. That’s why when you are at a conference, think of a way you can be helpful to others. You don’t even have to remember everyone you meet with, but you should make them remember you

Some ideas for you:

  • If you are just starting in affiliate marketing, you might share something simple but smart: your way to use a time management app efficiently.
  • If you are experienced in the sphere, you can share your experience of working for some GEO or help to choose a better spy service. 

By the way, your value can be not only job-related. If you have a dog and find out someone from your network has a dog too, you can share some life hacks to easily brush its teeth or advise a reliable grooming salon with low prices. If someone mentions a series you’ve watched, you can strike up the conversation and discuss its characters and plot. 

Look for commonalities with your crowd. They help build stronger bonds.

Conference Networking Tips: How to Be an Efficient Communicator

Create a Plan Before an Event

We attend conferences in the hope to make meaningful connections. But there can be hundreds of people at an event. How can you find the necessary connections and assess if the conference is worth visiting?

You should think of some strategy before the event. Networking isn’t really about talking to as many people as you can. You should focus on the right contacts and conversations according to your business purposes. So think about them and create a plan of action. An easy example: if you want to find you want to try working with t SEO traffic, focus on talking to SEO specialists. 

Remember that meeting one time at a conference isn’t enough for strong relations. Continue your communication and build a connection.

Find Creative Ways to Stay in Touch

Okay, let’s imagine you’ve made some nice business contacts at an event. What’s next? It’s a very common networking dilemma. What to do if you want people to remember you and show up for you when you need them, but you don’t want to start all the conversations with business questions? How to make such communication more natural?

  1. Support at least those in your network who you know can help in your career. Find the ways to do it: share their new project on your social media, attend the events they organize, participate in their activities, volunteer your time and energy. If you are seen as a giver, others will probably want to give you back as well. 
  2. Mix your business communication with the joy of friendly (not job-related) interaction. Show you are there at important moments of their life: even sending birthday cards makes communication warmer and helps you stand out.


Conferences are nice networking events, but don’t forget that networking can happen anywhere and anytime. Don’t miss such opportunities as well. The key is to know your professional goals. If you have an understanding of what kind of people you are looking for, you’ll encounter them much more often, even outside your professional circles.

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