Free ASO Promotion Hacks, Part 3: Choosing the Best GEO for Promotion of Your App

25 August 2023
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This is the third part of our Free ASO Promotion Hacks series. In our two previous articles, we covered the topics of text metadata and visual components. Today we will discuss selecting the optimal GEOs for your ASO strategy.

Randomly selecting GEOs for app promotion can lead to a waste of time and resources. It is advisable to thoroughly analyze and identify the specific regions where advertising efforts will be most effective and beneficial before promoting an app in the store.

Free ASO Promotion Hacks, Part 3: Choosing the Best GEO for Promotion of Your App

Before you start… 

When deciding on the countries to prioritize for organic promotion, it is essential to consider the following factors:

  • Market size. Assess the overall volume of organic traffic in the target market to gauge its potential reach and impact.
  • Competition. Evaluate the strength and presence of competitors in the market to understand the level of competition you may face.
  • Organic growth potential. Determine if there is a viable opportunity for organic growth within a specific niche or market segment.

By carefully analyzing these factors, you can make informed decisions about which countries to focus on for organic promotion, maximizing your chances of success and optimizing your organic growth strategy.

Assessing internal app metrics

To gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of your app promotion strategy, start by evaluating the internal metrics of your app specifically for the GEOs that you prioritize:

  • Search query impressions. Evaluate the number of impressions generated by search queries.
  • App installs. Assess the total number of app installations.
  • Ranked keywords. Analyze the overall number of keywords for which the app is ranked.
  • Conversion rate (CR). Measure the ratio of app installs to impressions, indicating the effectiveness of promotion efforts.

Then, analyze your app’s CR by comparing it to the benchmark conversion rate for your app category — there is a wealth of statistical data available on the internet regarding this topic, accessible through both free and paid sources.

Free ASO Promotion Hacks, Part 3: Choosing the Best GEO for Promotion of Your App

Estimating market size

At the next step, assess the potential market size for your app. This will involve analyzing the following indicators:

  • Semantic core size. Evaluate the size of the semantic core for apps within your niche.
  • Monthly daily Impressions. Determine the number of daily impressions per search query per month within your niche.

If you work with iOS, add the following metrics:

  • Apple Search Ads availability. Assess the availability of Apple Search Ads in the targeted GEO.
  • Active iOS devices. Analyze the number of active iOS devices in the selected GEO.

Here, your goal is to compare various metrics and identify markets that offer the greatest ease of access and potential for organic traffic. 

Competitor analysis

When evaluating the organic promotion strategies of competitors, there are two important metrics to focus on:

  • Ranked keywords. This metric indicates the number of keywords for which a competitor’s app is ranked. It provides insights into their organic search visibility and potential reach.
  • Estimated downloads. This metric provides an approximate count of the competitor’s app installations. It offers an indication of their overall popularity and success in attracting users.

Assessing organic growth potential

To determine the potential for your app’s development in a specific GEO, evaluate the following metrics:

  • Traffic potential. Analyze the amount of traffic your app can potentially receive in the selected region.
  • Estimated monthly download potential. Assess the potential number of monthly downloads your app can achieve.

To gauge the growth potential of your app, you can calculate the difference between the total number of installations and the number of installations of your competitors. This calculation will provide an estimate of the number of installations your app can potentially acquire.

Also, don’t forget: when it comes to entering new markets, it is advantageous to have an app that is already adapted and translated for specific GEOs. Therefore, it is important to check which countries your app is already localized for. This will increase the potential of your app.

Free ASO Promotion Hacks, Part 3: Choosing the Best GEO for Promotion of Your App

Summarizing app growth forecast

As you reach the final step, summarize and make predictions about the growth of your app. These predictions should be based on the following key parameters:

  • Overall growth potential. Assess the total potential for organic growth, considering factors such as market demand and competition.
  • Installation growth potential. Evaluate the potential for increasing app installations, taking into account user acquisition strategies and market trends.
  • CVR potential. Analyze the potential for improving the conversion rate, focusing on optimizing user experience and enhancing app performance.
  • Product localization. Consider the importance of adapting the app to specific markets, including language translation and cultural customization.

Before delving into the analysis of these parameters and their respective data, review all previous indicators once again. This will ensure a thorough understanding of the app’s current performance and inform accurate growth forecasts.


Before expanding into new markets or selecting a specific GEO for promoting your app, it is crucial to ensure that the promotional efforts in that region will yield positive results. This guide aims to assist you in conducting the necessary analysis to make informed decisions. Best of luck in your app promotion endeavors!

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