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The man and the traffic

Hi there!

We are launching a special project where a grown man is going to learn how to run traffic. In our turn, we will cover this process in detail.

Some say that anyone can be taught to run traffic, even a beekeeper. There are many online courses promising fabulous wealth without any hard work. But is it really that simple? If anyone can be taught to drive traffic, then why are there so many disillusioned affiliates and so many failed attempts at conquering the affiliate marketing mountain?

However, there is a polar opinion that solo-affiliates are destined to fail and their time has long gone. The advocates of this opinion believe that an inexperienced person cannot run profitable campaigns.

We decided to put both these theories to the test and conduct this experiment.

What’s going to happen? We will take one highly motivated man and provide him with all the resources he needs to run traffic. We will pay close attention to everything he does and share all the information with our readers.

A few words about our hero: he is an SEO-specialist in our editorial office. His name is Oleg and he is 41 years old. He served in the military and left it in the rank of the captain of aerospace forces. And any day now he will become a father…for the 5th time. He has repeatedly and persistently asked us to teach him to drive traffic. He was so persistent that we finally decided to give it a try but under one condition: we will share the results of the experiment with our audience. He was all right with that.

ZorbasMedia will provide Oleg with $2000. He is willing to put the time and effort and allocate 2 hours of his time to driving traffic and working on campaigns. Everyday. No excuses.

One more thing: we would like to run this experiment together with our community.

We believe in the power of community and we are sure that it is possible to achieve success only with the support of other people.

So, first things first: let’s choose a traffic source for Oleg to work with.

In the next post, we will give the floor to Oleg and outline the first steps towards a new life.

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