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Editor’s letter: ZorbasMedia plans for October

Hi everyone! This is Sasha Zuev speaking. You might have seen some articles with my name on them, some of you may have met me in real life, or maybe I have asked you to become an author in ZorbasMedia.

You may recall weekly summary letters from ZorbasMedia editor-in-chief we used to publish quite some time ago. Such letters are no more, so I have volunteered to uphold this noble endeavor.

So, what it’s going to be? I’ll tell you about the current situation and plans for the future.

To be honest, it’s not an easy task to provide media coverage for such specific field as affiliate marketing. No affiliate in his right mind will give out his secret of success, and if he does, you better treat his words with a grain of salt (I’ve had my fair share of fairy tales).

We made an attempt to write a lot — it didn’t work. It wasn’t always interesting, even for me, to tell you the truth. And truth is exactly the thing we all should share, my friends. That is why we have decided to go for “less is more” and publish fewer items but of higher quality. So, we have modified our agenda.

Let me translate it into the “affiliate language”: instead of testing indiscriminately, we have decided to choose the only format and to keep searching for profitable campaigns within the chosen vertical.

By the way, I will continue covering the verticals and pick the exotic ones for sure. It’s no secret that you can drive traffic to pretty much anything, while many affiliates still stick to diet pills.

And now down to business: in October, you will see lots of information on gambling and Facebook.

We have launched a project with an affiliate who drives Facebook traffic to gambling offers via mobile apps: he will share his skills and experience. Stay tuned if you wish to understand driving foreign traffic to gambling or interested in overcoming the new ban wave on Facebook.

The situation on Facebook is somewhat unclear: credit cards and business managers get banned, and other stuff like that. Well, basically bees waging a war against honey.

The Man, of course, will drive more traffic. He has to earn enough for a seaside vacation for the family of seven. All by himself.

We have also decided to conduct “test drives” of affiliate programs/ traffic sources/ services. The approach is simple: we will drive traffic from/to/with the help of these services and tools and keep you posted. Real figures and approaches are more useful than the opinion of the editors. And our team knows how to drive traffic (Nick Titan has my full confidence).

At the end of the month we will launch a new column in which Nick Titan will review the October spy tests, discuss creatives and approaches affiliates use.

In September we had quite a few conferences, so the review of TES is coming out soon.

On Saturdays we plan to publish some lifehacks and on Sundays you will see new selections. By the way, if you want to receive a selection of our best materials — subscribe to our newsletter!

It will not be a ZorbasMedia 2.0, we’re heading exactly the way we have planned. We will do our best to publish only the top material. Even your cleaning lady will get hooked.

My letters will be published every first Monday of the month. So, you will always know what’s coming, and I will keep better track of things.

See you on November 4th!


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Good plans, good article. Thanks. Also, anyone interested in playing video games and getting paid as tester? Sign up here https://tinyurl.com/yypl4qea
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