Automation in affiliate marketing: tools and approaches

11 July 2019
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Automation in affiliate marketing: tools and approaches

Hi there! Today I’d like to reopen the conversation about free traffic (which I started in my previous article), but this time we are going to discuss how to automate routine tasks that take up a lot of time and effort.

You don’t need to have particular expertise in coding to use some elementary automation tools because there are certain ready-made solutions that you only need to customize or automation software that requires some basic logic and the ability to use Google to work with.

How to automate your work processes?

You can use ready-made software solutions. There are quite a lot of ready-made programs on the web developed for working with major social networks. Lots of them are combined software tools (multi-purpose software capable of performing several tasks at once).

  • FBsender — a Facebook combine
  • Instasoft/Jarvee — Instagram combines
  • Telegram Tool — a Telegram combine
  • Various autoresponders for messengers

These are fee-based solutions, but there are cracked versions/keys available for some of them. These programs have extensive functionality, which enables you to automate any process within a particular social media or messenger.

Clickers. A clicker or a macros allows you to automate actions on any web source or in an app. A clicker can be installed both on a computer and a smartphone. Clickermann is one of the examples of such solutions. The major advantage of this approach is that it’s easy to implement: you only need to record a script of repetitive actions and launch it.

However, this method also has its disadvantages. The biggest one is that it occupies your computer screen and uses your monitor coordinates (X; Y). Similar clicks on the same spaces can provoke suspicion, which may result in a faster ban.

Automation software. There are two most popular solutions, namely BAS (Browser Automation Studio) and ZP (ZennoPoster). The first one is free of charge (but there is premium access primarily for commerce), while the second option is fee-based and has the light, standard, and pro (from $55 to $236) account options. There is also a demo version.

These solutions enable you to perform the same actions as in a browser. In the online mode, these programs use web page layout elements and thus are able to accurately identify a particular action.

These tools are opened in a separate window, thus enabling you to continue using your computer for other tasks. Such products have almost infinite opportunities. Everything depends on your expertise.

You can automate your tasks using various approaches, as their effectiveness varies depending on a number of factors.

Types of automation

Let’s start with the basics, that is with macros.

This approach is good for performing elementary actions (give a like, add to friends and so on). Clickers are generally used in Android emulators because an app interface is usually very simple and does not require complicated scripts.

You can combine a clicker and an autoresponder in your work having stated your number in the WhatsApp or Viber description. You can like users to attract attention to your account. Having received no response, a “client” decides to send you a personal message that will be processed by an autoresponder that will send a user a link leading to a landing.

You should use this approach if you need a minimum set of actions, but I’d like to add that the potential of modern clickers enables you to design much more sophisticated automation processes (registration, changing an account, bulk mailing, randomization, search by images an so on).

Automation software

Another approach involving automation software is more sophisticated, but if you learn how to use it, you will have more room for maneuver. I mean programs that emulate browser actions. I have mentioned them before, these are BAS and ZP.

Such programs use an HTML page layout, all actions are recorded in a script that a program will subsequently use to repeat the recorded tasks. The script is opened in a separate built-in browser where you can create and edit your script.

How BAS works:

Automation in affiliate marketing: tools and approaches

There are quite a lot of people who write scripts on a by-order basis or just publish them for everyone to use. Having watched some YouTube tutorials, you will be able to write parsers, as well as spammer, checker and registration software.

As an entry-level coder, you’ll be able to partially automate your actions. To reach a higher automation level, you’ll have to delve deeper into the world of coding and HTML.

The main drawback of this solution is low speed, as you will have to load a page, otherwise the element will be lacking and an action won’t be performed. If you have a low-power computer, you’ll have to work using one or two windows.

However, you can resolve these issues by using POST/GET requests. They eliminate the need to load pages, thus taking the load off of your computer and enabling you to work in a multithread mode. As basic knowledge won’t be enough to work with POST/GET requests, you will have to delve deeper into lots of issues pertaining to servers and coding.

So, POST/GET requests provide for a constant exchange of data between a server and a customer. To put it simply, a GET request is a URL typed into the address bar. You can notice that if you change the “page=” variable in the address bar, you can go to a page you need having sent a GET request to a site.

However, the number of symbols is limited, and this method can be easily detected and copied, and that’s why there are POST requests in place. POST requests are data and variables that are requested by a server and subsequently sent to it. T

he examples of POST requests are registration or sending a message. POST requests can transfer huge data volumes. Here is the example of such script

Automation in affiliate marketing: tools and approaches

POST/GET requests enable you to send data to a server and receive data from it. This is the fastest and most effective solution, as it allows you to directly interact with a server. However, to use this approach effectively, you’ll have to do a lot of research, but the results are worth it.

To analyze requests, you’ll need sniffer software (HTTP Analyzer, Fiddler).

So, we have discussed key automation principles and solutions that will enable you to avoid performing routine tasks and enhance your technical skills and abilities. If you lack the time or desire to do everything yourself, you can use ready-made solutions or commission a script. However, this may result in a situation where your source of income can be appropriated by some third parties. Therefore, as the saying goes, if you want a thing done well, do it yourself! I wish you success in your work!

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