Video Testimonials: Why Are They Important & And How To Get Them

7 March 2024
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In today’s marketing landscape, customer testimonials are pure gold. These glowing reviews and endorsements provide powerful social proof that can exponentially amplify your brand’s credibility and appeal to potential customers. Testimonials lend a highly authentic voice to your value proposition.

Beyond the trustworthiness they convey, video testimonials are naturally more engaging. Customer stories come to life through visual storytelling rather than being confined to text blocks. This captures viewer attention more effectively in our video-centric world.

Video Testimonials: Why Are They Important & And How To Get Them

With the right approach, marketers can harness the immense power of video testimonials to elevate their brand’s reputation, boost conversions, and forge deeper emotional connections with prospects. This guide covers strategies to collect, create, optimize, and amplify compelling video testimonials.

What are cideo testimonials?

Video testimonials are customer feedback presented in a dynamic, recorded video format. Unlike written testimonials, which convey experiences through text alone, video testimonials capture the authenticity and emotion of satisfied customers through visual storytelling.

Video testimonials serve the same purpose as written ones — to build trust and credibility with potential customers. However, they do so in a more engaging and impactful way by using facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language to create a personal connection. This immersive quality sets video testimonials apart, making them more attention-grabbing and memorable.

Research shows that consumers prefer video content over text, with 72% expressing a preference for videos when receiving marketing information. Video testimonials also enjoy higher engagement rates, with videos under four minutes in length seeing a 52% increase in engagement. This heightened engagement translates to increased brand visibility, trust, and ultimately, conversions.

Why are video testimonials important?

While traditional written testimonials have their place, video testimonials offer several unique advantages that can significantly elevate your marketing efforts.

Visual appeal and human connection

Visuals are naturally more engaging than text alone. Seeing a real person share their authentic experience creates an instant human connection and sense of relatability for viewers. This personal touch is impactful for earning trust.

Video Testimonials: Why Are They Important & And How To Get Them

Higher engagement rates

Video content tends to have substantially higher engagement rates compared to blog posts, ebooks, or text reviews. Videos are consumable and tap into both audio and visual cues to hold attention better.

Enhanced storytelling capabilities

Through spoken narrative combined with visual elements like b-roll footage and graphics, video allows for richer, more compelling storytelling. Customers can paint a vivid picture rather than condensing it into text.

Video Testimonials: Why Are They Important & And How To Get Them

Improved branding and social sharing

Video testimonials create easily shareable branded content. When customers authentically rave about your company or products on video, it’s easy for others to spread those experiences virally.

Increased retention and memorability

People are likelier to remember and be impacted by powerful stories delivered through video versus quickly skimming text reviews. The multi-sensory experience improves information retention.

The data backs up video’s impact. One study found viewers retain 95% of a message when watching it in a video compared to just 10% when reading. Another revealed customers are 64% more likely to purchase after watching a video testimonial.

How to get video testimonials from your customers

Curate your dream team

  • Start by identifying your most enthusiastic customers — the ones who light up when they talk about your product or service.
  • Look for those who have a genuine connection with your brand and are likely to provide authentic and heartfelt testimonials.

Dive deep into customer experiences

  • Get to know your customers on a personal level. Understand how they use your product or service, what challenges they faced, and how you helped overcome them.
  • This insight will not only inform your approach but also demonstrate to customers that you value their unique experiences.

Craft personalized invitations

Reach out to potential testimonial givers with a personalized touch. Let them know why you admire their loyalty and how their story could inspire others.

  • Make it clear that their contribution matters and will make a real difference to your brand.

Spice things up with incentives

  • Who doesn’t love a little extra? Offer incentives like discounts, special offers, or even a feature in your newsletter to sweeten the deal.
  • Remember to keep the incentives relevant and valuable to your customers to ensure their participation.

Video Testimonials: Why Are They Important & And How To Get Them

Go the extra mile with video messages

  • Break through the digital noise by sending personalized video messages alongside your request for testimonials.
  • Show your appreciation, share your excitement, and provide clear instructions on how they can create and submit their videos.

Master the art of follow-up

  • Persistence pays off! Follow up with gentle reminders and additional encouragement for those who haven’t yet submitted their testimonials.
  • Be sure to offer assistance and support along the way, making the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for your customers.

Unleash your creativity

  • Make it fun! Encourage customers to get creative with their testimonials — whether it’s through storytelling, humor, or visual elements.
  • Provide examples or prompts to inspire them and showcase the diverse ways they can share their experiences.

Overcome challenges with finesse

  • Address any concerns or objections head-on. Reassure customers of the value and impact of their testimonials and offer solutions to any potential obstacles.
  • Be flexible and accommodating, allowing customers to share their stories in their own authentic voice and style.

By following these steps, you’ll not only capture compelling video testimonials but also foster deeper connections with your customers and strengthen your brand’s reputation. So, what are you waiting for? Let the testimonials roll in and watch your brand soar!


In marketing, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Video testimonials have emerged as a game-changer, offering a dynamic and captivating way to connect with your audience and bolster your brand’s reputation. We’ve explored the myriad benefits of video testimonials — from their visual appeal and human connection to their higher engagement rates and enhanced storytelling capabilities. We’ve seen how they can transform your brand’s identity, resonate with viewers on a deeper level, and ultimately drive conversions and growth.

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