The Meaning Behind Slot Design

19 October 2022
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The basic character set of any slot is about 10–12 images. Clear and familiar icons make the slot machine more popular. Special characters influence the mood of a person and keep the player in the game. New players may feel insecure because of unfamiliar slot machines if their gameplay goes beyond the classic norms.

The slot symbols determine the pay table. In addition, the design of slot symbols contributes to the uniqueness of a given casino product and consequently increases recognition among the players.

In this article, we take a look at traditional and special slot symbols.

The Meaning Behind Slot Design

Types of game symbols

Slots attract attention with a wide variety of symbols and their brightness. Symbols are divided into standard, scatter, bonus, and wild. These symbols make the slot appear more appealing. Below, you will find different meanings of slot symbols.

Standard reel symbols

Any slot machine has a basic set of standard symbols. There is no additional benefit from them. They simply provide a winning payout when the player hits the correct order of a series of matching symbols.

Standard reel symbols are created in accordance with the theme of slot machines. Slot machines usually employ traditional reel symbols such as cherries, strawberries, melons, and oranges. Other everyday standard reel symbols are playing card symbols such as king, queen, jack, or ace.

The Meaning Behind Slot Design

Slot icons, which today may function in place of the old standard reel symbols in some slots, may focus on the theme of the slot. For example, it is not uncommon to see ship, fish, treasure chest, and anchor symbols in slots with a pirate or underwater theme.

The Meaning Behind Slot Design

Jackpot or 777

The jackpot is the largest reward a player can receive. The jackpot is formed from a percentage of all losses or it can grow proportionally relative to a certain period of time.

The Meaning Behind Slot Design

Every slot gambler secretly dreams of 777.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols can be of any kind. Some Wild symbols can also be Wild Multipliers. They not only help to form winning combinations but also increase the payouts due to the multiplier added to the Wild symbols.

The Meaning Behind Slot Design

Most often, wild symbols are made in the form of “jokers” from a good old stack of cards. 

Multiplier Symbols

In slot machines, multiplier symbols multiply one or more payouts received from the winning line in which they appear. A 3x multiplier, for example, will increase the payout threefold. If the multiplier icon appears on two winning paylines, both payouts will be multiplied.

The Meaning Behind Slot Design

Scatter symbols

In slot machines, scatter symbols offer a payout whenever they appear, whether they are on a payline or not. They are very popular among slot players, as it often only takes one or two of these symbols to win.

The main benefit of scatter symbols is that they can help players create bonus games or scatter payouts. In addition, a scatter can appear anywhere — and the player will receive a reward.

The Meaning Behind Slot Design

Players can benefit from more free spins or a potentially higher-paying scatter bonus game round. So players of course expect at least one scatter symbol to appear on each reel when the reels stop!

Bonus Symbols

Bonus symbols are used in most slots to trigger a bonus game, but they are different from scatter symbols. The difference is that sometimes you need to get a certain number of these slot symbols spinning in certain places on the reels before the bonus game is activated.

The Meaning Behind Slot Design

The most common way to get a bonus game for a series of bonus symbols is to have at least three of these slot machine symbols. In addition, they must only spin on enabled paylines on consecutive reels starting from the first reel.

Slot icons in casino ads

Casino advertising is prohibited on most advertising platforms, so you need to prepare creatives carefully. Banners should be understandable to the audience, but should not convey information directly, so that moderators approve the ad and don’t ban you.

Approach this issue creatively. Use game symbols: Joker, 777, bonus, scatter, or wild symbols to make your creatives appealing and diverse.

Use ambiguous phrases and non-standard calls to action. For example, an advertising banner for one slot machine showed a couple dancing on the field. Next to the couple was written: “Unwind your luck!”

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