Web 3.0 Features to Profit From

27 January 2022
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Web3 or Web 3.0 is something people keep talking about mentioning a lot of things like AI, metaverse, NFT, tokens, DApps, etc. These may mean nothing to you so far, don’t worry. The main idea behind Web3 is that it’s better, faster, smarter, and more secure than the current version, that is Web2.

We are still very far from Web3, maybe weekend excursions to Mars are more realistic at this stage. So, we’ll through some hypotheses at you and try to predict what this kind of tectonic shift would mean for affiliate marketing.

For example, Web3 is a semantic web, this means that the smart algorithm itself determines the links between users and pieces of content AI-creating the best user experience out there. For us this means that there will be targeting unmatched by anything we know, but it’s hard to say if it will be possible to set the options seeing that it’s the AI’s job to personalize everything.

So, today we will cover the main points of the future Web that can be monetizable for affiliate marketers.

Tokenization of content

If you haven’t lived under a rock, you have definitely heard about the NFT boom. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique pieces of content that cannot be forged but can be created, stored, prices, and most importantly sold. The authenticity and proof of ownership of an NFT are secured by the mechanics of Web3 that is basically a worldwide blockchain.

So, in this future world, every piece of content automatically has this NFT status. Users won’t have to register anything, there will be a total reign of copyright and old memes sold for ginormous sums of money.

Tip. Creators are winners. Make unique content, creatives, video, or copy to monetize it better.

Tokens are not only about content, though. Even now we see user actions being rewarded by native coins/tokens. RARA platform seeks to monetize engagement by giving active users coins for performing various actions. This model is called like to earn and presents a mere glimpse into what the future of the Internet may hold.

Working with smart contracts

Cheating and fraud are, unfortunately, integral to any business, and affiliate marketing is no exception. Web3 will have less moderation at first, but it will sure as hell use smart contacts. It’s a digital equivalent of the Unbreakable Vow, you know, the one you can’t break.

Tip. Smart contracts between affiliates and networks or advertisers will ensure the outcome automatically based on the initial terms. So, affiliate marketers will always get paid for the job they’ve done.

Monetizing Dapps

In-app marketing is strong now, but it will be even stronger when the DApps or decentralized apps arrive. The main feature of DApps is that all content belongs to the users as well as the power to keep the app going. No Facebook-Insta shutdowns for a change. Only the 51% consensus can remove content from a decentralized network, so it wouldn’t be so easy to stop marketers from promoting all sorts of products. At least until some kind of moderation militia appears.

And just like with click to earn there is much talk about users earning a reward by simply staying online within an app.

Tip. This means that there will be less effort involved in user retention.

Decentralized apps and platforms that can pinpoint the split second of the user action and attribute it to the exact user identity already exist. For example, Auctionly that, not surprisingly, runs NFT auctions.

Tip. The precision of decentralized tech will benefit RTB auctions and other instances where time matters.

DApps are already used for gambling and betting (yes, those evergreen guys we all love). These verticals have always been hard to trust whether traditional or digital (the house always wins, remember?). So, smart tech brings more transparency into the process and it’s already here: CryptoKitties based on Etherium, a game with NFT animals for sale and exchange.

Tip. Your favorite gambling vertical is about to gain more trust and transparency. This may result in easier user acquisition and more traffic, as those who’ve been afraid to join will flock in.

Tip. Or maybe it’s time to become a DApp developer? There will be more benefits to come as the time goes by.

Benefiting from DeFi

DeFi or decentralized finance will be one of the Web3 installments as this is not just the Internet, the next generation of the net will cover all fields of life. So, DeFi will bring more stability and security as there will be no servers to crash and hack and no “central bank” that decides on the policies.

Tip. The power to change the policy and accept/decline transactions will lie with the users. This sounds like no more gambling bans.


Web 3.0 is here in some instances and we can already benefit from its advancements. However, the global switch to this new blockchain-powered model is far from us, and there is nothing we can be rock-solid sure of. Although, it’s beyond doubt that we will see more decentralized and smart solutions in the next years, so better be ready for this next digital revolution.

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