VR offers: affiliate programs, traffic sources, and the most profitable GEOs

24 December 2019
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VR offers: affiliate programs, traffic sources, and the most profitable GEOs

There is the so-called real world where we drive traffic to nutra, gambling, and crypto. Apart from that, another dimension exists, namely VR, or virtual reality.

The VR niche is a trending topic today and for the years to come. Although it cannot boast huge traffic volumes, the payouts in this niche are very decent.

As we have mentioned in our previous article, the number of VR users is growing steadily year-on-year. Even now, some USA residents possess multiple VR devices such as headsets or glasses that they use for entertainment, education or work. VR/AR technologies enable users to customize their own model and style it with shoppable fashion items, watch Eminem’s VR documentary, play games, exercise, and, of course, enjoy some adult stuff.

AR (augmented reality) and MR (mixed reality) have also gained momentum in addition to VR technologies.

VR offers: affiliate programs, traffic sources, and the most profitable GEOs

The VR market is currently at the development stage, and so most devices are expensive and you have to pay to have access to VR apps and products (which is bound to change very soon). The rich and powerful porn industry also couldn’t help but capitalize on VR technologies and make them even more profitable.

One of the most vivid examples is VR Bangers, the first studio to make VR porn in the USA market that still remains the undisputed leader in this field. This niche is indeed very lucrative, as porn necessitates a fully immersive experience, and so studios use 360-degree shooting, 3D technologies, 4K, 5K, and 6K resolution, as well as various devices and interactive toys such as Kiiroo and so on.

VR Bangers have recently developed an AR app called AR Conk that will get you in the same room with a 3D girl. This product is unique in the sense that not a lot of people actually had an opportunity to try it, especially when it comes to certain countries. Have you tried it yourself? So, this app has a very good conversion rate, but it is not the only AR product if its kind. For instance, there’s also a strip club-app by Naughty America: Hologram.

By the way, VR Bangers have also released a desktop game called Date Night that combines virtual reality with a standard game. It’s free for download and you can also find it on affiliate program VRB Cash.

So, all these products need to be promoted, which allows affiliates to earn on them.

Where to find offers, what audience to target and how much you can actually earn on VR?

There is no affiliate network now that showcases all VR products or has a separate section with VR apps and services. Affiliates usually work with such affiliate programs as VRB Cash developed by the VR Bangers team or StripCash (VR Cams; brought to you by StripChat).

When writing this article, we came across some VR offers from major affiliate networks on well-known aggregator OfferVault.

VR offers: affiliate programs, traffic sources, and the most profitable GEOs

It is often the case that networks pay you less than direct advertisers, but it is not always so.


The best GEOs for VR offers: USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, China.

However, this list will be expanded pretty soon once VR headset prices get lower.

Traffic sources

  • VR blogs;
  • technology blogs;
  • web resources with tube site reviews;
  • tube site listings;
  • social networks: Twitter, Reddit, those that do not prohibit adult content and so on.
  • ad networks: Exoclick and Moar Traffic that have separate VR traffic categories.

The main specific feature of our target audience is that it has VR headsets. The adjacent audience that is also likely to perform very well is gamers and hentai and 3D porn fans.

How much can you earn right now?

We are fascinated with what is happening right now in the world of VR/AR/MR and new technologies in general. However, what we know best is earnings in the VR Porn niche.

One of our affiliates has shared with us his fresh stats. He is not a top, but he has been working with us for two years already and his income has been stable.

He has his own VR tube website (similar to pornhub.com, xhamster.com and so on) and he uploads trailers from all existing VR studios to it. He earns around $3,000 a month from our studio alone, and VR Bangers is by far not the only one out there.

So, you can calculate approximately how much he earns a month.

VR offers: affiliate programs, traffic sources, and the most profitable GEOs

The stats reveal that he also receives his commission for rebills (the user inputs their credit card to make their first purchase and the card continues to be billed monthly until the user unsubscribes). Thus, you can send your traffic to an offer and receive payouts for rebills. The average lifespan of our user is 2-3 months.

It can be said with full certainty that the VR niche will continue to flourish in the next few years. So, be ready to jump on the VR train and be the first to earn on fresh offers and solvent audiences!

This article has been written jointly with VR Bangers.

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