The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

27 September 2019
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The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

Good day to you all! This is the editorial team speaking. This time we decided to publish our traditional report on Friday. And for this we have several reasons: the Man launched many campaigns and finally leveled off. His progress is undeniable: just two and a half months in affiliate marketing, and he has already approached the green zone. It’s not a miracle, the Man worked hard to gain the necessary experience.

In the future, we will broaden the span between the reports, so that Oleg can share some field proven campaigns and good ideas, not only test results.

Oleg, we give the floor to you!


Good time of day, dear readers!

The moment has come for the latest news. This time I ran traffic to dating offers to Portugal, France and Italy, as well as sweepstakes to Germany. I would also like to share some general observations on the traffic from Europe.

I’ve been pretty busy ever since the last volume of the experiment had been published: someone robbed my garage (so to speak, reduced everything to an orderly arrangement or rather relieved me of all the stuff I had in there). And on Monday I have managed to launch and configure some advertising campaigns so that the overall ROI has become positive. Profit is not big, but it is a matter of scaling. By the way, the question remains – how should I scale? I will really appreciate your advice.

So, a few words on dating offers and sweepstakes.

Dating in Portugal

  • Source: PropellerAds
  • User Activity: CPC-High
  • Clicks: 2667
  • Leads: 28
  • Profit: $6.79
  • ROI: 17.19%
  • Offer: ClickDealer – 66150 [MOB] WantMatures /PT 35+ SOI 191845 (PT)

The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

The creatives have already been spotted in Anstrex:

The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

CTR was about 2.63% – 4.23%.

On the one hand, it is great that spy-tool allows you to see other affiliates’ creatives. On the other hand, your creatives can easily be stolen. How does one protect himself from that? What methods do you use?

I used standard pre-lands with age verification for all European ad campaigns. To run tests for Portugal I used a separate set without pre-landing pages. Funnily enough, CR in this case was 2.1%, while it was just 1.06% with no pre-lands. However, I’ll not jump to any conclusions, the amount of traffic I’ve driven there is not yet sufficient. But I’ll make a mental note for the future.

I have stopped this campaign, because it still needs optimization: I plan to launch different campaigns for the Portuguese capital and other cities, the statistics shows that different regions vary in terms of ROI:

The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

I have no idea how to conduct campaign analysis without a tracker. Of course, it is possible to import all the data to Excel, but I strongly doubt that I could sort the info and analyze the samples there.

Launching the same campaign for other User Activities is another point for exploration.

Dating in Italy

  • Source: PropellerAds
  • User Activity: CPC-High
  • Clicks: 1275
  • Leads: 15
  • Profit: $2.93
  • ROI: 23.33%
  • Offers:
    • 58370 [MOB] SessoCaldo /IT DOI (IT)
    • 71187 [MOB] FlirtHits /IT SOI (IT)
    • 46339 [MOB] Scopamici /IT DOI (IT)


The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

The offer 71187 [MOB] FlirtHits /IT SOI with the landing 201463 had the highest CR:

The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

Based on the tracker statistics, we can see that there is a link between number of conversions and the time of day. The same pattern was true for France. This should be taken into account in the process of campaign optimization.

The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

By the way, does any of you target specific time periods and cities? And, based on your experience, is there any value in such targeting?

Dating in France

  • Source: PropellerAds
  • User-Activity: CPC-High
  • Clicks: 2600
  • Leads: 39
  • Profit: $3.96
  • ROI: 6.88%
  • Offers:
    • 74622 [WEB+MOB] Fuck Moi /FR SOI (FR)
    • 62942 [WEB+MOB] Snap Vite /FR SOI (FR)
    • 58177 [MOB] Orchi love /FR SOI (FR)

I used the same creatives, that worked for Italy:

The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

The average CTR was 1.2% – 2.4%

The best offer – 62942 [WEB+MOB] Snap Vite /FR SOI with landing 192414.

After having analyzed some campaign samples in the tracker, I can say that it’s best to run advertising campaigns with the following parameters:

The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

Select Wi-Fi for the connection type, this is most important for Europe. You can see mixed traffic in Asia and other GEOs (it is most obvious in ad campaigns for South Africa, Thailand, Taiwan etc.).

I have also launched similar dating campaigns on MegaPush, but all of them plunged into the red. MegaPush differs from PropellerAds in terms of campaign configuration, and, unfortunately, for now I lack the experience to properly work on this platform.

The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

Sweepstakes in Germany

Also, I finally got round to sweepstakes. Unfortunately, due to lack of time it took me long to configure and launch them. So, what is a sweepstake?

Sweepstake — a kind of online draw with a random winner. As a rule, to take part users just need to submit their contact details (usually email and name). The moment user submits the information affiliate gets conversion.

Main areas

  • Apple devices.
  • Samsung devices.
  • Devices by other well-known brands.
  • ​​​​​​​Coupons and vouchers for various supermarkets/online stores.

By the way, we have a nice article on this topic on our website, check it out.

I decided to use the case and campaign described in the workshop by Nick Titan (the workshop was held in Russian). The workshop went with an archive of ready pre-lands, this simplified the launch. I decided to drive traffic to Germany and chose €750 MediaMarkt ​​​​​​​coupon as a pre-landing page:

The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

I didn’t bother inventing many new creatives, just used some from the workshop along with a couple of my own:

The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

I chose the following offers:

  • 69036 [WEB+MOB] Win Media Markt €750 Coupon /DE SOI 197604 (DE)
  • 58134 [WEB+MOB] €750 MediaMarkt Voucher v3 (Red) /DE SOI (DE)

So, here are the results:

  • Clicks: 340
  • Leads: 10
  • Profit: $14.90
  • ROI: 76.58%

It was a surprise that the campaign took off immediately, I received the first leads within half an hour. I should also note that creatives from the workshop were better than my own. The offer 58134 [WEB+MOB] €750 MediaMarkt Voucher v3 (Red) /DE SOI had the highest CR. I’m truly pleased by such results. It motivates me to continue working with sweepstake vertical.


To sum up, I am satisfied with driving traffic to European dating offers: traffic is good and relatively stable, it also converts well. All current campaigns need optimization and targeting in terms of areas, cities and time periods.

As for the sweepstakes, the first launch proved positive. I am going to try scaling the current campaigns and run more tests on well-performing ones.

Mentors’ advice

The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

Mikhail Funk

A push traffic expert

Everything looks fine, you managed to find some profitable campaigns. Now all you have to do is run tests and even more tests. You should record all those campaigns that took you into the green or at least came out neutral. It’s better to keep all the links to good landing and pre-landing pages, because such a database is extremely valuable for an affiliate. The more data the more opportunities.

The Man drove traffic into the red for the sake of experience – now this experience pays off.


The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

Roman S.

An affiliate marketing expert at PropellerAds

Hello! It’s nice to see some progress, my congratulations!

You mentioned time targeting in your report and I have some advice for you. Speaking from my experience, dating has higher conversions during specific periods of time. For example, it is not always appropriate to display “juicy” ads during hours when user is expected to be at work. I don’t think your hottest creative would get any conversions at all, if the person received it, say, at an important meeting. It is not an innocent iPhone giveaway, and this offer requires some privacy. As far as I know, these offers convert the best in the evening, at night and early in the morning. To put it simply, at times when the user has some private time. So, if I were you, I would test one set of creatives targeting specific hours.

And speaking of pre-landing pages with age verification. I would disable such a pre-land, because with any redirection you risk losing part of the traffic. It is more efficient to use pre-landing pages that tease the user.

And I would also advise you to make a copy of the campaign and try running it exclusively on 3G / LTE traffic. Sure, there may be less traffic, but, as a matter of practice, conversion rate there may be higher. Try it for yourself and see how it works.

As to sweepstakes, I recommend testing a dynamic tag for user’s city selection on pre-lands.

In general, it’s obvious that creatives and CTR have improved. You have just climbed into the green, and it’s a very good indicator. Of course, there is still room for improvement. For example, with the next step you might want to give your pre-lands a more detailed look. Good luck!

Plans for the next time period

  1. Launch dating campaigns to several European GEOs.
  2. Optimize current campaigns for Italy, France and Portugal.
  3. Scale the first sweepstakes campaign for Germany and test the new ones.


The resources spent so far:

Money spent for this period (September 16 to 26): ad campaigns in push networks: $400. I still have not run out of funds.

Money earned (September 16 to 26): $432.

The Man and the Traffic — got his act together

Balance: $1111.

Time: 211 hours.

Yours faithfully,

the Man.

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