Privacy Policy Section for Google Play Store

2 August 2021
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Privacy Policy Section for Google Play Store

Any affiliate working with Google Play Store would know by now that it is difficult enough to get approved, yet once you are in, you can drive some impressive figures in your mobile ad campaigns. Well, here is yet another wagon hitched to the train of privacy-centered updates we have been seeing recently.

Google has announced that starting from April 2022 every single app listed in the Play Store will display a privacy section. Brands, affiliates, and developers have to provide transparent information as to how the user data that is being collected by the app is going to be stored, processed, and used. Previously, this applied only to family-friendly apps or to special apps that collect sensitive information. Soon it will be universal.

The data collection process starts in October 2021, and the supposed deadline is April 2022. In case you fail to provide the full security-related information by next April, you will likely see your new apps or app updates rejected. On the other hand, affiliates and developers who have completed the privacy policy section of their apps will see more trust on the part of users. Seeing what data is collected, what it is used for, and how exactly it is stored increases the feeling of security and makes them feel protected. 

This may well turn out to be a strong competitive advantage for your affiliate campaigns as the audience will choose to download your applications instead of those “insecure” apps by your competitors. According to Statista, Android users (73 %) overwhelmingly dominate the mobile device market with only 26 % left to Apple iOS. Considering that, Google’s update on privacy policy is big news but not necessarily bad news. Be warned, get prepared, and top up your affiliate game!

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