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Good to great: affiliate networks inside out!

There are lots of affiliate networks in Amsterdam, and the competition there is really high. This is an ideal environment for us to try to figure out what allows certain networks to stay in the game while others disappear from the scene, how to launch and develop a stable business in a constantly changing and unpredictable industry and what enables a good network to become a great one.

We traveled to Amsterdam to talk to Jeroen Rozemeijer, СЕО at YepAds, hoping that we would be able to shed some light on the questions we raised.

In the course of the interview, we found out how an affiliate network works from the inside out, why people play a key role in this business and what you should do to become an attractive partner for affiliates. We also clarified what makes the affiliate marketing industry unique and how to find new development opportunities. The thing is that if you don’t grow, you die. We also understood why exactly the same offers are converting differently in different networks and why networks shave leads.

Enjoy the interview and huge profit to all of you!


We are launching a case competition! Winners will receive an iPhone XS Max, $500 and $300.

Send us a case involving YepAds offers.

We will publish all the cases on our website and choose the best, most interesting and detailed case by voting.

Our friends from MegaPush decided to support our competition: for the best case with push notifications, you will receive $500 on your account! The runner up will receive $300.

The competition will last through May. The results will be announced on June 15. Send your cases to this e-mail address: luck@zorbasmedia.com
All participants must be subscribed to our channel.

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